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Chapter 345 - Happiness That Belonged To Her

“I… got the money……” Tang Yin said softly. “Thanks…….”

“Ah… how’re you gonna thank me?” Lin Yi could imagine what Tang Yin looked like, a young girl standing in her yard, phone carefully in both hands as she talked to him in a lowered voice…

He could tell where she was from the crickets on her end of the phone…

“I……” Tang Yin wasn’t sure how to respond- her breathing grew heavy and her face reddened. “How… what do you think I should do……”

“You’re the one thanking me, right?” Lin Yi teased with a smile.

“Then I… I’ll… give you a kiss..?” Tang Yin said a little shakily after some hesitation.

“Sure.” Lin Yi wasn’t looking to get anything from Tang Yin in return- he wasn’t one who took advantage of people like that, especially so when it was a girl he liked.

“Okay……” Tang Yin felt her heart thump faster, embarrassed of how forward she’d been.

“When?” Lin Yi asked.

“Y… You choose……” Tang Yin said tensely.

“How about now?” Lin Yi asked.

“Ah? Now?” Tang Yin paused- how was she supposed to kiss him now? Did he mean through the phone..? Wouldn’t that make it a fake kiss?? Would this Lin Yi really be satisfied with something like that?

“Yeah, I’m waiting……” As much as Lin Yi wanted a real kiss from Tang Yin, it’d feel like he’d bought it with money if it happened for real now.

“C-Come on… I’m not ready yet……” Tang Yin said shyly.

“When will you be ready then?” Lin Yi smiled. “Two hundred thousand- your kiss sure is expensive, isn’t it?”

“Hmph, so wouldn’t you go bankrupt if I kissed you a couple more times?” Tang Yin smiled as well.

“Yeah, I gotta start budgeting- with the money I have now I can still get a couple more kisses.” Lin Yi said seriously.

“Then you’d better start budgeting!” Tang Yin hmphed. “By the way, how come you sent me two hundred thousand?”

“Didn’t your mom say your dad still needs a surgery?” Lin Yi said. “I added fifty thousand after hearing that.”

“Thank you…….” Tang Yin’s tears dripped down that instant- it was the first time in her entire life that happiness made her cry… He’d thought of it when she never even said anything! 

Was Lin Yi a gift to her from god?

Tang Yin had this urge at that moment, the urge to stay with Lin Yi- she felt like she’d found happiness at this eighteenth year of her life…

A happiness formed from being cared for, being warmly protected…. It was a happiness and bliss that she wouldn’t forget for years to come.

Tang Yin’s hands were shaking as she held the phone, but she managed to give the phone an audible kiss after she’d gathered her courage. “T-There, that’s today’s kiss, I still owe you one, I’ll return it some other day……”

With that, she hurriedly hung the phone up, her body burning and covered with sweat.

“Fuu……” Tang Yin didn’t want to go back in the house too quickly- she must’ve looked really embarrassed and red as she tried to calm herself down in the yard.

A mosquito flew by, lured in by the white of Tang Yin’s skin when she reached her hand out with killing intent. “Lin Yi you idiot!! Why are you so nice to me?! I’m gonna slap you to death!”

Tang Yin had been out for a while, and Mrs. Tang sent Wei to go check on her- he was greeted with Tang Yin swinging at the air talking about slapping Lin Yi to death. He stared at Tang Yin, shocked. “Is brother-in-law a masochist? Why do you wanna slap him when he’s nice?”

“What do you know, you’re just a kid!” Tang Yin said, completely caught off-guard. “Get back inside!”

“Oh… I get it, hitting is intimacy and scolding is love, right? Dan says that all the time too.” Wei nodded understandingly, embarrassing Tang Yin even more.

(chinese saying)

Wei and Dan then happily went home together- Mrs. Tang had promised to go withdraw the money the first thing tomorrow morning.

Naturally, Wei wasn’t thinking of selling any kidneys anymore.

Somewhere in a villa in Songshan was a man covered in tattoos, very pissed after he received a phone call. He ran up to a young man, a frown on his face. “Wen Bro! That kid’s going back on selling his kidney!”

“What?!” The young man frowned in response as well. “What’s the matter with you, can’t you even do something so simple? I’ll tell you something, if those Firewolves get pissed none of us are getting away, even my own father!! If the rate of kidney sellers continue dropping like that my brother’s gonna pass us soon!”

“But Wen Bro… People nowadays are getting smarter, only those who really desperately need the money would sell their kidneys……” The tattooed man explained carefully.

“You fucking pig! There’s no way we’ll ever have enough kidneys from sources that small! You know what I saw when I was studying overseas? A proper organization that cuts kidneys off of people! Do you people not know how to do the same if we don’t get any customers?” Wen Bro scolded.

“Wen Bro, isn’t that too much..? What if the police starts paying attention to us, we’d be screwed!” Wen Bro was quite taken aback from Wen Bro’s suggestion. “Even when De Bro was still here he didn’t go that far……”

“Shut the fuck up about De Bro, it’s Wen Bro’s house now!! Stop bringing my brother up all the time!” Wen Bro hmphed coldly. “Songshan’s kidney source wouldn’t be this tight in the first place if it weren’t for him making everyone sell their kidneys to him!”

“Y-Yes……” The tattooed man remembered that De Bro and Wen Bro were competitors, despite being brothers.

“If you’re scared of the cops then go target those beggars and hobos! No one will care as long as they don’t die from having a kidney cut off!” Wen Bro said disdainfully. “Who’s the underground boss in Songshan? Make contact with him, I’ll pay a visit myself.”

“Songshan’s underground boss is Li Cihua, but he’s not the shot caller… He has a boss behind his back, but I don’t have any details on him… I heard that he’s quite a powerful man……” The tattooed man said. “Wen Bro, will you be visiting tonight?”

“Not tonight, I’ve something more important to deal with. I’ll visit this Li Cihua tomorrow!” Wen Bro nodded. “The person backing him up is none of our business, so we’re not gonna involve ourselves with him, just like how nobody has to know that the Firewolves are backing us up!”

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