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Chapter 424 - Feng Xiaoxiao Wants Revenge

Xiaoxiao didn’t have a strategy to carry out against Lin Yi yet, but still found it embarrassing to face him. That rain he’d soaked her with was still something that embarrassed her.

It was the most awkward and humiliating thing she’d ever experienced, and it’d come from Lin Yi.

But what Xiaoxiao didn’t expect, however, was that Lin Yi wasn’t there in the classroom when she returned- it gave her relief.

“Hey… pretty girl, you know my boss?” Xiaobo turned around, curious who this Feng Xiaoxiao was. She was obviously here for Lin Yi, but this wasn’t something he could really ask him. He wasn’t here, too, so asking Xiaoxiao was the only way to get answers.

“Lin Yi’s your boss?” Xiaoxiao was about to get some information on Lin Yi from someone who knew him- this was good timing.

“Yeah, I’m his follower!” Xiaobo said gleefully, as if being a lackey of Lin Yi’s was a high honor.

“Oh…” Xiaoxiao’s eyes darted around as a plan formed in her mind. “Let me tell you a secret- don’t tell anyone else, okay? Including your boss Lin Yi.”

“Uh…” Xiaobo hesitated. He wanted to hear what this secret Xiaoxiao wanted to tell him was, but hiding something from Lin Yi didn’t feel right.

“If you don’t promise then I won’t say it.” Xiaoxiao employed a heavier method after seeing Xiaobo’s hesitation. “It’s about why I came to see your boss…”

As she expected, it piqued Xiaobo’s interest. He scratched his ear as he hesitated for a long time. “Then… Alright, say it then, I won’t tell my boss!”

“You really can’t tell him, or it’ll be really embarrassing for me.” Xiaoxiao put on a pitiful face as she looked at Xiaobo.

“Don’t worry, I never break my word! I promise I won’t tell my boss.” Xiaobo said with a pat on his chest. But Xiaobo wasn’t stupid- he promised Xiaoxiao that he wouldn’t tell Lin Yi, but no one said anything about Tang Yin. He could tell Tang Yin this secret, and she’d tell Lin Yi about… It’d have nothing to do with him at that point.

“Actually, I… like Lin Yi. I transferred schools just for him!” Xiaoxiao blushed as she whispered to Xiaobo.

“Wha?!” Xiaobo’s eyes were wide open at the reveal. “You… You’re an admirer?”

“Yeah…” Xiaoxiao nodded. “You can’t tell anybody, alright…”

“I… Don’t worry, I made the promise…” Xiaobo was in a difficult position- this wasn’t really something he should be telling Tang Yin. It was gossip, too.

“Hey, can you tell me about Lin Yi? I want to understand him better…” From what Xiaoxiao could see, Ruoming and Pinliang’s information wasn’t directly from Lin Yi- it’d be different if it was information from a person interacting with Lin Yi on a daily basis. Information like that was more reliable.

“You know this, but my boss has a girlfriend already… It’s not looking good for you…” Xiaobo sighed as he contemplated how fortunate his boss was- the girls who liked him were all so beautiful.

“It’s alright, I don’t mind. I don’t care about it being official or anything, or if I even get recognized… I just want to silently be by his side. I won’t try to fight to be his girlfriend or anything.” Xiaoxiao nodded, her tone very sad as she spoke.

“Ah!?” Xiaobo froze- were there still girls like that in this day and age? Xiaoxiao was a pretty girl in high demand- getting a boyfriend of any kind shouldn’t be hard for her at all, but she was saying that she didn’t mind being with Lin Yi without the title!

His boss was an excellent person, and Xiaobo admired him for that- but he couldn’t but feel compassion towards Xiaoxiao. “So you’re saying that you want to be by his side in secret, giving and not taking?”

“Yeah…” Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Boss is here… We’ll talk next time…” Xiaobo raised his head to see Lin Yi walking in- he shut his mouth right away.

Lin Yi didn’t encounter much traffic on the way back with Tang Yin, but he was still a bit late to class. They were only walking in after the first afternoon class had ended.

What surprised Lin Yi as class carried on was how Xiaoxiao, who had on a fresh change of clothes, treated him- she seemed to have forgotten all about the bathroom incident! She didn’t cause him trouble for it, or bring it up at all.

What surprised Lin Yi more was Xiaoxiao’s complete silence towards him the whole afternoon.

Lin Yi also found Xiaobo’s weird looks at him quite curious.

It wasn’t that Xiaoxiao didn’t want to talk- she hadn’t come up with a strategy against him yet! She wasn’t willing to just let Lin Yi go like that! Getting soaked with Lin Yi’s urine was the ultimate humiliation she’d ever suffered in her entire life.

But as for now, Xiaoxiao didn’t have the means to punish Lin Yi for what he did. She still needed him to teach her how to drive, so she wouldn’t want to piss Lin Yi off too much.

That example Ruoming suggested, for example, was retarded- she couldn’t use it at all. If she were to do anything to Tang Yin then she’d be genuine enemies with Lin Yi, destroying any chance of achieving her original goal in the first place.

The best way was to teach Lin Yi a lesson without him taking too substantial a loss- it’d be fine if he just got humiliated a little the way she’d been earlier…

Just before school ended, the homeroom teacher Mr. Liu walked in and onto the pedestal. “Everybody quiet down, I’ve an important announcement to make! Tomorrow there’ll be an event for our graduating classes- everyone will plant a sapling in the land behind our school! You’ll all be graduating and going your separate ways soon, so this is a chance for you to make your mark in the school. Everyone gets to plant their sapling in that space, and when you visit years later, it’ll make it that much more special!”

Mr. Liu’s words prompted applause from the students present. The dry life of twelfth grade was plagued with repetitive revisions, studying, and mock exams- and event like this would naturally be welcome by the students.

“There are no limits on the type of sapling you plant- they’re in the Flower Bird and Fish Mall not far away from our school, and there’s prices ranging from a couple kuai to a couple hundred kuai. Choose one depending on your financial situation- for those who aren’t doing well you can take a couple kuai from class funds to get a sapling.” Mr. Liu said. There weren’t any poor students in her class, but he was just speaking protocol. 

Everyone expressed their support- they all wanted to leave a mark after graduating, it was something common of soon-to-be graduates. It’d be a very special emotion indeed if they came back years and years later to see their saplings all grown up.

“Liang Bro, I think this is a good opportunity!” Xiaofu turned to Pinliang after hearing what Mr. Liu said.

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