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Chapter 411 - You Think I'm A Fortune Teller?

In actuality, the officers on duty had overheard the conversation, but misunderstood its context. They thought that Lin Yi was Lingshan’s boyfriend- who else would dare talk to her like that without suffering her consequences?

“Lin Yi, I’ve got something serious to talk to you about!” Lingshan said through gritted teeth as she pulled open the passenger door, getting in the car with Lin Yi.

In the previous cases, regardless of whether Lin Yi just stumbled around with luck, or if he’d looked for clues meticulously, had been solved exclusively by Lin Yi. Upon bumping into Lin Yi again, Lingshan decided she’d use him one more time, see if he could help solve the case, especially with how cocky the bastard was being.

“Oh, what’s up?” Lin Yi rolled his eyes- this woman was begging for his help right after scolding him, what the hell was up with her brain structure? “If it’s something serious then don’t throw it at me, I’m short on time.”

“......” Lingshan’s beautiful eyes were wide open as she stared at Lin Yi. What did that even mean? Was she only allowed to come to him with unimportant stuff?

“I’ll give you a minute, talk.” Lin Yi parked the car in the hospital’s parking lot. Someone came over to collect the parking fee when Lin Yi pointed at Lingshan. “This is our Captain Song, we’re here on a case…”

The collector was aware of what had happened near the hospital. She took one look at Lingshan and her police uniform, placed a free parking tag on Lin Yi’s windshield, and left.

Lin Yi wasn’t short on a couple kuai’s parking fee, but the thing was that this old lady collected an extra five kuai from him last time, telling him that he’d parked for two hours when he only did for one! She even kept pointing at the tag in front of the car and showing Lin Yi the time, as if she couldn’t be wrong.

Lin Yi knew that the bitch must’ve written down an earlier time when tagging his car for the parking fee, but he didn’t bother arguing over that with her, and left after paying up.

(Bitch and bastard aren't used vulgarly or offensively, just a little bit derogatorily.)

But school’s lunch break lasted only one hour- how was it possible that he’d parked for two? Now that Lingshan was here Lin Yi decided to use her to scare off that old woman.

Lingshan didn’t know the context here- she looked at Lin Yi a little disdainfully, assuming that he’d used her to save up on that five kuai’s parking ticket. “There’s been a lot of instances of beggars, the homeless, and the disabled getting their kidney cut out and abandoned in front of the hospital. Do you about that?”

“Think I heard it in the news…” Lin Yi seemed to remember the radio mention that in the car this morning, but didn’t pay attention to it as always if the incident didn’t concern him.

“What do you think? Do you know who the culprit is?” Lingshan asked.

Lin Yi looked at Lingshan oddly. “I don’t think you should be asking me this question…”

“Oh?” Lingshan paused.

“You think I’m a fortune teller? You think I can mess around with some crystals and know everything? You should go ask god that kinda stuff.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Alright, I don’t wanna waste any more time talking to you, I’m going.”

“Wait!” Lingshan grabbed Lin Yi’s arm. “Then how’d you catch those bank robbers last time?”

“I explained to you how I did it that day, didn’t I!” Lin Yi was getting impatient, but understood that this Lingshan wouldn’t just let him leave unless he provided an explanation. He decided to get it over with. “You want me to help you locate the culprit, fine, but you need to give me something to work on, an area to search! I’ll only be able to help when you’ve confirmed the search range! I’m not a god, okay?”

Lingshan thought about it, realizing that Lin Yi was right. If he knew about everything then he’d be a godly fortune teller!

“I’ll come back to you after I get some clues!” Lingshan let Lin Yi go unwillingly.

“Alright.” Lin Yi nodded and got out the car, heading into the hospital.

Lingshan walked inside with Lin Yi as well- she still needed to go check on Bojia’s condition, ask the doctor if there was any hope of him waking up.

The police officers standing guard in front of Bojia’s room stood up and greeted Lingshan respectfully as she walked over. “Captain Song!”

Lingshan waved a hand. “Is the doctor here?”

“The doctor’s in the office, will you follow me, please?” One of the officers said. 

Lingshan nodded and followed the officer into the doctor’s office. He gave an introduction to Lingshan. “This is the main doctor in charge of healing Liu Bojia, Doctor Yang.”

“Nice to meet you, Doctor Yang. I’m Song Lingshan.” Lingshan politely offered her hand and shook it with the doctor. “Doctor Yang, what’s Liu Bojia’s condition? Will he be able to wake up?”

“I’ve done the best I could, but it’s still ineffective…” Doctor Yang smiled apologetically. “Captain Song, there’s nothing else I could do for him other than maintain his life…”

“In other words, we can’t get him out of the hospital?” Lingshan looked at Doctor Yang, disappointed. “Will there be hope if we transfer him to a different hospital?”

“Our Songshan’s First People’s Hospital is the best in Songshan already… If we transfer him it’ll have to be a non-local hospital, but I’m afraid the patient’s body wouldn’t be able to handle that journey…” The doctor said with a shake of his head.

“So there’s no hope at all?” Lingshan sighed. If that Bojia could’ve just told her the details earlier, they might’ve gotten their hands on the mastermind already, and that psycho killer wouldn’t have attacked him in the first place…

“It’s not that there’s no hope…” Doctor Yang said after some hesitation. “If you know Professor Guan Xuemin of the Songshan’s School of Medicine, he could give it a try using acupuncture… But Professor Guan doesn’t offer his services easily…”

“Professor Guan!” Lingshan, naturally, was aware of the name. This was an Eastern Doctor highly renowned in Songshan, known as Miracle Doctor Guan- Yang Huaijun had a pretty good personal relationship with him, and had been receiving treatment from him all the time!

Lingshan wouldn’t be too sure if it were someone else, but if she had Huaijun’s help she was convinced that she’d be able to get Professor Guan to treat Bojia.

She relaxed at the thought. “Thank you, Doctor Yang- I know what to do.”

“Haha, don’t mention it. I’m just helping where I can.” The doctor nodded with a smile.

Lingshan exited Doctor Yang’s office and dialed Huaijun up.

“In a pinch again, Song?” Huaijun answered with a smile. He’d been in a good mood recently, getting promoted and, most importantly, healthier as the internal injuries stopped acting up as often. It used to happen every day, but it’d been half a month now and nothing had happened yet!

This was just the first stage of the cure, too- with results this prominent Huaijun could only imagine what sort of miraculous effects there’d be after Lin Yi told him he’d change the medicine and give him acupuncture a month later.

“Yang Bro…” Lingshan felt embarrassed as Huaijun hit the mark. “It’s true that I have something to ask of you…”

“Tell me. What’s wrong?” Huaijun had always treated Lingshan as his sister- he’d always been looking after her.

“You know about Liu Bojia’s situation, right?” Lingshan said. “I asked the doctor about it today, and he said they couldn’t do anything else to help him… But he did recommend someone and said it was worth a try.”

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