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Chapter 436 - Lonely Feng Xiaoxiao


Xiaoxiao was a far distance away, her eyes and expression cold as she looked at Tang Yin and Lin Yi. She seemed to be in deep in thought.

“Lil sis Xiaoxiao, when should we blast Lin Yi?” Pinliang asked as he rubbed his hands together.

“You don’t even have the stuff ready, what am I supposed to blast him with?” Xiaoxiao glared. “Will your plan even work? We can’t let Lin Yi notice!”

“I don’t think he will! Plus, we’ll light it up when we’re sure it’s on him- we’ll blast his butt open and shame him!” Pinliang said as he fantasized getting Lin Yi’s ass red from the firecrackers and humiliating him in front of the whole school- it was his dream!

“Alright, but when will your Firetree Silverflower stuff arrive?” Xiaoxiao asked as Pinliang spaced out.

“Anytime now! I’ve made a couple of phone calls already.” Pinliang said. “It’s being shipped here in a plane- it’s an Eskimo tree!”

“...” Xiaoxiao looked at Pinliang oddly- you’d have to be as crazy as him to ship a tree over by plane. “Then you have fun- I’m going back.”

With that, Xiaoxiao turned and started walking back to the school building. She may seem in control, ordering around the second and third Big Four despite being the fourth… it made her look strong and powerful.

But Xiaoxiao was a lonely person- she didn’t have a real friend, a genuine friend. She’d always see Mengyao hanging out with that crazy Yushu, and Lin Yi with that Xiaobo… Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but feel jealous that she was the only one without friends while others did.

Friends? I don’t need friends! Xiaoxiao said to herself. I don’t need friends, and I don’t need friendships! I’ll be fine on my own, as long as I’m happy. Saves me the trouble of crying when I have to say goodbye…

“Liang Bro, I feel like Feng Xiaoxiao’s in a bad mood?” Xiaofu asked curiously as he watched Xiaoxiao’s solitary figure disappear into the distance.

“She got soaked in Lin Yi’s pee! Would you be in a good mood after that?” Pinliang curled his lips, as if stating the obvious. “Just focus on the plan tonight with the Firetree Silverflower. You really think Chu Mengyao will like this lighting up the night sky?”

“I think so!” Xiaofu thought about it. “Liang Bro, maybe you should write love notes to Chu Mengyao and fold them into a heart shape to stack on the tree! You can hang it on the tree, and when Chu Mengyao sees it she’ll be happy for sure!”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Get some paper then, help me write it!” Pinliang nodded- it was a good idea, especially since he didn’t have anything to do right now. Might as well write some love notes.

“Uh… I don’t think two people are enough. We need more help!” Xiaofu said. “But I guess we’ll have a lot of helpers if we just give out some money.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you!” Pinliang dug out a thousand kuai for Xiaofu. “You take care of this first- I’ll go make my presence known!”

With that, Pinliang walked over to Mengyao. He wanted to let her know first and tell her to come see his confession to her tonight…

“Shu, why aren’t you digging anymore?” Mengyao curiously looked at Yushu rubbing her hands as she sat on the ground.

“Oh. I’m tired....” Yushu had tossed her shovel aside a long time ago- she thought tree-planting was fresh and interesting, but after just a while of digging it got too tiring. She decided that she’d just not dig her hole and wait until Mengyao finished with hers- they could plant their saplings together in one hole. “Yao Yao, let’s put our saplings together and plant them! What do you think?”

“I don’t like it very much. Why’re you always trying to laze around? Stand up! Come dig with me!” Mengyao rolled her eyes, pissed. Yushu was treating her like a laborer!

“But Yao Yao… I’m tired… You’re the big sister, you’re older, so you need to pamper me a little…” Yushu wasn’t willing to stand up.

“That Lin Yi, still busy hitting on girls! Can’t he come help out??” Mengyao couldn’t do anything about Yushu, so she gritted her teeth and continued the digging, sweating as she cursed Lin Yi’s name non-stop. “That bastard, I’m cutting his salary! Doesn’t he know how to be a follower at all? Doesn’t he know this is the time to be helping??”

“Uh… Should I go bring Shield Bro over to help?” Yushu felt that it was a little inappropriate for her to be sitting around while Mengyao did all the work herself.

“Bring him? Forget it! He’s preoccupied with his girl, we’re the least of his priorities!” Mengyao hmphed. “What’s so good about Tang Yin anyway, our Shu’s so much prettier, and cute, too…”

“Oh. You’re pretty too, Yao Yao! Why don’t you go seduce Shield Bro, let him have a taste of you! He’ll probably come slave for you if you do that, right?” Yushu suggested.

“Why don’t you go do it, if it’s such a good idea? You’re the one with the boobs, perfect for seduction!” Mengyao glared.

“Alright then, I’ll give it a try next time…” Yushu nodded her head, as if she’d understood something.

Mengyao was about to educate Shu a little more when she heard her cry out happily. “Yao Yao! We have a helper coming! He’ll come work for us!”

“Hm?” Mengyao paused and raised her head to see Pinliang walking over with quick steps. She turned to Yushu and whispered. “You’re not talking about Zhong Pinliang, are you..?”

“Hehe, yeah! He’s a free laborer! It’ll be a waste if we don’t use a resource offered for free.” Yushu started waving to Pinliang as she spoke. “Liangy! Yao Yao’s calling for you!”

Pinliang was delighted to hear Yushu call him ‘handsome’- he did put on a flashy suit today for the big show tonight, and assumed that Yushu found him attractive because of it. He waddled over quickly. “Yao Yao, Shu, what can I do for you?”

(Liangy sounds like handsome in Chinese)

“Yao Yao, you’re tired, aren’t you? Go rest on that bench over there, I’ll dig the holes!” Yushu took Mengyao’s shovel from her, making eye contact with her and raising her eyebrow.

Mengyao was amused and feeling helpless at the same time- this Yushu was always so retarded when with her, but whenever an outsider was involved she turned calculative as hell all of a sudden… She wondered if she was just acting…

Yushu was most likely getting her away so she could scam Pinliang, since Mengyao would be too embarrassed to have Pinliang dig the holes for her if she were with them. With her gone, however, Yushu could use Mengyao’s name to get Pinliang to work for them all she wanted…

“Then I’ll go rest a bit…” Mengyao didn’t want to let Pinliang help, but she did exhaust herself from all that digging- it was time for some rest.

And so, Mengyao acted as if she didn’t know what Yushu was up to, deciding that she’d let Yushu take care of it. If Pinliang wanted to be a laborer so much then he could do whatever he wanted- it was Yushu asking for her in the first place, not her. 

The thought comforted Mengyao’s heart quite a bit as she went for a break...


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