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Chapter 484 - The Powerful Mrs. Tang

The ones feeling the brunt of the impact were Wei and Dan. The two of them were absolutely terrified of Tiandi, but the man they were so afraid of was far more afraid of Lin Yi than they were of him! It sent Wei's blood racing seeing that the last thing Tiandi was concerned about was his pride. All he wanted was to please Tang Yin!

Wei could only imagine how it'd be if Lin Yi and Tang Yin never broke up, if they were still together. He could use his brother-in-law's powerful name if he needed it! Why did he break up with his sis?

What part of Tang Yin didn't he like, anyway? She was pretty with a good temperament, she was one in a million! Was Lin Yi blind?

But Wei understood at the same time that if Lin Yi really was this ridiculously powerful, he wouldn't have a shortage of women. His sister's advantage in life wasn't really that much of an advantage anymore.

Mrs. Tang was agitated as well, full of regret. How nice would it be if Lin Yi had never broken up with Tang Yin. She'd have a big shot for a son-in-law! No one in their right mind would dare piss her family off! A big boss like Zou Tiandi was slapping his own face right now at the mention of Lin Yi's name, just how exciting was that!

"Hmph. My son-in-law's made it clear that if you cause my nephew any more trouble he'll teach you a lesson!" Mrs. Tang said with a hand on her hip. The words just slipped out.

Tang Yin stared at her mother, speechless. Son-in-law? None of that was happening anymore!

But she didn't correct her. They couldn't let Tiandi know this, after all.

And so she let her mother continue making bold claims.

"Of course, of course!" Tiandi said quickly. "Aunty, I apologize. I didn't know who you were. I'll keep myself in check, I'll never cause trouble again!"

"What about the 150,000 we gave you last time?" Mrs. Tang harrumphed, absolutely excited and full of a sense of accomplishment. Tiandi was quite advanced in age, probably older than she was, and here he was, calling her aunty and making her his elder! Mrs. Tang had never experienced treatment like this before. It was thrilling!

Tang Yin saw immediately that her mother was about to screw things over. She was only going to make Tiandi suspicious! If they'd known that it was Tiandi, they wouldn't have given him the 150,000 in the first place, but they did.

At the thought, Tang Yin spoke up, "Mom, Lin Yi said that Wei owes him the 150,000. We should just give it to him."

Tang Yin had to lie to avoid getting exposed. They still had their own skins to save.

Mrs. Tang did not like how her daughter was throwing this 150,000 away. They could've just used Lin Yi's name to get it back!

"Right, right, the 150,000! I'll give it back right away! Please wait a minute!" Tiandi didn't have the luxury to be suspecting anybody. Plus, Tang Yin's remarks only convinced Tiandi more that he was in the situation he thought he was in, since those were things that Lin Yi would say himself, judging from what he knew of his personality. Minor things like this shouldn't really concern him that much, and as long as they didn't cross his bottom line it was usually okay.

Tang Yin said that Lin Yi didn't want the 150,000, but now that Mrs. Tang mentioned it, there was no way Tiandi was brave enough to refrain from paying back. Pissing off Lin Yi's mother-in-law might result in some very bad things happening if she went home to badmouth him in front of Lin Yi. That badmouthing might very well get him killed! It'd be pretty regretful if he lost his life over something so trivial.

So he didn't care if Tang Yin wanted the money or not. He decided to just give it to Mrs. Tang, hopefully making it so that she wouldn't say anything to Lin Yi, or even mention some good things about him. It might very well get Lin Yi to stop paying any attention to him! The thought made Tiandi stumble up the stairs to retrieve the money.

Tang Yin glared at her mother, but she didn't care. As long as they got money who cared if they used Lin Yi's name a little?

Wei and Dan were still in shock. Just how powerful was Lin Yi for a man like Tiandi to stumble around like this? To them, Tiandi was an existence far, far above them. He had money and power, was established in both the criminal and normal worlds, with his eldest son Zou Ruoguang acting as the gang leader in the northern district. This was someone with extreme authority in Songshan!

But Lin Yi wasn't even here in person! His sister was the one here, and just her presence alone was enough to make him shit himself! Would he be kneeling and slamming his head onto the floor if Lin Yi was here?

But Wei and Dan didn't voice their questions, afraid that they'd mess things up. They chose to save the questions for later.

A while later, Tiandi ran down the stairs, tripping from his frantic rush and tumbling down, landing on his butt with a painful thump. He ignored the pain and moved to give Mrs. Tang an envelope. "Aunty, for you."

"I thought I said we didn't want it?" Tang Yin only voiced that without adding anything else. Now that Tiandi charged down to pay them the money, she didn't really want to insist anymore. It wouldn't do any good, either, now that the money had entered her mother's hands. It was as good as gone.

Mrs. Tang stared at the envelope with happy eyes. She sat down on the couch and started counting.

Tang Yin stared in speechlessness. Was her mother really counting the money when Tiandi had that terrified expression on his face? He'd obviously pay the full amount! Why was she counting the money in front of him! It looked like she'd never seen money before. How embarrassing could she get?

Tang Yin stomped her feet in frustration, but she kept her mouth shut.

Tiandi, on the other hand, noticed Tang Yin's expression. He didn't think much of Mrs. Tang's reaction to the money, since he was pretty familiar with Tang Yin's family. They were poor, living in the slums. It wasn't a surprise that Mrs. Tang would be so fixated on money.

Tang Yin's feet stomping wasn't much to him either. Now that Tang Yin was together with Lin Yi, she had plenty of money. Chances were, she didn't really care about this amount of money anymore.

"Eh? How come there's an extra 50,000?" Mrs. Tang counted the money to learn that there was actually a surplus instead of a deficit, much to her surprise.

"Aunty, it's the interest! The money's been here for so long, so it's just the interest!" Tiandi said quickly, still hoping that Mrs. Tang would say something nice about him to Lin Yi. From what he could see, Mrs. Tang's weakness was simple. It was her greed.

The extra 50,000 was so that he could get on Mrs. Tang's good side. He was sure that she wouldn't blame him if he gave her that money. She'd probbaly even praise him!

As expected, Mrs. Tang's smile only grew wider. "Good, good. You're quite smart, aren't you!"

Mrs. Tang excitedly put the money back into the envelope before turning to Tang Yin. "Let's go, Yin? We should let Mr. Zou rest!"

"Wait, Mister Zou. Let's have it in writing, that you promise you won't cause my brother and his girlfriend any more trouble!" Tang Yin said, suddenly remembering what she had to do. Having this on paper was important in the case that Tiandi went back on his word.

"Alright, it's no problem!" Tiandi said, agreeing to Tang Yin's request instantly, thinking that he'd be insane to still cause the Tangs any trouble. He still had things to live for, he didn't want to commit suicide!

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