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Chapter 334 - New Shareholder

“Brought him back, and got him back home first.” Lin Yi said. “The guy’s got no guts, and really skinny and starved. Don’t want him dying on me on the road or anything, so I brought him back to his dad first…”

“Oh?” Pengzhan took the news happily. “He’s home already? That’s great news! Yi, you really are our lucky star- all my problems have been solved with ease ever since you came!”

“Ah… Don’t lower your guard just yet, Uncle Chu. Jin Gubang’s really just a clown on the front stage- the guy behind him, that’s the problem we should be focusing on.” Lin Yi warned. “Even Li Cihua’s just a representative…”

“I understand that, but they’ve been plotting against my Pengzhan Industries for a long time now- they wouldn’t be able to pull any moves without an insider helping them. I’ll teach that Jin Gubang traitor a lesson later.” Pengzhan nodded- outsiders stood no chance if the shareholders were banded together.

“Alright, Uncle Chu. I’ll leave it at that.” Lin Yi wasn’t too interested in company affairs. “The thing is, Uncle Chu- you’re just too nice. I think you shouldn’t let Jin Gubang stay in the company anymore after this whole thing. Tell him to give his shares up and get out.”

“I’m not planning on holding back this time around.” Pengzhan sighed. “I’ve tried to be as lenient as possible for my father’s sake, but there’s no room for that anymore with the state the company is in. Don’t worry, Yi- Uncle Chu won’t be adding trouble onto your plate from now on…”

“It’s not really trouble…… My old man told me to come here to work for my employer…” Lin Yi smiled- He took this final mission quite seriously- he was quite looking forward to his retirement.

“What about Xie Guangbo? He wouldn’t be supporting Jin Gubang anymore, would he?” The core problem crossed Pengzhan’s mind then.

“Of course not- he gave all his shares to me.” Lin  Yi said before handing the share-transfer document to Pengzhan. “He transferred it to me, but I’ll put it under your name after we do the procedure.”

Pengzhan wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to actually have gotten Guangbo’s shares! He didn’t think much of it when Lin Yi mentioned it, since that old man Guangbo had his son to care for, even if he himself didn’t have those wants… 

As far as Pengzhan could tell, Guangbo would risk his life just to have something to leave for his son.

“He really gave you his shares?” Pengzhan was both stunned and surprised- he’d imagined the best case scenario as Guangbo teaming up with him against Gubang, but Lin Yi had brought him even better news. Guangbo wouldn’t double-cross him anymore, because he wasn’t part of the company in the first place! “But Yi- let’s leave those shares under your name. You’ve deserved them, you got it with your own ability. What right do I have to take that?”

Pengzhan rejected the shares with a wave of his hand.

“Me?” Lin Yi wasn’t expecting Pengzhan to give him the shares.

“Consider it part of your payment… Haha.” Pengzhan chuckled. “Alright, we’ll stop here- just keep those shares to yourself. But now you’ll have to cooperate with me- there’s something we have to do!”

“What is it?” Lin Yi asked. “Just give the order…”

Lin Yi hadn’t thought of keeping the shares for himself- he knew who treated him well, and who treated him badly, after all. If he were dealing with Liu Tianyi’s family, he’d ask for a sum of money even if he didn’t take the shares, but there was no need for any of that with Pengzhan.

“Haha- you’ll have to participate in the shareholder meeting!” Pengzhan chuckled. “Li Fu, spread the word- we’ll introduce our new third largest shareholder!”“Understood, Mister Chu!” Li Fu nodded- even a solemn charcater like him showed a smile on his face, anicipating the sort of look on Gubang’s face.

Gubang was quite troubled- Pengzhan was starting a shareholder meeting all of a sudden! What was wrong with him, hadn’t he been avoiding the board meetings the past few days? What was he doing all of a sudden?

Had he dealt with Guangbo? Had he made new preparations? Guangbo shouldn’t be at the company today, since he was sick- how were they supposed to have a shareholder meeting when the third shareholder wasn’t present?

It was odd, but he made an appearance at the meeting all the same. He had to act the part.

The shareholder meeting had more particpants than one would find in a board meeting- even some of the smaller shareholders would take part in it. Gubang nodded to some of the shareholders he was associated with before seating himself to the left side of Pengzhan’s seat.

It had always been his seat- a symbol for his status as the second largest shareholder. The seat to Lin Yi’s right, on the other hand, was a seat for the third shareholder.

Gubang didn’t see anyone in that seat- he frowned. Was Pengzhan thinking of excluding Guangbo? How were they supposed to have this meeting when the third shareholder wasn’t here?

Time passed as Gubang sat in his seat, thinking. What the hell was Pengzhan doing?

Did he just call everyone out for fun?

The room quieted down all of a sudden, and Gubang raised his head to Li Fu walking in- it was something that signalled the arrival of Pengzhan. Li Fu would always set the documents and tea on the table one step earlier than the chairman himself…

Pengzhan walked in not long after, a young man by his side. No one else thought much of it, assuming it to be a new secretary, but Gubang knew better, his eyes freezing upon seeing him.

This was Lin Yi!! The man who’d ruined his plans last time- a man he wanted dead! What was he doing here??

Wasn’t he Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard? Was he protecting the chairman now?

Shareholder Lin incoming

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