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Chapter 405 - Here's An Idea

“She wanted to kick me out since the first day she met me, do you see me leaving?” Lin Yi eyed Xiaoxiao like she was an idiot. “Her dad’s the person paying my salary, not her, so can you stop asking your retarded questions?”

“Do you want to teach me drifting, yes or no?” Xiaoxiao asked with a hmph.

“I don’t know how to drift.” Lin Yi shook his head. “I just got my driving licence a month ago, take a look yourself if you don’t believe me.”

With that, Lin Yi took out his driving licence and put it in front of Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao didn’t know what to say- one look at the issue date of that driver’s licence told her that Lin Yi had only gotten it this month, but Xiaoxiao didn’t believe Lin Yi. You didn’t need a licence to be able to drive!

“Fine, Lin Yi! You wait and see!” Xiaoxiao gritted angrily.

“Ha…” Lin Yi didn’t care about what Xiaoxiao was saying at all.

After the end of the first class, Xiaoxiao called Pinliang out of the classroom.

“How did it go, lil sis Xiaoxiao? Did you put that Lin Yi in his place?” Pinliang was actually more concerned than Xiaoxiao was. He’d wanted to ask her about her progress, but didn’t dare to unless it was Xiaoxiao who came to him. Now that she was doing that Pinliang made sure to ask the important question.

“Of course it’s not that easy, doesn’t matter if I go soft or hard on him, he doesn’t budge!” Xiaoxiao said angrily. “Do you know if he has any weaknesses?”

“Uh… I’m not really sure…” Pinliang said, thinking that he’d have handled Lin Yi by himself long ago if he’d known about his weaknesses- he wouldn’t be here waiting on Xiaoxiao at all!

“Then what do you think we can use to blackmail Lin Yi?” Xiaoxiao asked.

“Blackmail?” Pinliang blinked, not quite understanding why Xiaoxiao would want that rather than punish the guy. “Lil sis Xiaoxiao, why do you need to blackmail him for?”

“Obviously for a purpose of mine, why are you asking so many questions? Do you know, or not?” Xiaoxiao frowned impatiently, evidently not very interested in talking to Pinliang about this matter anymore.

“If we’re talking about blackmail… I don’t really have anything in mind right now… Maybe I can go back and think up something for you?” Pinliang said after hesitating a while, failing to provide an answer.

“Fine, go back then!” Xiaoxiao was quite speechless- did this Pinliang know anything at all? Naturally, she wasn’t planning on waiting on him to get her a strategy. It seemed like Pinliang wouldn’t be much help here.

“Boss, what’s up with her?” Xiaobo whispered to Lin Yi, confused.

“Who knows, probably something wrong with her head. Met her once in a food street, she had a car blocking mine so I pushed it away… And now she wants me to teach her how to drift…” Lin Yi explained, speechless.

“I see. But boss, you sure are lucky all the time!” Xiaobo said with envy. “How come there aren’t any pretty girls looking for me??”

“You want me to ask Fen that question?” Lin Yi asked with a smile.

“No… Don’t tell her, I’m just fantasizing a little!” Xiaobo quickly shook his head. “Ah, boss, why didn’t you ask me what my parents said about Fen when I got home yesterday?”

“If you told them about the company first, then they probably wouldn’t even ask about Fen, but if you didn’t, it still wouldn’t matter after that situation yesterday. You wouldn’t be breaking up with Fen at all… So whether or not they said anything is pointless…” Lin Yi analyzed, smiling.

“That’s why you’re my boss, you got everything right! After I told them about the company, they didn’t ask about Fen at all!” Xiaobo nodded, excited. “But boss, I was reading management books the whole night yesterday, and I’m still lost- there’s a lot of professional terms I don’t understand.”

“If you could understand everything after one night of studying then the whole world would be filled with entrepreneurs.” Lin Yi shook his head. “You need to take it step by step, don’t eat so much that you can’t swallow.”

“You’re right… I was too rushed…” Xiaobo agreed.

“The problem now is college. It’d be best if you let Fen go to the same school with you, but I don’t know what she’s like in terms of academics.” Lin Yi suggested.

“I never asked her about that. Here, I’ll text her later and see what she thinks.” Xiaobo said.

Xiaoxiao walked in as the two were talking, and Xiaobo gave Lin Yi a weird smile before turning his head away.

Xiaoxiao was thinking about how she should punish Lin Yi and get him to teach her drifting as she walked back into class, but since she had nothing yet she decided not to mess with him, putting a brief pause in their war.

Since she wasn’t paying any attention to Lin Yi, Lin Yi, naturally, wouldn’t be paying any attention to her. He was quite pleased with the silence.

Xiaoxiao was mentally plotting- just what should she do to blackmail Lin Yi? The plan of exposing his relationship with Mengyao actually turned out to be ineffective, and it seemed that Lin Yi really didn’t care at all! She had to think about something else.

Just as she was brainstorming, her phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out, surprised to see Pinliang’s text.

‘Lil sis Xiaoxiao, I was discussing with Xiaofu- if you wanna blackmail Lin Yi you could go take a couple pictures of him in the washroom, that’d work, right?’

Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up after reading the text- that was actually a pretty good idea. ‘Alright, you go take those pics then!’

Me? Pinliang didn’t know how he should react as he looked at the text on his phone. Why would he tell her about this if he dared take those pictures in the first place? Lin Yi would pummel him if he did something like that to Lin Yi!

‘I can’t, I don’t wanna get beat up! But I can help be a lookout for you.’ Pinliang swiftly sent that text back, much to Xiaoxiao’s frustration. It looked like she’d have to go on the front lines herself!

If Lin Yi still wouldn’t comply after that then she’d threaten him with sending the pictures to Mengyao and Yushu, and that commoner beauty, too! He’d be absolutely shamed if she did that.

While men were rather thick-skinned under some situations, Xiaoxiao believed that Lin Yi would be embarrassed to have girls see him peeing…

Xiaoxiao held a fist as she made the decision. Alright, let’s do this!

Another period ended, but Lin Yi wasn’t going to the washroom at all, troubling Xiaoxiao.

Another class ended, and Lin Yi still wasn’t going to the bathroom, troubling Xiaoxiao even more. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Lin Yi, why don’t you drink any water?”

“Why should I drink water? Also, why do you care if I drink water or not? Aren’t you trying to manage me too much?” Lin Yi said rather impolitely as he eyed XIaoxiao.

“Uh… It’s summer, and it’s hot, you know- I was just kindly reminding you, but if you’re going to be like that, then fine! Hmph!” Xiaoxiao turned her head away and paid no more attention to Lin Yi.

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