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Chapter 426 - Journey to the Sapling

“Shu! Aren’t we shopping for saplings?” Mengyao held herself back from fainting as she grit her teeth.

“Oh, yeah. Then let’s go buy some saplings first.” Yushu nodded.

“Lin Yi, we’re going to buy some saplings. Our car isn’t big enough- should we take your car there?” Mengyao decided to just ask Lin Yi herself.

She didn’t really want to talk to Lin Yi right now- she didn’t quite know how to react to Xiaoxiao going after him like that. She felt embarrassed about it, since it was trouble she’d caused… She even asked Yushu to go question if Lin Yi was playing around with girls again.

“Sure.” Lin Yi nodded. He couldn’t reject an order from the Miss. “Are we going now?”

“Yeah, let’s go now…” Mengyao stood up and pulled Yushu along, getting ready to leave with Lin Yi.

It was the first time the Miss and Miss Chen were taking Lin Yi’s run-down van- needless to say, they were quite shocked at exactly how run-down it was.

“This car, Shield Bro… Does it still work?” Yushu simply couldn’t fathom how a car this broken down still managed to move. It seemed to be moving pretty fast, too.

“You can tell if it works now, right?” Lin Yi smiled. “A follower like me’s lucky enough to even have a run-down car to drive.”

“Oh. I’ll give you my car then, I don’t like driving anyway.” Yushu said seriously after hearing that.

Mengyao, on the other hand, felt a little embarrassed- Lin Yi was her follower, but there wasn’t even a car for him to drive… He must’ve gotten this van from some scrapyard or second-hand place. She cleared her throat. “Lin Yi, I’ll tell Uncle Fu to get you an SUV tomorrow…”

“Ah… It’s alright. I’m actually pretty used to this one…” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the Miss to be so sensitive. He didn’t mean anything by talking about it, but she was offering to buy him a car because of that.

“Oh…” Mengyao wouldn’t insist after Lin Yi’s refusal- that wasn’t something she did. “That Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t cause you trouble today, did she?”

“Man. Of course she did. She sneaked up on me in the bathroom to film me and threaten me with it, but I thought it was Zhong Pinliang, so I got all my urine on her… It’s a big deal now!” Lin Yi didn’t hide anything, since the whole thing had started because of that day when he was with the Miss. Mengyao wouldn’t really be able to blame him for anything Xiaoxiao did because of that.

“Ah? You… You got your urine on her because you thought she was Zhong Pinliang?” Mengyao’s eyes were wide open. She was there with Shu when he’d made it rain in the bathroom before, and Zhong Pinliang’s expression of agony was a little funny… But things were different if the victim was a girl. How humiliating would that be?

Mengyao could imagine herself going suicidal if it’d been her- Xiaoxiao wouldn’t let this go that easily.

“Ah, it’s nothing. It’s her fault for going to the men’s bathroom.” Lin Yi didn’t really mind. “Let her do what she wants- she’ll leave after she gets tired of revenge. She’s just some gangster girl.”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t think she’d go after you like that…” Mengyao said apologetically. “Maybe I can go talk to her about it, tell her that what happened that day wasn’t your fault…”

“Hm?” Lin Yi looked at the Miss, a little surprised. He wasn’t expecting her to say something like that.

Mengyao’s face reddened a little as well. She hmphed and explained herself. “I’m a fair person! So don’t think me speaking up for you means anything! Let me tell you that I actually still hate you a lot!”

Mengyao had uttered the words in panic, but started regretting it after saying it… Did she really still hate Lin Yi? It didn’t feel like it anymore…

“Haha…” Lin Yi smiled. “I know. But Feng Xiaoxiao won’t be able to do anything to me anyway, so might as well stay away from her. Otherwise our classmates might find out about our relationship!”

Mengyao was getting really irritated- ‘otherwise our classmates might find out about our relationship’? So what if they did? Why was he so concerned over that when she wasn’t! What was with that!!

Mengyao did understand that Lin Yi was saying that to make it easier for her, not for him, but still… It pissed her off! Any other guy would love to be associated with her like that, but it seemed like Lin Yi didn’t care at all! Was she that bad??

Mengyao’s silence turned the atmosphere in the car a little gloomy, but fortunately for them Yushu was here. “Shield Bro, do you think they sell sharks in Flower Bird and Fish Mall?”

“......” Mengyao wanted to slap Yushu to death. “Shu, do you think people would ever bring a shark home? Wouldn’t they be concerned that the shark would eat them??”

“There are people who want that!” Yushu nodded. “Suicidal people, for example.”

Lin Yi parked the car in front of the mall, and walked in with the girls. “Stay close- there’s pickpockets here; it’s too crowded.”

“Okay…” Yushu quickened her pace before slowing down again. “I didn’t bring any money.”

“Shu, are you serious? You’re not joking, right?” Mengyao’s face changed after hearing that.

“I’m not, Yao Yao. You know how I like to put my wallet in my bag…” Yushu said. “Look at my one piece shirt, there’s nowhere for my purse!”

“I didn’t bring any money either…” Mengyao frowned. “Lin Yi, did you?”

“Ah, I did.” Lin Yi felt that this was why Uncle Fu got him a bank card- these two girls must forget to bring their purses quite often.

“Then… I’ll borrow your money later…” Mengyao breathed out in relief- they’d have wasted the trip if Lin Yi didn’t bring his money too.

“Wa, Yao Yao, look! They really do sell saplings! There’s so many types…” Yushu felt a little overwhelmed. “Yao Yao, what sapling should we plant tomorrow?”

Mengyao shook her head- she wasn’t good with plants. She didn’t know what sapling they should be looking for.

“Look there, Yao Yao! That tree’s so special! How come they have injections?” Yushu pointed at some saplings some distance away.

“Don’t know. Maybe they’re sick.” Mengyao said.

“Ah, it’s protein liquid. Some imported saplings can’t adapt to the change in environment, so they need that liquid injected into them, or they’ll die.” Lin Yi explained with a smile. “Some high end gardens do the same to some of their trees too.”

“That’s pretty interesting. Yao Yao, maybe we should buy this one?” Yushu found the trees with liquid injected into them rather interesting.

“Shu, can you not say such stupid stuff? Would you be giving those saplings injections every day after graduating? Wouldn’t they die without the protein??” Mengyao glared.

HAHA sorry sorry fell asleep last night! should not have rested on a bed after getting home, didn't even get to wash my face

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Also most people think Miss Braindead is fine, but someone said nitwit which I think has the affection factor. We'd be losing the lass/girl/miss part though, unless we want Miss Nitwit?

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