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Chapter 417 - Seeing A Car Accident

“......” Xiaoxiao didn’t know what to say. She’d wanted to cause some beef between Pinliang and Lin Yi, but it turned out that the guy didn’t dare do anything to Lin Yi in the first place!

“It’s embarrassing to say it, but that’s just what this is. In this school- no, even including the gangsters outside of school, I daresay that no one would be able to do anything to that Lin Yi! He’s not even afraid of guns!” Pinliang explained himself concisely.

“Alright, if Pinliang’s admitting all that I’ll tell you about what happened to me, too!” Ruoming sighed and started complaining about his grievances. “In front of so many students, and even in front of the dean… Lin Yi slapped me, and I couldn’t do anything about it! I couldn’t beat him if I fought him, there was nothing I could do about his tyranny at all…”

Xiaoxiao was getting dizzy- she hadn’t done enough research at all! Lin Yi was an absolute beast! What was she thinking, going head on with him? That was obviously not an option anymore, as beastly as she was herself. She was a merciless miss, but Lin Yi was much more savage than she was.

Xiaoxiao had no guarantee that she’d be able to do anything to Lin Yi at all at this point, after what Pinliang and Ruoming had told her.

“Does Lin Yi have no weaknesses at all?” Xiaoxiao frowned. “Do you guys know of anything we can use for leverage?”

“Leverage…” Ruoming thought about it, troubled. “I guess… Tang Yin? If you were to make a move on Tang Yin… Heh heh, lil sis Xiaoxiao, why don’t you do something there and help get me Tang Yin? I’ll do the rest for you!”

Ruoming still wasn’t giving up on Tang Yin- his wishes didn’t manage to come true last time, since Lin Yi ruined everything, but the fire to claim Tang Yin as his was still burning. He didn’t believe that Lin Yi would kill him, so by the time he’d laid his hands on her there’d be no turning back, and Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to do anything as Tang Yin had no choice but get together with him!

And for the sake of Tang Yin, Lin Yi might even stop giving him so much trouble!

“No!” Xiaoxiao rejected instantly. She wanted to cause Lin Yi trouble, but she wanted a scenario where Lin Yi had to teach her driving and fighting! If they did anything to Tang Yin then he wouldn’t teach her at all- the two would become mortal enemies!

“Uh…. I’m out of ideas then…” Ruoming shook his head.

“No good ideas here either…” Pinliang had no idea what they could use as leverage at all- he’d have done it himself if he’d known instead of waiting this long.

Xiaoxiao cursed at the two for being trash quietly- asking them out was a complete waste of time! They were utterly useless!

Lin Yi was driving Tang Yin back to school- they were short on time, so he used the faster lane to the left, only to see a car coming in his direction at the viaduct bridge!

Lin Yi frowned. He had cars to both left and right sides, so it was impossible to change lanes now, especially with how dangerous it’d be at the speed he was driving at. Even if he didn’t care about his own safety he needed to think about Tang Yin’s!

He turned on the high beam to ask the car coming to him to go back to the other lane, but it surprised him by not slowing down- it did what Lin Yi did instead, flashing its high beam at him! Those were modded hernia lamps, too- Lin Yi would’ve been blinded for a while if it weren’t for his good eyesight.

There wasn’t any choice left- if this went on the two would collide with each other. Tang Yin was starting to scream in terror, too, and Lin Yi swerved his wheel hard to the right, pulling the handbrake up as he stepped on the brake. The entire van screeched in a fine, circular angle before the back of the van hit the car’s side.

Lin Yi had very minutely controlled the angle and power, but a loud bump sounded all the same… Tang Yin seemed fine, though.

Zou Tiandi had just gotten the new BMW these couple of days- his son got him a custom licence plate too, boldly reading ‘sbsbsb’.

(shabi shabi shabi, meaning idiot idiot idiot. There’s other meanings, you could google shabi if you’re interested.)

Tiandi had originally opted for a licence plate with full eights, finding Ruogguang’s licence plate covered in english letters a little awkward. It didn’t have any eights or sixes, but Ruoguang told him that that wasn’t ‘in’ anymore! Nobody wanted the ‘888’ or ‘00544’ plates nowadays.

(Some number combinations, when read out in chinese, form sentences or sounds that Chinese people consider prosperous.)

Licence plates now was all about personality, and only a plate with personality stood out when on the streets. The ‘888’ and ‘666’ plates weren’t as in demand as they used to be- what people wanted now was the ‘sbsbsb’ plate!

Tiandi didn’t think too much about it, but if his son called the licence plate cool and full of personality then it’d make sense to use it.

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was how he really stood out when driving the car! Almost every single head turned around to look at that plate, and some were even taking pictures with their phones, full of envy! This charged Tiandi full of satisfaction and glory!

There’d been two drivers who even got so excited at seeing his licence plate they even collided with him! This gave Tiandi a sense of indescribable pride!

Even when he drove in the opposite direction of the one he was supposed to be driving in, all the cars would still let him pass! None dared to tough it out with him, but here today he’d met the first blind driver who’d hit his new car. Pissed, he jumped off the car and pulled Lin Yi’s door open. “Get the fuck out! Are you blind? Don’t you know how to drive?! How dare you hit a licence plate this cool!!”

Lin Yi blinked- where did the guy driving in the wrong direction come off talking so pridefully? He couldn’t help but take a look at just what sort of plate was on his car, almost bursting out in laughter upon seeing it… What a plate!

“What’re you smiling at? It’s too late now, you little bastard, you wrecked my new car! Pay up, one hundred thousand or don’t even think about leaving!!” Tiandi was having the greatest time cruising around for fun when this guy just straight up hit him! It’d be so long before he got to show his plate off again!

“You were on the wrong lane and you hit my car, why’re you asking me for money?” Lin Yi looked at the man, speechless. The person looked familiar… Where had he seen him before?

Lin Yi had good memory, but unimportant small fish weren’t worth remembering, so the minor character couldn’t come to mind right now.

“How much can that shitty van be worth? You think I don’t know what you were planning? You hit me on purpose! Drifting? Who do you think you are? Whatever, as long as you don’t pay up don’t think you’re leaving!” Tiandi didn’t need the money, but he was quite pissed off, and messing with Lin Yi would help ease his rage. The guy deserved it for ruining his beautiful licence plate.

“Alright, stop with that- I won’t ask you to pay for hitting my car, we’ll just go our separate ways! I’m in a rush here!” Lin Yi got out the car and looked at his van. It seemed fine, but there was a dent at the back. He hit it with his hand a couple of times, popping the metal back out again.

“What are you trying to do? Trying to scare me with your strength?” Tiandi paused after seeing Lin Yi’s actions- he decided to point at Lin Yi and continue barking.

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