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Chapter 335 - Catastrophic News

Pengzhan spoke up just when Gubang was trying to understand the situation. “Alright everyone, settle down- let’s start the emergency shareholder meeting!”

“Chairman Chu- doesn’t this go against policy? The third shareholder Mister Xie Guangbo isn’t present!” Gubang countered directly. “He should have a representative at this meeting even if he’s unwell! I suspect that you’re excluding Mister Xie on purpose!”

As rash and impatient as Gubang was making himself look, there wasn’t much of a choice left for him- he had to break with Pengzhan right here and now before things started to spiral out of his control.

“Haha, please calm down, Mister Jin- I’m hosting this meeting precisely to discuss some matters regarding Xie Guangbo.” Pengzhan responded calmly with a nod towards Gubang.

The ineffectiveness of Gubang’s move hit him hard- he’d planned to dwell on Guangbo’s absence and hinder the meeting from beginning as Pengzhan avoided his question!

But the man reacted to his question directly, making it clear that the meeting was for discussing about Guangbo!

“Hopefully.” Gubang pushed his frustration down as he quieted down, curious what sort of trick Pengzhan had up his sleeve.

Would Pengzhan announce that Guangbo had consented to giving him full support? That didn’t seem possible- Pengzhan would never resort to such tasteless, immature tactics!

“Do take a seat, Mister Lin!” Pengzhan wouldn’t refer to Lin Yi as ‘Yi’ in an official setting, especially a shareholder meeting. After all, Lin Yi was now a shareholder in the company, no longer a minor in the presence of the other members!

Pengzhan was pointing at the chair Guangbo usually sat at- Lin Yi nodded and moved to the seat when Guangbo spoke up.

“Hold it! Kid, don’t sit yet!” Gubang turned to Pengzhan. “Chairman… What is the meaning of this? Are you implying that this kid can represent Mister Xie? I remember him as your daughter’s bodyguard, am I incorrect?”

The other shareholders all turned to look at Lin Yi, wondering about the truth to Gubang’s words.

“Bodyguard?” Pengzhan chuckled. “It’s true that Lin Yi is a close friend of my daughter Mengyao, but bodyguard is an inaccurate term. He’s her protector!”

Pengzhan’s explanation got to everyone instantly- he meant that Lin Yi was his daughter’s boyfriend! If that were the case, then Lin Yi could be understood as Mengyao’s bodyguard!

“Protector?” Gubang hmphed. “Bodyguard, protector- that doesn’t matter. I don’t care what the kid is supposed to be, but I do want to ask you, chairman- why is he present at this shareholder meeting, seating himself at Mister Xie’s seat, no less? Are you perhaps telling me that this is the wish of Mister Xie himself? Or is someone bringing his personal relations into official business?”

“Are you retarded? Did you eat too much retard pills as well? You’re no different from Xie Guangbo, aren’t you?” Lin Yi spoke up before Pengzhan could. “You ask why I’m sitting here? I wanna ask you why the hell you’re sitting here, alright? Mister Xie’s wish? You think that idiot is enough to send me to do carry out any affair at all? He’s nothing, alright? He’s just a bit stronger than you, that’s it.”

“I- I… I’m a shareholder of Pengzhan Industries, one of the three largest! I have the full right to be seated here!” Gubang couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Lin Yi- when was the last time anyone dared to call him a retard? Lin Yi was doing it in front of so many people, too, with no respect for him whatsoever! “Chairman Chu- I wanna ask why a person like this is at the shareholder table? What gives him this right- what gives him the right to insult a shareholder at the board? Security- where’s the security! Have this man hauled out immediately!”

The other shareholders were looking at Lin Yi as well, appalled. The kid shouldn’t be this full of himself even if he were Pengzhan’s son-in-law- insulting the second shareholder like this in a shareholder meeting? He had absolutely no right to do something that absurd!

He was just Pengzhan’s son-in-law, not Chu Pengzhan himself! Insulting Jin Gubang simply crossed the line- if even the second largest shareholder had to take shit from him like this then what sort of position were the other smaller shareholders at when dealing with Lin Yi?

They were all looking at Lin Yi’s arrogance in disdain when Pengzhan spoke up. “Mister Jin- Mister Lin here is now officially a shareholder of Pengzhan Industries… The largest shareholder aside from you and me!”

Pengzhan’s words silenced everyone at the table- when had Lin Yi replaced Xie Guangbo as the third largest shareholder??

Gubang froze, looking at Pengzhan and then at Lin Yi. “Impossible. How is that possible? Chu Pengzhan!! What in the world are you playing at??”

Gubang was utterly shocked- he decided to not believe what Pengzhan was throwing at him. It was simply ridiculous.

“Can I stop wasting time on you? Here are the documents, take a look for yourself.” Lin Yi tossed the share-transfer documents out.

Gubang took the documents and went through them, his eyes full of shock and suspicion. “Impossible. I don’t believe this- you must’ve forged this! Why would Xie Guangbo pass over the shares to you unconditionally? You think he’s retarded?!”

Gubang himself decided to use the term ‘retarded’.

“Why don’t you call him and see if he’s retarded or not?” Lin Yi curled his lips at the crazed Gubang.

Gubang had always been a composed man- but what had taken place today was simply beyond his management! There was nothing he could do to counteract to the development, and thus there was no way he could handle the situation with composure! As far as he was concerned, this was leagues beyond common sense!!

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