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Chapter 397 - I'll Leave That For You

At that moment, a knock sounded from outside the room. Taizao opened it to see Jianwen’s driver, holding a braided silk bag as he stood outside, evidently holding the blow up doll inside…

Taizao took over the bag and turned back to the driver. “Alright, go tell the waiters to get away from here- tell them not to come near here or come in no matter what happens inside!”

“Yes, Master Su!” Jianwen’s driver nodded before walking away to fulfill his duty.

“Heh heh, Lin Yi! Here’s your blow up doll, what do you think? Not bad, right?” Taizao said as he undid the bag.

“Alright… I’ll admit that I got unlucky, but have you two ever heard of that story about Mister Dongguo?” Lin Yi sighed as he looked at Jianwen and Taizao.

“Mister what? What are you talking about?” Jianwen blinked, not understanding what Lin Yi was doing this point in time, talking about some Mister Dongguo story.

“So you’ve never heard of it?” Lin Yi asked Jianwen.

“Lin Yi, that medicine’s gonna go full-power soon, so I think you should start thinking about how you’re gonna handle it. You want this blow up doll, or do you want us to get you some sex workers?” Taizao curled his lips, ignoring Lin Yi’s question. As far as he could see, Lin Yi was now something anyone could come mess and play with- all he had to do now was record LIn Yi in heat, and that’d be the end of his employment with Mengyao.

“Or maybe we should get you a female pig?” Jianwen added. He didn’t know where Lin Yi’s storytelling mood was coming from, either.

“Hahaha…” Taizao laughed at Jianwen’s humorous joke.

Lin Yi looked at the duo with pity in his eyes before telling them the story, his tone faint. “Since you guys don’t seem to know then I’ll tell it to you- this is the story of Mister Dongguo and the wolf!”

“What’s wrong with you??” Jianwen looked at Lin Yi, perplexed. Was he pretending to be an idiot, or what? Talking about Mister Dongguo and some wolf when the medicine was starting to act up, what was the matter with him?

Lin Yi ignored Jianwen and started storytelling. “Once upon a time there lived a scholar, Mister Dongguo. One day, Mister Dongguo decided to go to somewhere really far away.

On his way there, an injured wolf limped to him. He said to Mister Dongguo, begging him: Mister, I’m being hunted by a hunter, he’s shot me! Please save me, I’ll repay you with all I have!”

Mister Dongguo understood that wolves weren’t good by nature, but felt compassion for this particular wolf. After some hesitation, he decided to hide the wolf in his book bag.

After a while came a hunter- he couldn’t find the wolf, and only saw Mister Dongguo sitting by the roadside. And so he walked up to him and asked if he’d seen a wolf.

Mister Dongguo said no, he had not.

It didn’t cross the hunter’s mind that Mister Dongguo would lie to him, and so he went searching elsewhere. The wolf waited until the hunter had left before leaving the book bag, but, instead of repaying Mister Dongguo like he had promised, he pounced at him and bared his fangs, saying: I’m hungry, please help me… Let me eat you…”

“And then? That idiot Mister Dongguo gets eaten by the wolf? Don’t tell me you’re that Mister Dongguo! Hahahaha!” Jianwen, naturally, understood what Lin Yi was trying to get at with that story- he couldn’t help but start laughing.

“No, the hunter came back and killed the wolf.” Lin Yi said faintly. “The moral of this story is that what goes around, comes around- if karma hasn’t hit yet then it means it’s not time yet!”

“What do you mean?” Jianwen blinked, feeling that Lin Yi might be referring to something else, albeit failing to understand what that could possible be.

“I meant what I said- if karma hasn’t hit yet then it means it’s not time yet.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Time for what? Lin Yi, what the hell are you blabbering about? What do you mean?!” Jianwen was getting annoyed.

“The medicine- the Invincible Eight something you guys ate earlier. It’s gonna start acting up soon, right?” Lin Yi said.

“Invincible Eight Jiro? When did we eat that, wasn’t that you??” Jianwen blinked.

“Sorry, but I poured half of my wine into your cup and the other half into his cup.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!! How’d you know what we were planning?!” Jianwen’s expression changed- he didn’t really believe what Lin Yi was saying, but he was making sense… The key thing here was why his body felt so hot…

“Oh, you can go look at that wine bottle…” Lin Yi pointed at the wine bottle on the table. “See, a wine bottle is enough for three glasses, but there’ll still be some left… It’s just enough for four glasses…”

Jianwen looked at the wine bottle and froze- he was the one who’d poured it out, and naturally he knew how much was left! The wine bottle had nothing left, evidently having been emptied by someone! Was Lin Yi telling the truth?!

At that thought, Jianwen and Taizao’s expressions changed for the worse as they felt the heat in their bodies rising…

“An Bro, is there an antidote?” Taizao was starting to panic.

“No…” Jianwen shook his head before turning his angry eyes on Lin Yi. “Did you really switch the glasses?”

“You’ll know soon enough.” Lin Yi said before standing up. “I’ll leave that blow up doll to you guys, have fun! I’m going now, but remember not to fight over it, it’ll be pretty stupid if you hurt each other for some doll.”

Without waiting for Jianwen and Taizao, Lin Yi walked out the room and used an iron wire to lock the door completely, remembering what Jianwen had instructed his driver…

There was no waiter near the room, and even Jianwen’s driver himself was far away at the end of the hallway…

“Mister Lin, why have you come out? Where’s Master An and the others?” Jianwen’s driver didn’t see Lin Yi mess with the door, but found it puzzling that Lin Yi was walking out.

“Oh, they’re playing a really interesting game in there- they said no one should disturb them!” Lin Yi said.

“Alright!” The driver nodded, unaware of the beef between Jianwen and Lin Yi, assuming that they’d sent Lin Yi out to tell him this. “Mister Lin, you’re leaving..?”

“I’m gonna go help An Bro with some stuff.” Lin Yi smiled. “I’m leaving first.”

“Would you like me to drive you?” Jianwen’s driver offered politely.

“Ah, sure. Let’s go!” Lin Yi was still thinking of getting a taxi, but now that someone was offering to drive him he got to save up on that taxi fare!

got some middle fingers pointed at me on the highway >:( luckily I was pointing back right when they did it

it's getting close......

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