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Chapter 364 - Shifu's Ex-Enemy

Xiaobo’s parents had departed in the morning, not waiting for Xiaobo since he was taking his friend’s car here.

Xiaobo’s father picked up the phone. “Xiaobo, are you guys here yet?”

“Yeah, we just got off the highway! We’re at Donghai’s city entrance.” Xiaobo said. “Dad, where are you guys living? We’ll go to you?”

“We’re at Moon on the Sea Hotel, but…” Mr. Kang sighed without saying anything.

“Dad? What’s wrong?” Xiaobo paused at the sigh- something was troubling his father. “Dad, where are you?”

“I’m at the hotel your second grandpa arranged for us…” Mr. Kang said. “But, Xiaobo, you should go to another hotel with your friends. Go to a good one, don’t affect their experience here…”

“Ah?” Xiaobo blinked. “Why, dad? Didn’t they get us hotel rooms?”

Mr. Kang sighed. “They only left us three one room… We can’t let you come live here alone, right?”

“Didn’t you guys tell them I’m bringing some friends over?” Xiaobo was getting worried.

“I did, I did, but your second grandpa said he was too busy and forgot about it…” Mr. Kang sighed. “I don’t know if he really did forget, but I don’t want to dwell on that… It’s just that your second uncle really doesn’t know his way around words! He said that you could just throw your friends into some cheap hotel and he’d pay for it… Just listen to what he’s saying.”

“Isn’t Moon on the Sea the one we stayed at last time? Didn’t they book the entire resort? How come we can’t even get two extra rooms?” Xiaobo felt very humiliated- Lin Yi, Tang Yin, and Fen could hear everything his father was saying! It angered him.

“He said that there’s VIP’s and… Xiaobo, it’s fine. I’ll give you money, so bring your friends to another hotel. Find one that’s good.” Mr. Kang didn’t want to dwell on the subject. “Remember not to neglect your friends.”

“Alright…” Xiaobo hung up and raised his fist, intending to hit the car out of frustration. He managed to pull it back. “What the hell! This is so unfair!”

Kang Zhaomin had brought along a ton of his friends the last birthday feast, and all of them got to stay at the hotel, with many of them having a single room to themselves! Why did his friends have to stay at some random motel?!

“It’s fine, Xiaobo.” Lin Yi didn’t mind. “We’ll stay somewhere else.”

“Boss, you don’t know this, but Moon on the Sea is actually a resort, a really huge one! There’s no way it’s out of rooms!” Xiaobo said angrily. “They’re just looking down on us!”

“Ah… Moon on the Sea, huh?” Lin Yi blinked. “Is that the name?”

“What’s wrong, boss? You know the place?” Xiaobo asked curiosuly at Lin Yi’s stunned look.

“Wait, I’ll make a call.” Lin Yi got out of the car after some hesitation.

He didn’t want to use his old connections, but this was his last mission- he wanted a normal life after its end, and he was willing to commit even if it meant being the Miss’ follower his whole life.

A life without bullets and fire, blades and blood… It held too much value for Lin Yi.

But just for this once, for Kang Xiaobo, his first and only bro after he’d entered this normal life… Lin Yi decided that he’d make an exception just this once.

He went to somewhere a little farther from the van and dialed up a number.

A pretty voice sounded not long after. “Eagle?”

“How’d you know?” Lin Yi paused.

“The call’s coming from Donghai.” The voice sounded like it was making a rebuke. “Currently. You’re the only one operating on a more special assignment there.”

“Oh? Still a princess of the hacker world, I see.” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “All-knowing of my location and everything…”

“Even if I didn’t, your phone number’s a Songshan number. I’d have been able to make a conjecture regardless.” The princess hmphed. “Confirming your location is just that, a confirmation.”

“Alright, I’ll admit i suck with computers.” Lin Yi surrendered. “Something I wanna ask you- is the hotel Moon on the Sea at Donghai under our people’s control? I remember seeing that on my pocket PC once.”

“Where’s your pocket PC?” The princess asked without answering the question.

“My old man’s using it for his games…” Lin Yi sweated helplessly. “He said my current mission isn’t dangerous anyway, so I won’t need it…”

“Games…?” The princess was evidently quite speechless, but she didn’t have the right to criticize Old Lin. She pretended that she didn't hear anything. “So, Moon on the Sea is under our control…”

“Yeah. Tell me how I can contact the one in charge.” Lin Yi said.

The princess told Lin Yi the method.

“Alright. I’m hanging up then.” Lin Yi said after writing it down.

“Don’t you have anything else to say to me?” The princess asked.

“What..?” Lin Yi blinked.

“Bye!” The princess cut the phone off without waiting for Lin Yi.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly at his phone. What the hell was she up to again?

What Lin Yi didn’t expect, however, was that the owner of Moon on the Sea was more than just someone on their side- he was an old rival of his shifu. He never met him before, but he did hear his shifu mention the guy more than once.

Lin Yi dialed his number up.

“Hello? Who is this?” The deep voice of a man sounded from the other end.

“Uncle Tian?” Lin Yi tested.

“You are?” The supposed Uncle Tian didn’t know who this man was.

“I’m Lin Yi.” Lin Yi said.

Uncle Tian was evidently taken aback by that revealation- he went silent, as if trying to digest the name. “Boss’ inside pupil?”

“That’s me.” Lin Yi said.

“Please tell me your codename and codeword in the organization.” Uncle Tian was quite evidently a cautious man.

“Eagle…” Lin Yi said before speaking the English combination password.

“My apologies, Master Lin- Just following protocol!” Uncle Tian sounded a lot more passionate all of a sudden. “Any instructions?”

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