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Chapter 328 - Her Again?

“I’m here to bring you back to China!” This kid probably wouldn’t follow him quietly without a proper explanation. “Your old man doesn’t have that much money, so shut up with the questions if you wanna get out alive!”

“Ah! You work for my dad?” Jinbiao paused, pleasantly surprised. “When did my dad get an underling this good? Damn!”

Lin Yi couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. What was up with these Xies? Did he look like an underling that much? “I wouldn’t even want your dad as my underling, alright?”

“Ah……” Jinbiao understood the situation- this man was no underling, but a master his father paid for to have him saved! He started respecting Lin Yi. “I’ll follow you, bro!”

Lin Yi was amused- this kid sure was a classical rich kid, jumping about when he thought he was an underling and flattering when he realized he wasn’t.

Lin Yi decided to leave him be. All he had to do now was get him back to China and it’d be a happy ending for both parties.

It was a mission with no challenge whatsoever- Lin Yi shook his head as he walked out the factory. 

A large commotion could be heard when they were a couple steps away.

“Get him! Don’t let him get away!! Kill him, kill him!!!”

The shouting was followed by gunfire and the wails of a man and woman- both sides must’ve taken damage.

Lin Yi frowned at what was happening- had someone else infiltrated the place besides him? The burglar should’ve left the area long ago, so these people weren’t dealing with him. The burglar couldn’t have had a gun, either.

What a night- three infiltrating forces were a bit much in a small factory like this.

“Ah! Bro, what do we do? They’ve spotted us, haven’t they! What do we do, they have guns……” Jinbiao almost tripped himself as his legs wobbled.

“Shut up! They’ve spotted someone else, not us.” Lin Yi glared at the idiot angrily. “Just follow me without talking, and don’t look around, either!”

“Oh, oh! Okay, I got it!” Jinbiao nodded quickly. “Bro, you’ll protect me, right?”

“I’ll run away myself if you expose us with that nagging!” Lin Yi hmphed and continued walking.

Jinbiao kept his next words in his mouth- Lin Yi’s cold imagery was quite frightening.

The stronger the current chaos, the better it was for Lin Yi- no one would bother two obvious Bluewater members when they were being infiltrated.

Lin Yi walked on openly and calmly because of that- no one tried to stop them, as expected.

Jinbiao, on the other hand, was panicking inside, nowhere near as calm as Lin Yi as sweat dripped down his skin- these were all murderers!!

Lin Yi frowned all of a sudden- the commotion was nearing them, meaning that the infiltrator was running in the direction they were headed in. Lin Yi was a little speechless as he quicked his steps. “They’re coming our way- hurry up!”

“Oh… Oh!!” Jinbiao nodded, following suit.

Gunshots were followed by another wail- it was a female voice.

“Brothers, stop that girl!”

Lin Yi had to stop in his tracks for that gruffy voice- they’d probably be under fire as well if they kept on walking with no response.

He’d be able to completely avoid all bullets and slip out, but there was a burden he was carrying. Abandoning Jinbiao here was never an option, even if Lin Yi did threaten him with that- throwing Jinbiao away here meant throwing Guangbo’s shares away.

“Be quiet and follow my lead.” Lin Yi instructed to Jinbiao before turning to see a figure in black falling in front of him not too far away- the infiltrator, most likely. Lin Yi wasn’t expecting her to be female.

He looked as if he were apprehending the infiltrator as he approached her…

“Yo, bro- how’s that girl look?” A leader-looking Bluewater pervert called out as he licked his lips.

Lin Yi squatted down, a curse almost exiting his lips- it was the cool girl he’d met earlier!!!

“.........” He was quite speechless at the situation. This girl sure liked causing him trouble every time he saved her.

Lin Yi honestly wanted to leave her here to die, but she was still an Asian in a faraway foreign country… It was a rarity for them to have chanced upon each other twice like this.

Lin Yi wasn’t one who liked to butt into other people’s business- not at all! 

But this girl counted as someone he knew… While he didn’t butt into a stranger’s business he did occasionally involve himself with the troubles of his associates. He was even from the same sect as this girl! 

This girl didn’t have a very happy ending waiting for her if Lin Yi just left her, especially not when there were a bunch of dudes licking their lips at her.

“I regret ever meeting you…” Lin Yi sighed as he pulled the gun away from the girl, swinging it up and firing a bullet at the leader of the pursuers.

The clean headshot fell the man instantly.

He held the girl under his arm with one hand and grabbed Jinbiao’s collar with the other before darting out the factory door.

It was a simple tactic- Lin Yi merely used the time frame from the sudden confusion to make a retreat.

Acting as if he were stopping the girl as an official Bluewater member established a clear connection with the pursuers- it labelled him as their ally. With the girl caught, they were no longer alert and pumped with adrenaline…

It was only natural that they have had their guns lowered by the time Lin Yi crouched down- a subconscious gesture.

It never crossed anyone’s mind that Lin Yi would turn on them for no reason at all so abruptly.

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