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Chapter 329 - I Don't Know What To Feel

None of the Bluewater were expecting this turn of events- nobody expected their own guy to just headshot their leader!!

They were only starting to get confused when Lin Yi picked the cool girl up with Jinbiao.

Lin Yi was already at his car by the time they went through the confusion, and had thrown the girl in the back by the time they’d come to their senses…

Jinbiao’s legs were all soft at that point. He knew about how normal killing and kidnapping was at Bluewater, but none of that ever happened to him firsthand!

Yet here he was, right smack in the middle of an actual shooting. He’d be a corpse if Lin Yi hadn’t reacted so quickly…

“Get in the car, what’re you doing?! Don’t make me leave without you!” Lin Yi said impatiently. What was the guy standing there for??

“B-Bro… My legs… they’re all soft… Can you help me out a bit……” Jinbiao said with a bitter face, not daring to piss Lin Yi off. The guy was a monster! He’d killed the leader with one unhesitant shot and bailed the place with two people on him! No normal human could do something that insane.

Lin Yi walked over with quick steps and kicked Jinbiao in, closing the door behind him before he got in the driver’s seat.

They were on the move the next instant, and parked in the hotel’s parking lot by the time the Bluewater had dispatched their pursuing cars…

Yang Qiqi woke up to feel her shoulder bleeding from the bullet wound- she’d been enduring the pain as she made her escape, only to have another bullet hit her leg as she did so… She tripped herself from the impact and fainted from the blood loss.

But Qiqi had willpower stronger than most- she hadn’t been completely unconscious even under all that blood loss, managing to wake herself up…

She’d actually regained some awareness when Lin Yi picked her up, her feelings a bit too complicated to process.

He’d saved her again!! Her debt towards him… Was she still allowed to kill him with a debt this big? 

Qiqi feigned unconsciousness even when she was awake because of that.

“Go up with my room key and don’t look suspicious.” Lin Yi handed his room card to Jinbiao. “I’m not gonna do anything for you if you get spotted.”

“Ah… okay……” Jinbiao didn’t want to go up on his own, but there was no point dilly dallying here- Lin Yi wouldn’t care what he had to say. There was that assassin girl in the backseat, too- what sort of relationship did she have with Lin Yi? Jinbiao didn’t dare ask.

He was about to walk into the hotel when LIn Yi called out to him. “Wait! Take the hat off!”

Going in with that hat would attract attention- there was no telling how things would turn out if the Bluewater came looking for them here and asking the staff questions.

“Y-Yes!!” Jinbiao took the hat off; the thought had evidently crossed his mind as well. Lin Yi sure was a cautious man.

“Go up yourself, through the back door. Try not to let anyone see you.” Lin Yi said faintly.

The Bluewater wouldn’t think that Xie Jinbiao had been released- their attention was currently focused on the assassin girl and the two Bluewater ‘traitors’, but… better safe than sorry.

“I understand! I’ll be careful!” Jinbiao’s legs were still wobbly, but they were more or less functional. Not listening to Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn’t something he wanted to do- he didn’t want Lin Yi to abandon him.

Lin Yi turned to the backseat after watching Jinbiao go in the hotel. “Still alive? Tell me where you live!”

“Kanha Hotel……” Qiqi tried to put on a grateful look on her pale face. “Thanks……”

“No need to thank me, alright? Just stop trying to kill me.” Lin Yi said, unaffected by the gratitude.

“Can you turn on the lights back here? I wanna pull the bullets out first…” She’d definitely attract attention if she just went back to the hotel like this- stopping the blood after pulling out the bullets would make her less conspicuous, especially if she wrapped herself in a jacket.

“You’d attract attention if you turn the lights on.” Lin Yi wanted to scold this girl. “Who the hell’s your mentor? How are you an assassin at that skill level, how’re you still alive???”

“I……” Qiqi’s face was a little red as she glared at Lin Yi angrily. “Don’t talk about my shifu like that! It’s… It’s only my second mission! My mom says that people grow from their failures…….”

“Second… time?” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say. “So that time in Songshan, that was your first time?”

“Yeah……” Qiqi hmphed softly with a nod.

“You…… I don’t know what to feel.” Lin Yi was going insane. “I get how’re you still alive now- because you bumped into me both times! That’s why you’re still alive!”

Two missions, two injuries? What kind of assassin was this? What? Kind?!

Lin Yi didn’t know what to say- this girl looked so tough and cool only to be a big weak softie on the inside!

“I’m not that bad, okay… I’m just a bit down on luck……” Qiqi lowered her head, a little embarrassed.

“I think I’m more down on luck than you are.” Lin Yi smiled bitterly. “Who even permitted you to go on missions? You have… basically zero experience……”

“I… I mean, everyone goes through that stage! That’s how you get strong!” Qiqi retorted.

“Fine, I’ll embrace this bad luck, okay? Tell me where the bullet is, I’ll get it out for you.” Lin Yi didn’t want to turn on the lights- it’d grab the attention of curious passersby.

“Right shoulder and left leg……” Qiqi said softly.

“Give me your dagger. It’s clean, right?” Lin Yi said as Qiqi handed him the weapon.

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