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Chapter 355 - Looking For A Chance

“Later, after we eat. I’m pretty hungry right now!” Lin Yi waved his hand dismissively.

“Sure, sure! Let’s eat first!” Jianwen thought that Lin Yi really was hungry- he’d just came back from school, after all.

The speed at which Lin Yi ate, however, drove Jianwen crazy! He’d wanted to film him eating and make a joke out of it, but the guy looked so graceful despite how much food he was putting into his mouth! 

Jianwen decided to give up on the recording- he was just wasting space that could be used for Lin Yi’s little adventure with the sex workers here.

Lin Yi took a sip of his red wine after filling his stomach up. He wiped at his mouth with a napkin. “Not bad, this Starlight Hotel sure has good cooks!”

“Of course!” Taizao said gleefully. “It wouldn’t have made a frequent spot for us Songshan Young Masters if it weren’t so good.”

“So, bro, now that we’ve filled ourselves isn’t it time for some activity around here?” Jianwen smiled at Lin Yi, hoping that he wouldn’t just turn and leave after the meal. They haven’t even gotten anything out of the kid yet!

“Oh, sure. But wait though, I gotta go to the bathroom.” Lin Yi turned to walk out the room- his phone was vibrating, probably from Mengyao or Yushu calling. He didn’t want to pick it up in front of these guys.

“There’s a bathroom in here!” Taizao pointed to a door in the private room.

“I’m not used to sitting toilets.” Lin Yi smiled. “My stomach isn’t feeling so well.”

“Hah, okay then, hurry up!” Taizao smiled understandingly after the explanation- it was normal for some people to prefer squatting toilets over sitting ones, especially if they were used to it.

Jianwen took the opportunity to discuss the next step with Taizao- they were planning on recording Lin Yi’s entire activity with the sex worker and send it to Pengzhan. Lin Yi would be done for regardless of if he were Mengyao’s boyfriend or not in the first place.

Lin Yi made his way to the washroom in quick steps and picked the phone up- it was from Yushu, as expected.

“Shield Bro, I have a question for you on Mengyao’s behalf!” Yushu said seriously. “Did you get with a sex worker yet?”

“Haha, not yet.” Lin Yi laughed. “Just finished eating.”

“Yao Yao said that you’re not allowed to! She says that you can’t come back if you do.” Yushu’s words were followed by Mengyao’s voice. “I never said that! Shu, what’re you talking about!!’

“Hehe, did you punish those two yet, Shield Bro?” Yushu asked.

“Not yet, still figuring out how I should do it.” Lin Yi couldn’t just beat the two up, after all- there had to be a valid reason. He couldn’t just get into trouble with these two just because of Yushu’s whim, too, especially when they were clearly one level higher than Pinliang and Ruoming. There were better ways to go about it.

“Alright, but remember to punish them!” Yushu said. “I’m hanging up then. Remember!”

Lin Yi put the phone in his pocket and walked to the bathroom, wondering what he should do when he heard a familiar name coming from the private room beside him!

“How are these two, Cihua Bro? They’re the best girls at the hotel, top tier! I spent a lot of money to get them!” An ass-kissing voice sounded from inside the room- it was humble voice, but it was loud, obviously coming from a man full of himself.

“Hm, not bad!” A man’s laughter sounded- Lin Yi remembered that sound from his night with Cihua a while ago.

Lin Yi stopped in his tracks- it sure was a coincidence that Cihua was eating here as well tonight. He wondered how he was feeling after getting his two golden class masters killed, but it looked like he was still in a good enough mood to be playing around with top tier Starlight girls?

“Twins, I see! What’re your names?” Cihua’s perverted voice was full of enthusiasm.

“I’m Snow, and she’s Rose……” The braver twin said softly.

(pinyin of their names: Xuexue (snow snow) and Huahua (flower flower))

“Hmmm… Snow and Rose! Beautiful!” Cihua laughed loudly. “Here, pour me some wine!”

A smile formed on Lin Yi’s lips. He quickly went back to his room after deciding on a plan.

Jianwen and Taizao, on the other hand, have decided that they were getting Lin Yi a girl one way or the other, even if he didn’t want to! It’d be a waste of all their efforts otherwise.

They decided to get Lin Yi drunk if he were being insistent- they’d then force a girl on him. There was no escape for the lad tonight.

Lin Yi pushed open the doors and walked in to a passionate Jianwen waving his hands at him. “Little bro Lin! Come, I’ve told the manager to get us some hotties!”

“That’s great!” LIn Yi put on a delighted look and smiled enthusiastically. “I’m definitely in the mood after food like that.”

“Good, good!” Jianwen was pretty delighted himself- everything was going as planned! “This hotel has high quality girls, so don’t you worry about a thing!”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about that before. But you know, An Bro- I have pretty high standards… I won’t just do with any girl!” Lin Yi shook his head. “You know how I’m always interacting with school beauty level girls, don’t you?”

“I understand, I understand. Don’t you worry, we’ll get you the best there is!” Jianwen was quite pleased that Lin Yi was being so aggressive about the whole thing- he could get Lin Yi the best girls there were as long as he wanted them himself.

“Great!” Lin Yi smiled and sat down with an excited face.

Taizao had left the room to make the preparations long ago- a thirty year old man came walking in with five beautiful ladies behind him a while later.

“I wasn’t expecting you to bring them in yourself, Mister Yang! It’s a huge honor for me!” Jianwen smiled.

Mister Yang was the hotel’s manager, directly under the hotel’s boss. He was pretty much the shot-caller around here.

Others may not know about An Jianwen and Su Taizao, but not him- these two were big shots in Songshan a couple years ago, characters that even the boss himself had to respect, let along a manager!

“It’s my honor to have you at our Starlight Hotel, Master An!” Mister Yang said with a smile.

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