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Chapter 438 - Injection

Pinliang was soaked with sweat after finishing the second hole- he looked at the results of his effort, and could almost see Mengyao fawning over him, admiring him for his victory and saying how Liang Bro was her prince charming…

Pinliang wiped away the sweat on his brow, filled with energy and motivation- he didn’t feel tired anymore!

He was busy fantasizing when Yushu walked over, a smile on her face as she looked at Pinliang. “Liangy, Yao Yao asks if you’re tired?”

“Not at all! Something like this isn’t enough to tire me, I’m not tired at all! It wouldn’t be a problem if I dug eight or ten of these holes in one breath.” Pinliang claimed.

“Oh, that’s perfect! Yao Yao said she likes kind and strong boys, so you should go help other people dig their holes!” Yushu suggested.

“Ah??” Pinliang couldn’t believe what he was hearing- he had to help other people with their holes now? 

But now that he’d made the claim it’d be like slapping his own face if he went back on it now… Without much of a choice left, Pinliang started nodding dejectedly. “I’ll go help out then…”

“Heh, the idiot’s finally gone. Yao Yao! You can come back now! Let’s start planting the trees!” Yushu called out to Mengyao, waving at her as she spoke.

“Shu, how come you’re like a dumb weirdo sometimes and smart other times? I think you’re acting in front of me, aren’t you!” Mengyao said, speechless towards her best friend.

“Oh. That’s not true, I’m just a kid when I’m with you, Yao Yao…” Yushu pulled on Mengyao’s arm. “I’m not dumb, come on…”

“Alright, you’re not. I believe you.” Mengyao said with a shake of her head, not wanting to spend more time on the problem. She picked her sapling up and started to plant it…

Mengyao and Yushu were finished with their saplings a while later, and were about to walk back to class to rest when some people ran over carrying an oddly shaped sapling… Pinliang was walking in front, giving out orders and the like.

Pinliang was completely exhausted at this point, but ignored the numbness in his limbs for the sake of appearing strong and fine in front of Mengyao, prancing about as they moved the sapling. “Careful there, this is an imported sapling! Don’t drop it…”

“Yao Yao, look! Someone actually did it, that thing you called stupid!” Yushu said excitedly as she pointed at Pinliang’s eskimo tree. “See, that tree has an injection too!”

“...” Mengyao didn’t know what to say- was Pinliang really that stupid? What did he think he was doing with a tree with life support? It’d probably die the moment he pulled the injection out. “Ignore him, let’s go back to class first.” 

“Okay... “ Yushu wanted to check the whole thing out, but Pinliang probably still needed a while before he could ‘light up the night sky’ with his Firetree Silverflower project. She could just come out after he was done.

But Mengyao and Yushu were just about to leave when Pinliang couldn’t hold out anymore- he fell to the ground with a thump. He’d been digging so many holes that his legs started shaking, and he’d worked until almost noon on an empty stomach… It was too much for his body to handle.

“Yao Yao! Pinliang fainted!” Yushu went over to see what was happening.

“Who cares- someone’ll take care of it.” Mengyao couldn’t care less what happened to Pinliang.

“Come on, just one look and we’ll come back, okay?” Yushu wasn’t one to walk away from entertainment.

“Fine, we’ll take a look from far away.” Mengyao nodded helplessly.

Yushu quickened her pace and ran over to see Xiaofu frantically trying to hold Pinliang up. “Liang Bro, Liang Bro! What’’s wrong??”

“Let me see!” Yushu ran over to look at Pinliang.

“Uh…” Xiaofu wasn’t sure if he should let Yushu see, but pissing Yushu off was something even Pinliang didn’t dare do, let alone him. He moved aside and let her get closer.

“Oh, I know, he’s too weak- we need to give him some protein liquid!” Yushu said as she looked around. She grabbed onto the life support injection from the Eskimo tree beside Pinliang and rammed it into his butt…

Everyone watching stared with wide open eyes- using protein liquid for plants on a human..? Xiaofu was looking especially worried as his heart thumped… Pinliang wouldn’t die from this, would he?

“Ow!!” Pinliang woke up with a jolt from the pain- the injection needle was for plants, and it was quite thick! It was an extreme pain to have it injected inside him.

“See? He’s awake!” Yushu said gleefully. “I’m a miracle doctor!”

“......” The crowd didn’t know how to respond to the ridiculous stuff Yushu was saying, calling herself a miracle doctor and all. Although, it was true that Pinliang had awoken…

Yushu, naturally, wasn’t stupid- she wouldn’t perform attempted murder here in front of everyone. There was a lot of meat in the buttcheeks, and sticking a needle in there wouldn’t do much damage except cause some pain…

“Alright, no need to thank me! I’ll be off then.” With that, Yushu turned and ran away…

Pinliang, on the other hand, turned around and looked at the gigantic needle inside his ass- he fainted from the shock right away…

“What do we do? He fainted again! Do we pull the needle out and stick it in again?” Xiaofu wasn’t sure how to react to Pinliang fainting again.

“Shu, how could you poke someone with a needle like that? What if you killed him?” Mengyao was quite shocked at what Yushu had done.

“Hehe, it’ll be fine! I specifically picked an area with a lot of meat.” Yushu said.

“...” Mengyao didn’t know what to say… Her best friend was a little too savage, wasn’t she…

Kang Zhaolong had made many phone calls to pet stores already, but still hadn’t found a purebred german shepherd… There were mixed ones, but their poop was still slightly different from the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing’s dog poop…

So Zhaolong decided to get a purebred one. After asking around he’d learned that one needed to book and preorder a purebred german shepherd with an indefinite waiting time, since it was a more luxurious species that was already in demand and ordered. The pet stores were only responsible for contacting the source.

Zhaolong was in a rush, and couldn’t just wait for them to go make that order- he had to use his connections and ask the upper society people in Donghai if they had any german shepherds.

Unexpectedly, there was.

There was an owner of a large Donghai hotel who had a german shepherd- coincidentally, the owner was a friend of his grandpa’s, who’d attended the birthday feast that other day!

And so Zhaolong told his grandpa about it, hoping that he’d be able to borrow or maybe purchase the dog from the hotel owner.

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