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Chapter 376 - Stomping

Miracle Doctor Kang didn’t know medicine, but he’d read up on quite a bit of medical books so that people wouldn’t be laughing at him- was his grandson seriously calling this cough medicine recipe an ancient recipe???

A spoiled child- an absolute spoiled child!!! 

Fortunately for him, there were still his eldest son Guifeng and his eldest grandson Zhaolong- there were still heirs for the Kang family’s legacy. The house wouldn’t crumble and fall after his death because of them.

Miracle Doctor Kang knew that, at least for the next two generations, there wasn’t anything to worry about. The quality of his grandson’s descendants, however, would no longer be of his concern after his passing.

He put Zhaoming’s recipe under Zhaolong’s certificate and nodded as if everything was fine. “Good! Regardless of the recipe’s effectiveness, this is a gift Zhaoming prepared for me!”

It was Xiaobo’s turn after Zhaoming- he started getting a little panicked as the host announced his name. “Is this gonna work, boss?”

“Yes, it’s gonna work! Just go!” Lin Yi patted Xiaobo’s shoulder encouragingly.

Xiaobo nodded and walked up with Lin Yi’s ancient looking box.

“Second grandpa, in my hand is a rare medicine pellet, the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing. Using it would cleanse your body of a large amount of toxins, so as to achieve a bone washing effect- it’d recover your functions to its peak state, giving you up to five or ten years of life!” Xiaobo said as he extended the gift. “I wish you a happy birthday, second grandpa!”

“Oh?” Miracle Doctor Kang frowned, a little displeased. He was Miracle Doctor Kang, apex of the medical world, and yet he never heard about anything like this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing! Would this really achieve the bone washing effect? Was that possible?

Miracle Doctor Kang felt that he’d lose face if he just accepted a gift as unreliable as this- it sounded too very mythical.

Yet Zhaoming bounced out all of a sudden before Miracle Doctor Kang could say anything- he snatched the box away from Xiaobo’s hand, overjoyed that Xiaobo was giving him an excuse to attack him!

“Kang Xiaobo, what’re you trying to pull? Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing? What? You think you’re a pill vendor from a Xianxia novel?” Zhaoming said with a glare. “Who do you think my grandpa is? Miracle Doctor Kang! We have every medicine, and we’ve never heard about anything like this!”

“There’s plenty of stuff you’ve never heard about.” Xiaobo said coldly.

“Hmph, what a joke. I’ll open it for everyone to see, then!” Zhaoming raged- this Xiaobo had the nerve to make retorts! “You really don’t know when to quit!”

With that, he opened up the box and took out a black pellet- he started laughing. “This is your Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing?? Bone washing?? You’ve read too many Wuxia novels, it’s time to stop!”

“Second grandpa- I’ve presented my gift and wishes. If my cousin doesn’t believe what I say then there’s nothing I can do about it.” Xiaobo said as he held down his urge to break with Zhaoming right there and then.

“What’s wrong? Scared?” Zhaoming assumed. “Kang Xiaobo, you think I don’t know what you came here for? Just to stand up for that slut, right? A girl I finished with, and you’re over here treating her like treasure! Throwing this unknown pill to my grandpa as a gift? You just want us to embarrass ourselves! You want everyone else to think that we don’t even know about a pill like this despite who we are! That’s your plan, right? Unfortunately for you you’ve miscalculated! My grandpa doesn’t want your trash at all!”

With that, Zhaoming threw the pill on the floor and stomped on it. Unsatisfied, he kept squishing it about with his foot until it was reduced to a pile of crumbs. “Alright, you’ve presented your gift. You can leave now!”

Miracle Doctor Kang didn’t say a single word throughout the whole process- he stood there with his face darkened the whole time.

He had his suspicions- he didn’t believe his own son would be able to get his hands on a pill ike that, let alone Xiaobo. It had to be fake, that much was obvious.

He could tolerate Zhaoming because he was his direct grandson- Xiaobo was a different matter.

He thought that Xiaobo was here to cause trouble, and it seemed especially so after hearing what Zhaoming had said! Xiaobo was here for something as absurd as avenging his woman!

“Ridiculous!” Miracle Doctor Kang hmphed before looking at Xiaobo’s father. “What a son you’ve raised! What are you still leaving him up here for, to embarrass himself more?”

Yet nothing was said about Zhaoming’s actions- nothing at all. Miracle Doctor Kang was clearly playing favourites here.

Xiaobo’s father was enraged- Xiaobo’s pill gift was a little ridiculous, but it had always been Zhaoming causing trouble! Why was his son the embarrassment here?

“Xiaobo, were you tricked by someone? Who gave you that pill? Hurry and apologize to your second grandpa!” Mr. Kang gave a soft scolding to get Xiaobo out of his situation, pushing the blame for the pill on someone else, stating that the pill had nothing to do with Xiaobo.

“Impossible! There’s no way boss’ pill is fake! Some people just can’t see!” Xiaobo was very pissed off, unbending as he spoke. “What a pity, a waste!!”

Xiaobo had unconditional confidence in Lin Yi- Lin Yi called this a miracle pill, and a miracle pill it was!

Now his own father was blaming him? Xiaobo couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Xiaobo, let’s go. You’ve tried giving the gift, but someone here calls himself a miracle doctor when he’s just an old quack.” Lin Yi said faintly to Xiaobo as he walked over with Tang Yin and Fen.

“You’re not a Kang- this does not involve you!” Miracle Doctor Kang was infuriated that ginseng Lin Yi person was butting in again- he didn’t intend on holding back at that point.

Xiaobo and his friends had ruined today’s feast!! He decided to just break with them already- where did these people get off causing trouble during his birthday feast?!


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