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Chapter 347 - Collapsing Image

Lin Yi wanted to ask if the guy was retarded for butting into where he did or didn’t live, but this was Mengyao’s house. He only looked at him out of respect for the Miss before walking away.

Mengyao knew what Jianwen was trying to get at, as well, but didn’t feel like answering a question like that at all.

Jianwen, on the other hand, seemed to be quite oblivious to what the two thought of the situation. “Yao Yao, do you two not sleep together at night?”

Mengyao frowned, but Yushu spoke up before she could respond. “I sleep with Yao Yao at night!”

Jianwen’s eyes almost turned wet from hearing that- Yushu had finally said something comforting all these years he’d known her!! What a good job she’d done!!!

Jianwen understood that his probing questions were slightly inappropriate, but it was necessary to understand just what type of relationship there was between Lin Yi and Mengyao. This was his love life, after all, something too important to just waddle through half-consciously!!

“Ah… So does this mean that Mister Lin isn’t your boyfriend?” Jianwen always found Mengyao’s attitude to Lin Yi to be a bit off as well- he felt like they weren’t actually a couple.

Mengyao frowned. “Jianwen Bro, what do you wanna know, exactly?”

Mengyao was getting annoyed as well- the guy just wanted to know what sort of relationship she had with Lin Yi, so why couldn’t he just ask the question instead of giving her so much bullshit? It’d be better to just tell him and get him to leave. “Didn’t Shu explain it to you pretty clearly last time?”

Her words put Jianwen in even more confusion- where had this Lin Yi popped out from in the first place? Was he Mengyao’s boyfriend or not? 

He didn’t really buy what Yushu had told him last time, since the girl was known for lying without batting an eye- the terms ‘bodyguard’ and ‘shield’ had many implications, after all.

He didn’t think about it that much at the theme park, but it was true that Mengyao and Lin Yi didn’t act like a couple at all, from the eye contact and movement between them!

So was Yushu saying that Lin Yi really was a literal bodyguard? Or the type of guy you get to block off unwanted admirers, serving the purpose of a shield?

Jianwen found it quite feasible after he thought about it- it was why he decided to pay a visit and see if he could get something out of Pengzhan’s mouth. 

Now that Pengzhan wasn’t here, he had to improvise.

“Haha, I’m just asking, that’s all, just helping.” Jianwen laughed. “You’re my lil’ sis, after all- of course I have to help take a look at your new boyfriend!”

“Oh…… Go take a look then.” Mengyao was getting quite irritated- Jianwen was nowhere near this annoying back then… Why was he so rushed and everything after coming back?

She’d always felt that Jianwen had feelings for her, but he’d never rushed anything before.

Mengyao, naturally, had misunderstood- Jianwen’s rush came from the panic from seeing a contender, a love rival! He had no need for rush when Mengyao didn’t even have any admirers on his level, thinking that it’d be the same since he’d get Mengyao in the end anyway…

But the situation had changed- Lin Yi’s involvement was impeding his plans. Not rushing things when Mengyao and Lin Yi weren’t too deep into their relationship would be the same as conceding.

“Haha, alright. If that’s the case then I’ll invite Mister Lin to dinner tomorrow, for the sake of thanking him and understanding if he’s the right partner for you!” Jianwen suggested. “What do you think, Mengyao? Wanna give your guy a day off?”

“He can go if he wants to, what’s it got to do with me?” Mengyao said casually.

“Alright, I’ll go ask him!” Jianwen was even more relieved- Mengyao didn’t seem to care about Lin Yi at all! It meant that they weren’t as close as he’d imagined them to be.

With that, he stood up and walked to Lin Yi’s door, knocking on it. 

Lin Yi opened the door to see Jianwen’s face looking at him. “What do you want?”

“Haha, so I was thinking of treating you to dinner tomorrow, do you have the time? I wanted to show some appreciation for what you did last time.” Jianwen patted Lin Yi’s shoulder as if he were bros with him. “Well, how ‘bout it, Mister Lin?”

“Treating me to dinner?” Lin Yi looked at Jianwen like he was an idiot. “You have too much money or something? I’m not going!”

Lin Yi’s words made the situation a bit awkward for Jianwen. “Mister Lin, Yao Yao herself has agreed to it… Are you scared that she wouldn’t want you to go?”

Jianwen was making himself seem polite, but there was nothing but disdain for Lin Yi inside. What the hell did this guy think he was, did he think he was some hot shit? The village boy needed to get out of his well and take a good look of who his contender for Mengyao was!!

“Oh? The Miss agreed?” Lin Yi paused before turning to Mengyao- she nodded at him. Lin Yi then turned back to Jianwen, helpless. “Fine, tomorrow then. Where are we eating?”

Mengyao actually didn’t think she had much to do with whether the two had dinner or not- she just wanted Jianwen to stop annoying her in her house! Lin Yi could answer all of his annoying questions tomorrow, and Jianwen could leave sooner. She still needed to go to bed, too.

“Tomorrow at six, I’ll come wait for you here then. We’ll decide where to go tomorrow.” Jianwen found it all the more odd- Lin Yi didn’t seem like a guy who took orders… Why had he said yes without any hesitation when Mengyao let him go? Could he really be her bodyguard and not her boyfriend?

Jianwen found it really feasible at this point. Yushu’s words weren’t trustworthy in the slightest- Lin Yi might really have nothing to do with Mengyao at all!

“Okay, sure.” Lin Yi nodded, thinking that he’d eat the guy’s wallet dry tomorrow since he wanted to buy him food that much. “Can I bring a bro of mine?”

“Sure, no problem!” Jianwen nodded crisply.

With that, Jianwen departed, satisfied. Mengyao, on the other hand, had to unwillingly walk him out the door out of basic courtesy, shaking her head in relief only after he’d driven off.

“You want me to have dinner with him tomorrow?” Lin Yi asked Mengyao curiously. 

“I just wanted you to say yes to him so he’d leave, I still wanna sleep! Doesn’t he find himself annoying, jeez.” Mengyao’s impression of Jianwen was getting worse by the day- his image of a loving brother figure had collapsed.

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