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Chapter 373 - First Round- Victory

Zhaoming knew that continuing this battle would only result in their humiliation- there were a lot of people watching now, too, people who could testify for Lin Yi. There really was no telling who actually hit Xiaozhang's face!

Xhaoming suspected Lin Yi for doing something, but there was no evidence for him to manoeuvre!

It'd be different if Lin Yi didn't know Li Yixun- he could've used an excuse and have him pulled away by the security!

Not only was Lin Yi associated with Yixun, it seemed like they had a really close relationship with each other, too!

"Lin Yi, was it? I'll remember you." Zhaoming looked at Lin Yi fiercely before eyeing Xiaobo and Fen. "You're here to stand up for them, right? Don't regret it."

"Ah… I wonder who's regretting right now." Lin Yi smiled, not minding Zhaoming's threat.

"We're leaving!" Zhaoming waved his hand and headed to the ballroom with Xiaozhang and Shubin unwillingly.

Xiaobo wanted to do a victory dance so badly! 

He'd assumed that it'd be a day of humiliation and struggle, confronting Kang Zhaoming… He'd made all the mental preparations for Zhaoming's shaming and dissing, since they were in his territory- they wouldn't be able to stand up to him at all! It wasn't a hard concept to grasp.

He never expected to have the upper hand right from the first round! Zhaoming even had to retreat after the humiliation!

"See, Fen? With boss here we'll be completely fine!" Xiaobo said firmly as he grabbed Fen's hand.

"Yeah…" Fen had lost all hope for Zhaoming after that ugly display- she felt liberated all of a sudden, finding her years of melancholy and love-sickness absurd and her suicide laughable!

How did she even fall in love with a dog like that in the first place?! 

Fen had, at that moment, left her trauma behind- she could start life anew bravely and freshly now.

Zhaoming wasn't worth her doing anything at all… She'd been blinded the whole time.

Xiaobo sighed in relief at that smile on Fen's face. Tang Yin was happy for her as well. "Fen, you've thought it through?"

"Yep! I did! I… was so dumb…" Fen shook her head self-mockingly. "How did I ever fall in love with someone like that in the first place… I should cherish what I have now…"

With that, Fen held onto Xiaobo's hand even tighter.

Xiaobo was moved- he was excited. There was always that something between Fen and him, and the two had acknowledged their relationship, but Xiaobo knew that it wouldn't be the same with that trauma in Fen's heart. 

With Zhaoming in there, he'd always remain a replacement! The unsettling discomfort was what drove him to bring Fen to Zhaoming in the first place.

And here was Fen, confessing her feelings to him- of course it'd move Xiaobo.

"Master Lin, I'll take my leave then, if there's nothing else. Call me if you need anything." Yixun nodded to Lin Yi politely after things settled down.

Lin Yi nodded back. "Thanks for the trouble, Li Bro."

Yixun did a 'don't mention it' gesture before leaving on his scooter.

Lin Yi, Tang Yin, Kang Xiaobo, and Fen all walked in the ballroom along with the earlier bystanders.

Some of those in the crowd knew that Zhaoming and Xiaobo were cousins- they only looked at the younger generation's Kang conflict with amusement.

Miracle Doctor Kang's birthday feast was a buffet-styled party, and Xiaobo brought Lin Yi and everyone else to a table in a corner. Their purpose of getting Fen to get over Zhaoming had been accomplished already.

Fen was a bit down-spirited- she'd gotten over Zhaoming, but no one would enjoy experiencing something like this.

Especially when she'd been so stubborn all those years- all for nothing. Tang Yin kept Fen company and talked to her, but that wasn't too necessary- a few days later and Fen would be able to leave all this behind.

"Boss, since we're here already we can't just leave, but let's go after the younger generation gifts get presented. I'd really rather not stay here one minute more than necessary." Xiaobo was absolutely disgusted by Zhaoming's attitude.

"Isn't that person your father?" Something else had caught Lin Yi's attention- Kang Zhaoming was saying something to a middle-aged man, gesturing as he did.

"That's my dad, but what's Kang Zhaoming doing there?" Xiaobo paused, not understanding what Zhaoming was doing. He wasn't that weak, was he? Telling on him??

"It might be about Fen!" Lin Yi frowned. "Didn't think he'd be that big of an asshole- he's talking smack about Fen to your dad."

"Damn his fucking ancestors!!" Xiaobo raged- what the hell was this Zhaoming's problem?

"Ah… Aren't his ancestors your ancestors…" Lin Yi said grinned. "It's alright, actually, think about it- you'll have to tell your parents eventually. You can just explain what happened to Fen truthfully to them afterwards, I'm sure they're reasonable people."

Lin Yi thought of Xiaobo's father as a good man- he had that kind old man's face on him. He seemed to be the kind of guy who cared about his reputation, but he wasn't a bad person.

As long as he was being logical and reasonable about it, accepting Fen shouldn't be a problem.

"Really?" Xiaobo was delighted by the news. "Boss, you're not lying to me, are you?"

"Why would I lie?" Lin Yi shook his head. "If it doesn't work I'll help talk to him for you."

Lin Yi was quite confident in his ability to capture the human heart- helping Xiaobo out wasn't a big deal.

Lin Yi had been right- Zhaoming was talking about Fen, but he wasn't talking about how he'd gotten tired and threw her away… He was describing her as a shameless slut who was now seducing Xiaobo after she'd seduced him...

Chapter 374 - It Is, Unfortunately, Fake

As expected, Xiaobo's dad turned to look in Xiaobo's direction, frowning at the two couples.

He hadn't thought much about his son bringing some friends along- it was a very normal thing, but two boys and two girls? That seemed a bit obvious.

Zhaoming's words were making Mr. Kang suspect that the four were two pairs of couples- had his son gotten bad?

Yet Mr. Kang wouldn't go ask Xiaobo about stuff like that in a public setting- he also acknowledged that this nephew of his might be up to no good. He's tried so hard to stop Xiaobo and his friends from getting a room at the resort, after all. There might be some beef between the two.

As far as he could see, the source of that beef came from the girl- He took Zhaoming's claim about her being a slut and whatnot with a grain of salt.

The birthday feast begun at ten in the morning- Lin Yi found himself recognizing some of the guests.

There was Liu Tianyi and Guan Xuemin, chatting at a table. Miracle Doctor Kang's eldest son, the heir of Miracle Doctor Kang Co. was at the same table as well.

Lin Yi didn't go greet them, but just hid in a corner instead. He'd leave right after Xiaobo presented the gift.

It seemed that becoming rivals with Miracle Doctor Kang after establishing the Miracle Doctor Guan brand was inevitable- he shouldn't be restricting himself to avoid that. From what he'd seen, Xiaobo and Zhaoming's families weren't getting back together anymore.

At least not when Fen was there!

The host of the ceremony gave an impassioned speech- following that was Miracle Doctor Kang. He was a solemn looking old man, his clothes red and giving off the aura of a traditional Eastern doctor.

He'd only used one miracle medicine to gain all that fame and push his business into a leading corporation- it made people speechless, but none would deny the effectiveness of his Golden Creation medicine.

Although, many of the elders in the medical world didn't really think much of Miracle Doctor Kang- as far as they could see, the guy was no miracle doctor! He'd relied on that one recipe he'd somehow acquired, and that was it.

All the other products of his company were common coughing medicine and other household ones, those with public recipes. There was nothing special there at all.

Those household medicines would most likely have trouble selling if it weren't for that Golden Creation medicine- the guy had gotten lucky. With something like that as their flagship, even the most common of medicine products sold high numbers for the company.

In just a short period of time, Miracle Doctor Kang Co. grew into a titanous company- yet everyone was aware that the miracle doctor wasn't actually that skilled.

"Thank you all for attending Miracle Doctor Kang's sixty second birthday feast! Let's start with the wishes of Miracle Doctor Kang's sons and grandsons!" The host started getting into the first stage of the celebration. The sons and grandsons would come up with their gifts, followed by the people with higher standing in society along with Miracle Doctor Kang's close friends. The others would have to just place their gifts at the entrance.

Kang Guifeng, the eldest son, stepped up- his chest was puffed up as he walked, an exquisite red wool box in his hand.

"Father, my gift to you is a century snow lotus!" Kang Guifeng presented the wool box respectfully. "I wish you live a long, healthy life, father!"

"Excellent, excellent! Bring it over!" Miracle Doctor Kang instructed the host.

The host quickly took the box and gave it to the doctor- it was a beautiful snow lotus, seventy or eighty years old, if not a hundred!

The audience gasped in excitement- The miracle doctor's heirs must all have rare treasures prepared.

Guifeng stepped down and the younger son Kang Cuipu came up, a similarly exquisite box in his hand.

"Dad, I've prepared for you a thousand year ginseng! I've sent men searching for three years and three months in the wild for this humanoid ginseng!" Cuipu presented respectfully. "I hope you live as strong as the a mountain!"

"Good, good, good!!" Miracle Doctor Kang said. "Bring it up! Let me see what this thousand year ginseng looks like!"

It was only natural for the doctor to be excited- Guifeng had presented him a hundred year rarity, and here was Cuipu with a thousand year ginseng!

The host hastily brought it up to the doctor, who opened it up to find a gigantic ginseng! He didn't know if it really was a thousand year ginseng, but it had the form of a human, an extreme rarity!

The crowd responded in surprise and envy at the huge ginseng in the doctor's hands- congratulations were in the air.

"That uncle of yours talks sweetly, but hat ginseng is fake. He's just like Kang Zhaoming, a liar and conman." Lin Yi's voice wasn't loud- he only intended to let Xiaobi, Tang Yin, and Fen hear him, but some of the neighboring tables caught what he said.

"Really? It's fake?" Some of the guests started causing a commotion, turning to Lin Yi.

It'd have passed in an instant if it weren't for these people causing a commotion- they'd attracted Cuipu's attention. He looked in Lin Yi's direction with very hostile eyes.

But he didn't say anything, eyeing his son instead. With that, Kang Zhaoming jumped out and pointed at Lin Yi. "Who's causing trouble over there! Fake? How's this ginseng fake?!"

Lin Yi smiled faintly at the frantic Zhaoming. "An artificially bred ginseng would of course be fake. A thousand years? That thing isn't even ten years old."

Lin Yi didn't want to butt into Xiaobo's family affairs, but that Zhaoming was really irritating. He didn't mocking him a little to embarrass him and his father.

"Security! Take him away! How dare he cause trouble at my grandpa's birthday feast!" Zhaoming exploded.

The security guards in the ballroom, however, all knew about Lin Yi's relationship with Li Yixun- none of them would dare follow Zhaoming's order.

"Zhaoming, calm down!" Miracle Doctor Kang was furious at the troublemaker as well, but wasn't one to immediately throw the guards on Lin Yi the way Zhaoming did.

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