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Chapter 404 - That's What You Get

Lin Yi’s guts told him that there couldn’t be anything good coming out of Xiaoxiao looking for him- the girl seemed sweet and pretty, but he dared not cross her path. The endless trouble that’d follow would simply be too much.

“You…” Xiaoxiao was at a loss for words from her frustration- she was still, at the end of the day, a super invincible galaxy beauty! Why did she get turned into a retard all of a sudden by Lin Yi?

Xiaobo had heard Xiaoxiao’s words from in front of Lin Yi, too- he was just envying Lin Yi’s bountiful luck when the mocking words coming from Lin Yi’s mouth hit him, almost making him fall over. This guy didn’t know how to appreciate a beauty at all!

“Me what? If you’re here to study then do whatever you want, but if you’re planning something else don’t blame me from kicking you out the window!” Lin Yi said faintly. “I’ve stomped down two Big Four members already, I wouldn’t mind doing the same to another one!”

Lin Yi had witnessed what took place at the school gates this morning!

The truth was, the fatty Yu Dafa from twelfth grade had already come and informed him of the fourth Big Four returning to Songshan’s First School. The thing was, Lin Yi didn't have any interest whatsoever in greeting that Big Four- anyone who wanted to kiss some ass could go entertain themselves, but Lin Yi wasn’t planning on going at all.

What Lin Yi wasn’t expecting, however, was the fact that the fourth would be a girl, and the young miss he’d met at the food street that other day, no less! As a result, there was nothing about this beauty Lin Yi would want to appreciate at all!

“So you knew?” Xiaoxiao wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to be aware of her identity.

“Looked outside the window.” Lin Yi frowned as his phone vibrated. “Stop talking so much, I’m checking a text.”

Lin Yi ignoring her was simply too much for her to handle- it was the first time she’d received such frustrating treatment! She raised her high heeled shoe and aimed it at Lin Yi’s foot as he focused his eyes on the text, but just when she was about to land a hit on the foot it disappeared all of a sudden…

A crisp snap sounded, loud and clear along with Xiaoxiao’s cry of surprise- the heel had completely broken off from the force she’d put into the attack!

Her face was flushing red as she glared at Lin Yi, who acted as if it were none of his business as he continued reading the text, not even bothering to care about what had just happened.

Was it a coincidence? Did Lin Yi not evade that intentionally..? Xiaoxiao was quite puzzled here- she snapped and corrected her doubts an instant later. Even if the guy didn’t see the attack coming there was no way he’d missed that crisp snapping sound! Wasn’t he the least bit curious at all?

There was only one possibility at this point- he’d done it on purpose. He’d dodged the attack intentionally, and now he was willfully acting as if he hadn’t heard anything! Pissed, she reached out to snatch Lin Yi’s phone out of his hands.

But Lin Yi raised his hand slightly, as if he were sending a text, miraculously dodging Xiaoxiao’s movement.

The text had come from Yushu. ‘Yao Yao wanted me to ask you why you’re messing with girls again. Is that another person who wants revenge?’

Lin Yi smiled bitterly- it seemed like Mengyao and Yushu didn’t recognize Xiaoxiao that they’d met at the food street. He sent a reply. “She really is here for revenge, but that’s because I went to the food street with you guys.’

“Food street?” Mengyao looked at Yushu’s phone with a frown. “What food street? What’s Lin Yi hitting on a girl got to do with us going to the food street?”

“Oh… I think I remember!” Yushu slapped her forehead abruptly. “Yao Yao, do you remember that little miss who blocked our car back then? And then Shield Bro pushed their car away…”

“You’re talking about that Audi TT?” Mengyao tried to recollect her memories- it seemed like that person really was today’s Feng Xiaoxiao, but just with a different appearance.

“Yeah, that’s her!” YUshu nodded. “Looks like she’s here to get back at Shield Bro! Yao Yao, what do we do?”

“What else can we do? We’re just going to ignore her! Since it’s not Lin Yi messing around with girls then we shouldn’t involve ourselves so much!” Mengyao said casually.

“Oh, yeah yeah yeah! We’ll involve ourselves when Shield Bro starts messing with girls again!” Yushu said knowingly.

“Him messing with girls isn’t related to us, too! He’s not your boyfriend, so what’re you so worked up over?” Mengyao eyed Yushu.

“Well, whether or not he’s my boyfriend depends on what Yao Yao wants…” Yushu stuck her tongue out in response.

“What is that nonsense!” Mengyao raged. “Open your mouth.”

“?” Yushu blinked, but opened it anyway. “Aaah…”

Mengyao sent her hand into Yushu’s mouth.

“Gh-! Ah, Ah! It hurts! Yao Yao, why’re you pulling my tongue? It hurts, come on, let go…” Yushu almost started tearing up from the pain.

“Hmph, I was trying to pull your tongue out for all the nonsense you keep saying!” Mengyao, naturally, wouldn’t actually pull Yushu’s tongue out. It was just a threat.

“I won’t do it again… I’ll stop the nonsense, alright… Ah, it hurts… You actually went for it, Yao Yao, it really hurt…” Yushu had a hand over her mouth, almost crying from the pain…

Lin Yi put his phone back in before turning to Xiaoxiao. “What’re you up to, exactly? You have ADHD?”

“Hey, is Chu Mengyao getting jealous?” Xiaoxiao may seem violent on the outside, but she was actually a really meticulous person who paid attention to detail- she’d looked in Mengyao’s direction and saw her lowering her head. She was looking at a text.

“Nope, she doesn’t like me.” Lin Yi said faintly. “You should also stop thinking about all the impure stuff, it’s useless.”

Lin Yi could guess what Xiaoxiao was planning by looking at those eyes that kept darting around.

“Impure stuff? Say what you want, but if you don’t teach me how to drive I’ll spill the beans about your relationship with Mengyao!” Xiaoxiao didn’t care much for Lin Yi’s threat- she sent him a threat of her own instead.

“Do what you want. The things people know or not know only really affect Chu Mengyao- it’s got nothing to do with me in the slightest.” Lin Yi shrugged. “If you’re willing to make a new enemy to fight against be my guest, but just don’t think Chu Mengyao’s an easy target… She has this something called Chen Yushu beside her. Quite a girl, even more so than you. Don’t regret what happens to you after walking down that path.”

“......” Xiaoxiao glared at Lin Yi violently. Now that her threat was ineffective, she could only give up. Regarding Chen Yushu, however… She’d never met the girl in person, but it was a big name she’d heard of long ago. Her brother was the leader of the Songshan Young Masters, with god knew how many levels ahead of a Big Four power tier. Unless she had some personal grudge against the girl, Xiaoxiao wasn’t very keen on starting drama with someone like that.

It was only a threat to get Lin Yi to listen, anyway. But he didn't care.

“You’re not scared at all that Chu Mengyao might fire you?” Xiaoxiao wasn’t ending it there.

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