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Chapter 336 - Moments Away

“Impossible! Impossible!!!” Gubang kept on uttering to himself as he pulled his phone out- he didn’t think the documents were forged, since he had long gotten familiar with Guangbo’s signature and print style… Pengzhan wouldn’t be doing something like that anyway- he’d lose all the advantage he’d gotten from this one meeting when Guangbo showed up, naturally ending all his plots that were based on a forgery! 

It’d only brand Pengzhan a liar and cheat- the man would never risk his reputation on a plan as ridiculous as this.

Yet the fact that Guangbo had given Lin Yi all his shares? That was far more ridiculous than any plan based on a forgery! His son was still under mafia control overseas!! The only way to have his son survive was to get him home!

So why was Guangbo throwing away his shares to Lin Yi, the shares that he could use for a partnership with him? How was he supposed to get his son back if he just threw everything he had away?

Guangbo’s phone had been turned off, but Gubang was expecting that- the man always had his phone turned off the last couple days he was sick. He phoned Guangbo’s villa phone directly.

A stranger’s voice sounded from the other end- it was a man. “Hi, who is this?”

“I’m looking for Mister Xie Guangbo- is he home?” Gubang asked.

“Oh, my dad? Wait a sec, I’ll go get him……” It was Xie Jinbiao- his father was currently cooking him his favorite dishes to celebrate his return.

Guangbo no longer had any shares at Pengzhan Industries, but he still had other assets- there were more than ten units of housing under his ownership, and there were some antiques and treasures that he had in his possession as well. Selling those would yield him a couple dozens of millions to fund a smaller business- there was nothing to fret over.

He actually felt quite relieved, free- a life like this, starting a business with his son… This was an ideal life for him.

“Wait- Wait a minute… Xie Guangbo’s your father? Who… Who are you?” Gubang’s face froze in shock.

“I’m Xie JInbiao, his son. What’s wrong? Who are you?” Jinbiao wondered what was wrong with this guy. Didn’t he just tell him Guangbo was his dad?

“No… I… I’m a colleague of your father……” Gubang found everything to be quite out of place today- Guangbo’s son was back home safely, and his shares under Lin Yi’s name!

“My dad’s here, talk to him yourself!” Jinbiao tried his best to refrain from yelling at this colleague of his father’s- where were his manners?! Was it so hard to believe that he’d returned from capture?

“Hello? I’m Xie Guangbo.”

“Old Xie! I’m Old Jin!!” Gubang forced on a smile. “Was that your son who picked up the phone? Is he back?”

“He’s back now. Do you need something?” Guangbo no longer had any passion in his voice when dealing with Gubang. “I’m cooking for my son right now- I’m hanging up if it’s nothing important.”

“Wait. Chu Pengzhan’s hosting a shareholder meeting- are you aware of that?” Gubang couldn’t let Guangbo hang up now.

“That has nothing to do with me- the shares aren’t mine anymore.” Guangbo said a little impatiently. “Alright, I’m hanging up! Goodbye.”

Gubang blinked in silence and shock as Guangbo hung the phone up, breathing hard as he panicked. He… was supposed to become the chairman- he was moments away from that!!!

It was over. 

There was no game left for him here… How was he supposed to become chairman when the first and third largest shareholders were in the same family?!!

There was no way the other shareholders would come to his side with how things stood! It was clear as day that the board was Pengzhan and Lin Yi’s playground from now on- Gubang had absolutely nothing against them!!

He was moments away! Moments away from becoming Chairman Jin!!

He didn’t care how Lin Yi had gotten those shares anymore- there wasn’t any point to that. His sole priority now was self-defense!

Gubang wasn’t expecting any mercy or holding back from Pengzhan- the chairman’s seat was now out of his reach completely. He’d be lucky to even maintain his current position on the board!

He slammed the phone onto the ground, shattering it with the impact!

He then stood up, leaving the conference room, his face dark.

Pengzhan wasn’t surprised at how Gubang was taking the news, but he found it quite pleasing. He was thinking of smashing his own phone when Guangbo and Gubang were teaming up in the meetings!

“In this shareholder meeting, I’d like to introduce to everyone our new third-largest shareholder- Mister Lin Yi!” Pengzhan said with a smile to the other shareholders.

The room exploded with applause- everyone understood Lin Yi’s existence at this point. He was the third largest shareholder at Pengzhan Industries, a man with an “intimate” relationship with Chu Pengzhan’s daughter! This wasn’t someone they’d ever want to cross.

Nobody found Lin Yi’s scolding of Gubang distasteful anymore- the man had all the rights to do so, completely justified for his cockiness at the board.

“I’ll be in your care!” Lin Yi stood up and nodded to everyone.

“I officially recommend Lin Yi as our new board member- let’s please carry out the voting.” Pengzhan said.

No one would piss Pengzhan off when even Gubang retreated in defeat. There was no doubt here- Gubang’s vote had no meaning to anyone anymore now that Lin Yi was here.

“Ah… I’m a shareholder and board member, but Uncle Chu’s words represent mine- his decisions are my decisions!” Lin Yi wasn’t interested in joining these board meetings too often- he decided to give his rights to Pengzhan to handle.

dang it number 2 is still far

um... i actually did 3 around dusk and wanted to do 3 more at night but lost myself watching conan

actually ill link this one conan vid where i exploded by nuts laughing

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