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Chapter 367 - Would You Dare?

“I hope so…” Lin Yi nodded. “Everyone has their own problems- Xiaobo’s family looks pretty complicated too. Their relationship with each other doesn’t feel very genuine and nice.”

“Yeah, big and rich families are like that… Us poor people have it better.” Tang Yin added. “No inheritance to fight each other for, less troubles…”

“Ah, right- how’s your cousin?” Lin Yi asked.

(I don’t know why these people keep referring to their cousins using sibling terms, what the hell? Tell me if you want me to use the terms they’re using or if you want me to use ‘cousins’)

“I gave him the money- he should’ve paid it back already, but I didn’t get any calls from them. I’ve been helping my mom at the hospital with my dad and everything.” Tang Yin said. “But don’t worry! I’ll return that money to you for sure!”

“Ah, I wasn’t telling you to give it back or anything, you don’t have to think too much about it. Don’t pressure your cousin about that, either.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay…” Tang Yin replied softly, raising her head. “You really don’t need me to pay it back?”

“I don’t.” Lin Yi said.

“Why are you so nice to me?” Tang Yin’s eyes were fixed on Lin Yi, unblinking as her emotions rose.

“Am I… I’m not that nice, right?” Lin Yi scratched at his head- Tang Yin’s direct stare was a bit much for him.

“Pft-” Tang Yin laughed- Lin Yi had made the tense situation all light-hearted all of a sudden. “Would you dare being even nicer to me?”

Tang Yin wanted to ask if he was planning on spending the rest of his life with her, but decided not to since the mood was different now. It’d be embarrassing and make things awkward between them, too… Who knew how things would turn out in the future?”

So Tang Yin decided to joke with Lin Yi a little.

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Hahaha…” Tang Yin laughed, happy. “Don’t forget what you said…”

“How are we sleeping tonight?” The thought crossed Lin Yi’s mind- Xiaobo should be with Fen, so should he be with Tang Yin..? Lin Yi couldn’t help but get excited. Could he???

“I’ll be sleeping with Fen, obviously!” Tang Yin, naturally, knew what Lin Yi was getting at. “Hmph, don’t be thinking about that kind of stuff! It’s definitely impossible before marriage…”

“Ugh…” Lin Yi sweated- had Tang Yin seen through his intentions?

Tang Yin thought about it, and felt like it’d be a bit forceful to put that after marriage… There were plenty of couples living together before marriage already. She added a different rule, worried that Lin Yi would get disappointed. “At least, not until you bring me to your parents!”

“I’m… actually an orphan.” Lin YI sighed, a little self-deprecatingly.

“Ah?” Tang Yin looked at Lin Yi with her eyes wide with disbelief. “You… You’re an orphan..?”

“Yeah…” Lin Yi nodde. “I still don’t know who my real parents are.”

“I’m sorry…” Tang Yin never expected that Lin Yi would be an orphan- her words were inappropriate. “I didn’t know… Pretend I didn’t say anything…”

“Ah, it’s okay- I’ve gotten used to it.” Lin Yi shook his head. “But I do have an old man nagging at me all the time back home, and a strict shifu, too. They’re actually my elders, so I’ll let you meet them sometime!”

“Yeah…” Tang Yin sighed, relieved that Lin Yi wasn’t feeling down or anything. 

She was also pretty happy to hear that Lin Yi wanted to bring her home to his old man and shifu…

She didn’t know what kind of people they were, but they were definitely not ordinary people. Lin Yi’s willingness to bring her to them like that was also a testament to his acceptance of her…

Tang Yin had thought that Lin Yi was a young master- but it turned out that he didn’t have parents! She felt like she’d grown one step closer to knowing Lin Yi.

She knew that he didn’t have that young master’s bratty aura around him, but assumed that it was just because he had good parenting… Him being an orphan had taken her completely by surprise.

Although, now that that had been cleared up, she wasn’t afraid of not being good enough for his rich and powerful family anymore… It was something she’d been the most concerned over.

She felt a lot less uncomfortable now that that thought was out of the way.

“Boss, you guys can come in now! Fen’s asleep!” Tang Yin was busy thinking about Lin Yi’s background when Xiaobo called out to them.

Tang Yin frowned a bit- she was bonding with Lin Yi so solidly and everything, too! Why did Xiaobo have to interrupt that? She got out of the car, flustered as she gave him a glare. “Aren’t you scared of waking Fen up with that volume?”

“Ah? I…” Xiaobo didn’t dare make a retort- he tried to explain himself weakly. “This villa’s very soundproof…”

“Hmph!” With a hmph, Tang Yin went up to Xiaobo and stepped on his feet heavily before entering the villa.

 Xiaobo had no idea what was going on- he turned to Lin Yi helplessly. “Boss, what’s up with sis-in-law? Why’s she so angry?”

“How am I supposed to know? Maybe she was gonna kiss me when you interrupted her.” Lin Yi shrugged.

“Seriously? I destroyed that moment?” Xiaobo’s face told Lin Yi that he felt like he deserved the foot-stepping. “No way, I’m such a criminal! Sis-in-law’s pissed at me now!”

Lin Yi didn’t pay Xiaobo any attention- he locked the van and walked in with him.

Tang Yin was on the living room sofa with Fen lying by her side, sleeping.

“What are we having for dinner?” Lin Yi asked quietly.

“Anything. Maybe we can just have cup noodles. Should we wait for Fen to wake up first?” Tang Yin looked at the time on her phone- it was dinner time, but Fen was asleep…

It wasn’t until a while over eight when Fen woke up, feeling a little better and not as timid. 

She was moved when she heard how everyone had been waiting on her for dinner. “Sorry, I made you guys worry…”

“Fen, we really came all the way here for your sake- don’t mind us.” Tang Yin waved her hand. “We’ll be the happiest if you can get over your trauma.”

“Yeah, Fen… Are you hungry? Boss has been waiting for you…” Xiaobo said.

“I… I’ll be fine with anything.” Fen shook her head. “I guess we’ll eat what’s available? I think a lot of places are closed already this late at night…”

Moon on the Sea’s resort restaurants should be currently packed with the guests of the Kang family- going there with Fen right now wouldn’t be appropriate.

Knowing Zhaoming, there was a chance that he’d say insulting things to sadden Fen even more- Lin Yi preferred not to have dinner there.

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