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Chapter 400 - Actually Works

But he didn’t reveal that bit of information, making himself look pitiable instead, so as to receive the Miracle Doctor’s compassion and benefits!

Cuipu and Zhaoming were the same sort of guy, the little, shameless trickster type- it defined them, especially so as the dad gifted his father a fake ginseng while his son gifted a fake medicine recipe!

And so, Cuipu understood what Zhaoming was trying to do- he realized the fact that Zhaoming was fine, and that he was putting on an act!

Cuipu didn’t show that realization on his face, but in his heart was a huge praise for how amazing his son was! The disciple had surpassed the master, his son was even more of a fox than he was!

“Good boy… You’re such a good boy!!” Miracle Doctor Kang started tearing up at Zhaoming’s words, his old heart moved. “Zhaolong, since we can’t take this to the hospital, give Zhaoming’s pulse a look and see what the condition is!”

“Alright, grandpa.” Zhaolong looked at Zhaoming’s performance with cold eyes, completely aware of what sort of person Zhaoming was. He was his cousin, after all, and he knew that this little guy had been a model coward since childhood! He’d never put going to the hospital below his life if he really couldn’t take it, and so Zhaolong decided that it was most likely an act.

But this wasn’t something he could say- it wouldn’t be appropriate for the moment. Still, Zhaolong found himself a little jealous of Zhaoming.

He was the genius of the house, his grandpa’s successor… And out of nowhere came Zhaoming’s luck, getting him some weird pill that got the family to place value in him. Zhaolong would’ve eaten the pill himself if he’d known how this would turn out.

Although, it was obvious that Miracle Doctor Kang would never agree to Zhaolong using his own body to test the pill- after all, he was the future hope for the Kangs. The doctor would never let him do anything like that even when he knew the pill wouldn’t get him killed!

The thought calmed Zhaolong’s heart a little as he walked over and grabbed Zhaoming’s wrist, checking the pulse. Weak as the pulse may be, there wasn’t anything serious.

“Eh?” Zhaolong was someone with high attention to detail- he picked up on the yellow and black oily substance covering Zhaoming’s pores. “What’s this? It’s coming out from your body/”

Zhaoming had been so focused on his diarrhea and vomiting that he never even noticed the layer of stick substance on his body. “Wha.. What’s this?”

“Marrow washing and bone cutting..? Could that really have been a Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing??” Zhaolong stared at the existing substance on Zhaoming’s body, shocked. “Yes, it should be! I’ve read about introductory marrow washing and bone cutting in some ancient medical books before, this is what the effect looks like!”

(Marrow washing and bone cutting, previously translated as bone washing)

“The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, it’s real?” Miracle Doctor Kang was taken aback as well, regretting not having eaten it himself that moment. Zhaoming was still so young, he had no toxins to cleanse whatsoever! He was the old man who needed life extension and toxin cleansing! 

But the other half evidently could not be consumed anymore- it needed to be sent to the research department for analysis and experiments.

“It should be!” Zhaoming nodded. “But it’s not very obvious if used on Zhaoming, because he’s young and has less toxins inside his body. The other reason should be the fact that he’d only taken half of the pill.”

“Alright, Zhaolong, you take the other half of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing to our company’s research facility and have tests and analyses carried out on it! If we manage to grasp the recipe of this medicine then the brand of Miracle Doctor Kang would only soar higher!” Zhaoming said a little excitedly as he gave Zhaolong the instructions.

“Yes, grandpa!” Zhaolong nodded, but smiled bitterly inside- to just analyze the sample… It wasn’t that easy at all. If it were just regular components that’d be different, but if they were to find some singular, mystical herb included in the composition there’d be basically no hope of carrying out the analyses and tests.

In a high-end, special treatment hospital room in Donghai City was a weak, elderly man in a hospital bed. Outside his room was a man with a square face talking in lowered voices with the doctor. “How long can my father last, if he doesn’t have his kidneys changed?”

“Less than a month.” The doctor shook his head. “We’ve done all we could!”

“What are the chances if the kidneys are changed?” This man was Fatty Lai’s elder brother, Lai Changtian. “Money isn’t an issue here!”

“Mister Lai, forgive me for being blunt, but Elder Lai is currently in very bad physical condition. Making the kidney change now… I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to leave the surgery table.” The doctor said candidly. “With your house’s wealth, looking for a compatible kidney isn’t a problem, be it through legal means, or by acquiring them from the black market… But the issue here is that it’s not about the money…”

“Doctor, is there really no other way?” Changtian asked after some hesitation. “Maybe we could wake him up? Just letting him stay unconscious isn’t really a plan?”

Changtian actually didn’t quite care if his father lived or died- the problem was that his dad didn’t write down a will or anything like that before the coma! If his father were to pass like that then he’d had to split the inheritance with his younger brother, something he wasn’t keen on doing at all! He’d invested much more blood and sweat into the company than his brother Lai Changyi did!

Changtian was in charge of the real estate and trade sales department. Naturally, the two industries were already high profit businesses to other people, but what Changtian was in charge of was manufacturing!

Compared to real estate and trade sales, manufacturing was a big-scale electronic industry! Manufacturing those electronics, it was the core of the company! Even if the real estate and trade sales were shaved off for Changyi, it wouldn’t hurt a bone of the company at all!

But Changtian feared that his brother would try and fight him for the manufacturing business- this wasn’t something Changtian would want to see at all! He needed to get his father awake and have him write the will!

His father wasn’t senile, and he definitely wouldn’t want to see the electronic industry he’d raised to be torn apart into pieces from fighting within the family! The best way was to leave the two businesses of real estate and trade sales to Changyi, and also give him a portion of the shares for the electronic industry, except without the right to run the business, nor the right to just sell it around- even if he did sell it, it’d have to be sold to Changtian at the market price!

Those were Changtian’s plans- they were pretty reasonable terms, and he believed that his father would agree to that suggestion for the sake of the prosperity of the electronic industry. 

Should his father just die like that without writing the will, Changtian had no guarantee that his brother wouldn’t just come and fight him for the right.

“Wake him up… That’s possible, but chances are his body wouldn’t be able to take it after waking up…” The doctor explained, aware of what Changtian meant.

“I… Let me think about it.” Changtian frowned, unsure if there’d be enough time during that window of consciousness for him to write the will.

Just as he was thinking the door burst open, and in came Fatty Lai, Lai Changyi, very rushed and flamed up. “Good news! Good news! We can save dad!”

“Changyi, what’re you yelling about?” Changtian barked, displeased after jumping in fright.

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