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Chapter 485 - Upset

It didn't matter what Tang Yin's goal was. If she was asking for an agreement to be written on paper then Tiandi would do everything he could to fulfill it, not thinking much about it at all. He only assumed that Tang Yin put more emphasis on the details.

But if he were dealing with Lin Yi, things wouldn't be this civilized. The guy wouldn't ask him for writing at all, he'd destroy his hands and legs so he wouldn't be able to!

Tiandi not only wrote down on paper that he'd never cause Dan and Wei any trouble in the future, he even gave the original contract he'd signed with Dan back to her, meaning that she no longer had anything to do with him.

Tang Yin breathed a sigh of relief as she took the contract. Not wanting to stay in Tiandi's house any longer, she nodded her head and turned to her mom. "Let's go then."

"Wait!" Tiandi called out to the Tangs.

Tang Yin froze. Had Tiandi figured something out? That they had nothing on him?

"Mr. Zou, are you going back on your word?" Tang Yin turned around and made her voice as collected as she possible. Mrs. Tang, Wei, and Dan paled, still facing away from Tiandi without turning around, fortunately.

"No, no, you've misunderstood, Sister Tang!" Tiandi was given a fright as he explained himself. "I just want to have my chauffeur drive you home. It's really late, and it's not safe, especially when you're carrying money on you!"

It wasn't Tiandi's fault for being a busybody. He simply had no choice! It really was true that it'd be unsafe for the Tangs to go out at night with a total of 700,000 yuan along with the 200,000 he gave back to them. If anything like a mugging happened to them, Tiandi would be fully fucked if Lin Yi thought he was responsible for sending the muggers.

So he had no choice but to prove his innocence. He wouldn't be able to rest easy unless he himself saw them back home safely.

"I see, that works," Mrs. Tang said, agreeing that it was rather unsafe for them this late at night.

Tiandi quickly contacted his chauffeur after Mrs. Tang agreed, telling him to drive the company SUV over. He then put on his jacket, preparing to see the Tangs home.

"Mr. Zou, you get some rest. We'll be fine on our own." Tang Yin didn't want Tiandi following around. It'd be bad if he noticed something. "What if Lin Yi sees you and gets angry again?"

"What?" Tiandi jumped in fright at what Tang Yin said. Now that he thought about it, that really did seem like the case. Lin Yi would let the whole thing slide after a couple days if he never saw him, but he might very well give him a beating if he did! Tiandi quickly thanked Tang Yin. "Thank you, Sister Tang! I was being illogical, I apologize. If that's the case, then I'll just walk you to the door. I really want to see you home, but it's just too dangerous for me!"

Mrs. Tang, Wei, and Dan let out a sigh of relief, while Mrs. Tang turned around all of a sudden, very confident. "It's fine. You're not a brave one, are you? I'll tell my son-in-law to leave you alone!"

"Oh! Thank you, Aunty, thank you!" Tiandi said, overjoyed. This is what he'd been waiting for!

Tiandi's chauffeur arrived a short while later. He gave him a couple of instructions, telling him to treat the Tangs with more respect than he'd treat Tiandi himself before letting him drive them home, relieved.

Tiandi's chauffeur was a responsible one, deciding to let the chassis of the car scrape against the dirt road as long as he got the Tangs back home safely. He went back after making sure he'd finished his duty.

The Tangs, meanwhile, sighed after entering the house. The performance they'd put on was successful, and the happiest was none other than Mrs. Tang. Not only did they not have to pay up, they even got 200,000 back! It was a gift from God!

"Mom, what were you thinking? I've got nothing to do with Lin Yi now, why did you tell him he was your son-in-law? You're just making it hard for me!" Tang Yin said, feeling rather embarrassed and awkward about the whole thing.

She didn't want to throw away what little remained of her self-esteem by using Lin Yi's name for her own benefit. The guy didn't want him anymore, and it'd be rather shameless for her to run around using his name, wouldn't it? Tang Yin felt a little humiliated.

"So what!" Mrs. Tang didn't quite share Tang Yin's concerns. "That Mr. Zou doesn't know anyway. By the way, Yin, are things still possible between you and Lin Yi? Why did he leave you?"

"Uh…" Tang Yin uttered, embarrassed and not very keen on talking about Lin Yi, especially when Wei and Dan stood there watching. She just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Wei was a bit curious himself as to why Lin Yi had broken up with Tang Yin. He wanted them to get back together, and decided to stay and listen.

That look on his cousin's face, however, told him that this was something embarrassing for her. He couldn't stay, knowing that. He stood up and held Dan's hand. "Well, we'll be leaving then, Aunty."

"Be careful on the way back! Call me after getting home!" Mrs. Tang said as she walked the couple out of the house before coming back in to hold Tang Yin's hands. "Yin, tell me. What happened? Lin Yi was pretty nice to you all this time, wasn't he? I didn't feel anything wrong this morning! What happened, all of a sudden?"

"Mom… H-He has a girlfriend… She transferred to our school and is sitting next to him, even…" Tang Yin said with a red face, upset as her mom pressured her with questions. "Mom, why did he come and get me involved when he has a girlfriend already?"

Tang Yin lost her strength in front of her mother. She laid on her mom's lap and started to cry.

"Don't cry, Yin," Mrs. Tang sighed. This was close to what she was epecting. It wasn't that Lin Yi didn't like her daughter anymore! The offical girlfriend had charged in and forced Lin Yi to break up with Tang Yin!

"Mom, what's wrong with him? Why'd he come to me when he has a girlfriend, it's so embarrassing! How am I supposed to live like this?" Tang Yin said, getting more upset by the second.

"Yin!" Mrs. Tang sighed. "It's all my fault, my fault for being poor. If we were a rich family, Lin Yi wouldn't be able to break up with you! This girlfriend of his, she's from a rich family, isn't she? It's likely the wife that Lin Yi's family arranged for him."

"Yeah, she drives a sports car to school." Tang YIn nodded, not lying.

"You see? Why else would Lin Yi break up with you so suddenly, out of nowhere?" Mrs. Tang said as she stroked her daughter's head and shook her own. "Did his girlfriend talk to you?"

"Yeah, she did…" Tang Yin got even more upset when Xiaoxiao was brought up. "She said that I didn't know my boundaries, and that she wanted to let me be the mistress… She said she doesn't want to let me even have that position because I want to take in Yi for my own. Hmph, who'd ever wanna be a mistress!"

Chapter 486 - Father and Daughter of the Feng Family

"Hm?" Mrs. Tang's eyes lit up as she listened to her daughter. "What's that, Yin? Lin Yi's girlfriend doesn't mind letting you be the mistress?"

Tang Yin blinked before realizing what her mother was talking about. She furrowed her eyebrows. "Mom, you're not thinking of letting me be a mistress, are you? If so, don't even think about it. There's no way I'd ever bring myself to do something so embarrassing!"

Mrs. Tang didn't really want to say anything anymore after that display of will. She patted Tang Yin's shoulder. "Alright, Yin, cheer up. Who knows, Lin Yi might come back to you one day."

"Who needs him to come back! I won't even look at him!" Tang YIn stomped her feet, making up her mind. "I'm gonna go study. I was just too dumb and trusted him! It'll never happen again!"

With that, Tang Yin ran into her room, feeling a lot better after letting that out to her mom. She didn't feel as rejected and pressured.

Mrs. Tang looked at her daughter run off before shaking her head in regret, sighing to herself. Yin, you just don't know how tough life is yet. You'll know how hard it is without money once you're my age….

She remembered all her classmates who weren't even as pretty as she was when they were young.

But they were in rich families now, all taking care of their skin and face! She, on the other hand, had lost her school beauty's looks to the passage of time!

Her daughter liked a man who also liked her. Even if she wasn't the main girl, there wasn't any shame in that! There was a classmate of hers she met at a reunion who got a divorce and became the mistress of a huge CEO, always showing off to everyone. No one looked down on her! They were actually quite envious of her, even experiencing what it was like inside her BMW before she left!

People judge you based on your wealth, a truth about the hopelessness of society, a truth people didn't like to hear.


Xiaoxiao went through the blood extraction numbly before getting the CT scan. It was a battery of tests and checkups, same as always. The result would always be the same.

Xiaoxiao yawned as she laid on the hospital bed bored to death. Tianlong walked in and looked at his daughter. "What do you want to eat tonight, Xiaoxiao? I'll take you, I took two days off. We can spend some time together!"

"It's okay, you have work to do." Xiaoxiao shook her head as she stared blankly at the cars outside the window, her tone indifferent. "Are the results out yet? When can I leave?"

Xiaoxiao only asked if the results were out and if she could leave. It was clear that she'd long since given up hope on getting cured. All she wanted now was for the whole thing to finish so she could leave.

She would've stayed in the hospital if it were curable.

"Not yet, but Doctor Zheng is an expert on hereditary diseases. He should know what to do!" Tianlong comforted.

"You don't need to try and make me feel better. Even that first generation miracle doctor Lin Dongfang couldn't do anything about Mom's sickness. How are other doctors supposed to fix me?" Xiaoxiao said with a grimace. She'd lost all hope, wishing only to be able to do the things she wanted without restraint in the last stages of her life so she'd die without regret.

"Miracle Doctor Lin said that he could heal you. There's just some circumstances that haven't been fulfilled," Tianlong said helplessly. "Miracle Doctor Lin said that given five years, he might be able to find a cure, but your mom couldn't wait five years…"

"Isn't he just making excuses for his incompetence?" Xiaoxiao harrumphed. "Who knows if he can actually cure me or not? He's probably worried about his reputation."

"That's not it. Miracle Doctor Lin kept researching the special composition of your mom's blood after her death. It's just that he's gone into isolation after our last meeting," Tianlong said, feeling helpless.

"Yeah, he went into hiding because he couldn't cure her!" Xiaoxiao didn't care much for him. "That's just what miracle doctors are! That stupid Miracle Doctor Kang too. What did he do, he just made a Golden Creation medicine! What else does he know? Miracle Doctor? What a joke!"

"You're still young, you don't know of the type of person Miracle Doctor Lin is. He's a man with determination! He put himself at risk by going out and doing solitary research on poison." Tianlong couldn't bring himself to scold her daughter, but he did put on a lecturing tone. "You can't disrespect him!"

"Fine, fine." Xiaoxiao waved her hand. "If he has such determination, how come he's in hiding?"

"Your mom's sickness isn't child's play, it's a really serious disease." Tianlong smiled bitterly. "I tried to get into contact with him recently, but I couldn't get ahold on him. Captain Yang, the man who brought me on a mission that year, has some involvement with Miracle Doctor Lin, but he's gone into hiding as well…. "

"Why did you bring me here for the checkups if you know how hard it is?" Xiaoxiao frowned.

"There's still a couple days for the tests. I'll walk you around Yanjing for a bit, get some fresh air," Tianlong said, avoiding the question. Naturally, he, too, understood that there wasn't much hope in the checkups this time around either, but it was better than nothing.

"Okay," Xiaoxiao said quietly, not saying yes or no, evidently not very interested.

"Someone gave me some tickets to an auction. Are you interested?" Tianlong said, remembering the Yu's auction. He'd received an invitation as well.

Tianlong's division was the secret investigaion department, a secretive special ops team. They were very close with House Yu, and the Yu's would always send many invitation tickets to the people of that department, despite the majority of them not having the time to actually participate. It was more of a gesture than anything.

"Auction? Let's go take a look then!" Xiaoxiao hadn't been to an auction in her life, so it actually interested her. She'd like to see one before she died. It'd suck if she died without knowing what it was like!

"But I won't have the money for it if something catches your eye," Tianlong said regrettably. "I have a high paying salary, but I can't bid on items worth millions and ten millions…."

"Haha." Xiaoxiao finally smiled and laughed. This was what she'd wanted, the feeling of having fun with her father. Whether or not they could buy anything was the least of her concerns.

She'd heard her dad tell her that they'd take a walk more times than she could count, and it'd always end in her father leaving for an unexpected mission, skipping out on her. He couldn't do that if he got invited to this auction! "You need to commit this time!"

Tianlong was overjoyed to see the smile on his daughter's face. "I won't! There's three auctions, I can at least stay with you for one!"

"Okay." Xiaoxaio was more than satisfied with that. It was more than enough for her.

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