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Chapter 362 - Boss Has A Plan

Naturally, Lin Yi wouldn’t mass produce something like that despite it being possible, nor was he planning on releasing the recipe. A lack of supply called for demand, and only when something was rare did people pursue it.

It’d attract a lot of attention from different groups, as well- Lin Yi didn’t want to be in that sort of position yet, living in the center of the storm and everything. 

He wanted to just take a couple of the pills out without saying that it was him who refined them, releasing them inconsistently so as to stay low-key.

Lin Yi had been planning on giving some of the more famous people samples when his Miracle Doctor Guan company started off, so as to increase its credibility and start things off with a bang, but letting Miracle Doctor Kang have a try for his birthday feast would be nice as well…

If he believed him and used it, his words would bring in the confidence of the people with all the credibility he had going for him.

If not, then Lin Yi would only think of it as a pity.

He’d wanted to start working on the pills after the birthday feast, but the phone call with Xiaobo had changed his plans.

Fortunately for him, there was still time for him to make it.

That Saturday afternoon, Xiaobo’s call came in, and Lin Yi drove to Time Street stop to pick Xiaobo up.

Tang Yin’s father Tang Jucheng had a surgery on Monday, and Tang Yin was helping her mother out at the hospital. Lin Yi was thinking of getting her after getting Xiaobo.

Xiaobo had explained who Fen was to his parents, as well, saying that she was a best friend of Tang Yin, whose boyfriend was Lin Yi, Xiaobo’s friend. 

 Xiaobo’s parents didn’t doubt the story- they actually thought it was a good thing that Xiaobo was bringing his friends along, since he’d always been unwilling towards going to his second grandpa’s house.

He’d been unwilling even despite the passionate invitations- Xiaobo’s parents had no idea the sort of mockery Kang Zhaoming threw at Xiaobo under the seemingly normal surface.

Lin Yi parked the car at the Time Street bus stop, and Xiaobo got on. “Boss, let’s go get Fen first- she’s at home.”

Lin Yi nodded and drove to the slums where Fen lived, already familiar with the place.

“Man, Fen doesn’t really wanna go anymore. Even though we’ve agreed on it and everything…” Xiaobo sighed. “She barely said yes after I talked her into it again, but who knows if she’ll turn back on that.”

“That’s normal- she’s going to meet Kang Zhaoming, after all, this permanent thorn in her heart. It’s understandable for her to have second thoughts when the time finally comes.” Lin Yi said. “Kang Zhaoming hurt her before, but you using a method like this to make her forget about him doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about her feelings.”

“I get that- that’s why I’ll always be with her. Zhaoming won’t be able to bully her with me there.” Xiaobo held a fist. “I’ll protect her at all costs.”

“I believe you.” Lin Yi nodded. Although, Lin Yi himself would be with Xiaobo and Fen for their protection, even if Xiaobo didn’t say so.

He parked the car at Fen’s house, and made a phone call to Tang Yin as Xiaobo went to get her.

“Hello…” Tang Yin whispered after quickly picking up the phone. “Are you here already, Lin Yi? My dad’s asleep, I can’t speak too loudly…”

“Not yet, I’m getting Fen with Xiaobo.” Lin Yi said. “I’ll come get you later.”

“Okay…” Tang Yin said softly, followed by Mrs. Tang’s voice. “Yin, is that Lin? Go and have fun, I’ll take care of things here! Your dad still hasn’t gone through the surgery yet, so go!”

It was replied with Tang Yin’s helpless and embarrassed voice. “Okay, okay, mom- I get it, stop worrying… I’ll leave later, okay…”

“Haha…” Lin Yi hung the phone up with a smile.

Xiaobo was helping Fen walk down- Fen had a limp, and it was very obvious when she walked on her two feet.

She’d almost always be in a wheelchair at home, but wheelchairs wouldn’t be very appropriate today.

“See, I told you to let me carry you- you almost fell.” Xiaobo subconsciously picked her up as she tripped a little.

Fen looked fresh and pure today, having on a t-shirt, a pair of three-quarters jeans, and soft makeup on her face. Her hair was carefully tidied up, as well- she looked nothing like the sick patient she’d been back at the hospital.

She was wearing a pair of nice sunglasses, as well- it gave her the youthful beauty type of look, similar to Tang Yin. No wonder the two were soulmates.

Lin Yi could imagine the number of admirers Fen must’ve had in the past, as much as Tang Yin did.

Fate played them different hands, however- Fen now had to rest at home, away from school, sick. It’d be really hard for her to leave her house again if it weren’t for Xiaobo.

She hadn’t fully opened up yet, but she looked a lot happier than before.

She’d be even more radiant if it weren’t for her leg.

“You look really pretty today, Fen.” Lin Yi praised. Someone like Fen needed confidence the most right now- she needed constant encouragement.

“Really…” Fen lowered her head a little happily. “I was afraid I’d embarrass Xiaobo…”

“No way- Why would I be embarrassed with someone as beautiful as you?”  Xiaobo said.

“But… my leg…” Fen knew that Xiaobo was trying to console her- at the very least, her parents never spoke the truth about this sort of thing.

“Don’t worry about that- Boss said he has a way to heal you!” Xiaobo made eye contact with Lin Yi. “Right, boss?”

Xiaobo wanted Lin Yi to give Fen hope- even if he couldn’t heal her now, Xiaobo wanted Fen to have the confidence. She knew about Lin Yi’s medical abilities, after all.

“Xiaobo… you can stop trying to make me feel better… Even the doctors at the hospital say that there’s no hope…” Fen sighed, her eyes distant.

“It can be healed, but I need some materials for that. I’ll have to go back home to get them.” Lin Yi said. “The problem with your leg is in the nerves, not the bones- that’s why the hospital can’t do anything about it. Human nerves are more fragile and unknown- in most cases, hospitals can’t really do anything about dead nerves, but if we’re looking at it with Eastern medicine, then those nerves are just blocked and not flowing- as long as we break through that blockage… It’ll be possible for you to heal.”

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