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Chapter 360 - Kneel on a CPU

“Nice to meet you, Mister Su. That’s quite a name you’ve got there…” Jianwen sweated a bit.

“Haha…” Jiaonang laughed at the comment. “The same name as Master Su in the other room. Rest assured, Master An, the walls here are soundproof- we can’t hear anything else from beyond the walls as well, right?”

(check back later when I ask some friends from china about the name)

(so jiaonang means pill… and we don’t have any idea why that’s ‘quite a name’...)

Jianwen nodded. “Cihua Bro, I understand that you’re aware of our family trade- my elder brother used to be in charge of the business here in Songshan. I don’t care how he operates, but I’ve always heard about your name, Cihua Bro, and the underground strength that comes along with it. I’ve specifically come to pay you a visit!”

Jianwen’s words soothed Cihua. Naturally, he was also aware of exactly what that family trade was- the trafficking and trade of organs!

Yet Jianwen’s brother never paid him a visit, that Jian Ande, not bothering with Cihua just because he had a golden class mid phase master under his command.

But Ande’s business model was the type where goods were paid for as it was provided- it was still illegal, but had nothing much to do with the underground power he represented. Both parties were uninvolved with each other, and Cihua wasn’t willing to have beef with him because of a reason like that.

A golden class mid phase master, after all, was a very formidable strength. Cihua’s backer had stronger masters, but there was no reason for him to battle it out with Ande. Even if he’d ended him, Cihua still wouldn’t be able to take over his business, since he had no experience in that field, lacking adequate channels and connections for the job.

Even so, it irritated Cihua- doing illegal trade in Songshan without paying some form of tribute to him? Albeit minor, it was still a humiliation. 

Even if Ande wasn’t planning on giving some tribute, shouldn’t he at least have met up with him and raised a wine cup?

For that reason, Jianwen’s visit was quite satisfactory for Cihua.

“Haha, Master An, I’m delighted to hear that. Don’t you worry, there’s nothing in Songshan I can’t settle, no one I can’t handle! Just speak your mind if you need anything!” Cihua said proudly.

Although, that was just him boasting- he hadn’t settled or handled Lin Yi, after all, even losing two golden class masters, of all things… It was an absolute disgrace.

“No, Cihua Bro… I’m here actually for something more than just a visit- I’m here to propose a partnership!” Jianwen waved a hand, smiling.

“Partnership?” Cihua wasn’t expecting that- what could they possibly work together in?

“As you’re aware, Cihua Bro, it’s rarer and rarer these days for someone to offer his kidney on his own… People are getting smarter. In my brother’s time, he’d say that cutting off a kidney had no effects on the body, but that wasn’t the truth- people don’t fall for that anymore.” Jianwen said helplessly. “So I’m planning on making a move on the homeless and the beggars, but doing that in Songshan territory, I had to come to you first, Cihua Bro.”

Cihua nodded- Jianwen was a pretty smart guy. Only selling organs wasn’t something Cihua could intervene in, but kidnapping people on his turf? Doing that without running it through him first would be blatant disrespect.

“It’s doable- no one would notice some missing beggars and hobos.” Cihua nodded. “How do you want help? You want me to get you these people, or you want me to settle things down?”

“Haha, it’d be great if you could help with the kidnapping, but we can do that on our own.” Jianwen nodded. “Of course, we’ll give you a certain amount of benefits for you monthly, Cihua Bro. You won’t be helping for nothing.”

“Hm.” Cihua nodded satisfactorily. Organ trade was a business full of potential- it was a pretty nice idea if benefits for him were included in the partnership.

“Of course. Also, if you anyone freshly dead on your end, do send them to me as well!” Jianwen added. “Naturally, you’ll have benefits as well.”

“No problem! It’s a deal, then.” Cihua nodded. He wouldn’t have sealed the deal so straightforwardly if it were someone else, but he was aware of the An house and some of their methods. His elder brother had been in the business for years, undetected. This partnership with Jianwen shouldn’t have much risk in it, too- the structure they’d formed was hard to expose.

“I love your energy, Cihua Bro!” Jianwen nodded with a smile. He raised his glass, his beaten up face very pleased now that the business deal had been done.

With Cihua’s support, there was no doubt that his business would prosper. He’d also learned something critical today, as well- Lin Yi wasn’t Mengyao’s boyfriend, but her bodyguard!

That made everything easier, but he did need to change his approach now… If he really was just a bodyguard. Roping him in was a good idea, but it’d be pretty embarrassing if he didn’t take them up on that offer. He had to go against him.

Mengyao and Yushu were on the sofa, watching TV as Yushu hung up her call with Lin Yi. “Shu, he’s coming back already?”

“Yeah, Yao Yao. Shield Bro says he’s on the way.” Yushu nodded. “He said he didn’t do anything bad! He didn’t get with any sex workers.”

“Hmph, you think a man’s word is trustworthy at all?” Mengyao hmphed. “Shu, you’re too gullible! Don’t fall for Lin Yi’s lies! My dad said that mom didn’t run away because of him, but turns out that she left because dad upset her! I read the note she left myself!”

“Oh… What do I do then? You have to ask Shield Bro about it when he comes back then!” Yushu was suspicious as well- did Shield Bro really resist the temptation? “I heard that the best way to get a man to be honest is to make him kneel on a CPU! Yao Yao, maybe we should try that out?”

Mengyao sweated at the suggestion. “Kneel on a CPU? That’s outdated, Shu. I hear that it’s all kneeling on TV remotes now! The CPU’s now don’t have that many pointy things at the back anymore, so it’s not a very good punishment now.”

“Don’t worry, Yao Yao, we can plug it in and take out the fan, and then make Shield Bro kneel on it!” Yushu raised her fist in the air.

“...You wanna burn him alive..?” Mengyao said, speechless.

“Burn who alive?” Lin Yi asked, troubled as he pushed open the door. What was Mengyao saying?

Guess kneeling on a CPU's really ancient.. I've never heard of it before.

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