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Chapter 327 - Burglar

Lin Yi took the baseball cap off the man’s head and stuffed his body under a car in the corner. It’d probably take a while before people would notice him, most likely due to the smell his rotting corpse would soon provide.

Naturally, Lin Yi didn’t take his words for granted- who knew what sort of trick he had in mind when he gave him the information? He wasn’t so careless as to get caught in a trap like that.

He circled the building the man pointed him to before squatting at the entrance like he was a regular Bluewater member.

One member came walking out after a bit- Lin Yi followed him and put his blade against his neck when they were some distance away.

But the member spoke before Lin Yi even opened his mouth. “Bro, don’t, don’t kill me, I mixed myself in here to see if there was anything good for me, I didn’t know this was where they kept the hostages! I didn’t do anything or take anything, really! Search me, I’m clean, please… I didn’t touch anything……”

Lin Yi paused, speechless. So this guy was the same as him, a fake? A burglar, too.

“Where’d you get your hat?” Lin Yi was a little amused.

“I stole it……” The burglar said candidly. “I saw it sitting in someone’s car with the window open, so I just snatched it… I heard this was the place they used to make profits so I thought I might be able to steal something good… Honest, bro, it’s my first time here……”

“Oh? What did you see when you went in there?” Lin Yi asked.

“I… I didn’t see anything… Trust me, I won’t say anything……” The burglar was on the verge of tears.

“Tell me the truth! What did you see?” Lin Yi barked helplessly- the burglar was clearly misunderstanding his intentions here, thinking that he was supposed to keep the secret.

“Bro, you understand it too, right? That’s where you keep your hostages- I may have seen that but there’s no way I’d spill it! Really, trust me! I’ll take it to my grave!” The burglar said honestly. “I’m not even a proper person or anything, I’m a criminal myself! There’s no way I could report you guys!”

Lin Yi didn’t bother explaining the misunderstanding. He now knew where the hostages were.

“Did anyone see you? Is there no one posted in there?” Lin Yi asked.

“No… There’s nobody in there… There’s just hostages locked up behind bars…” The burglar assumed that Lin Yi was interrogating him- Lin Yi’s motive for asking these questions were the least of his concerns right now.

“Letting you go… It’ll be a risk to me when my superiors ask about this!” Lin Yi didn’t want to kill this burglar- taking care of the corpse was too much trouble, might as well let the man run away.

Yet letting him go too easily would arouse his suspicion- he had to put on some airs.

“Bro…” The burglar took out a stack of money from his pocket. “This is my earnings from today… here, some cigarette money for you……”

“Hmm. Not bad- alright, scram.” Lin Yi put the knife away after pocketing the money, satisfied.

The burglar ran away without turning his head after expressing his gratitude. As far as Lin Yi could see, the guy wanted to be out of this place as soon as possible.

The building didn’t have any Bluewater posted in there, so Lin Yi decided that he’d just stroll in openly.

It was a big, empty hall inside- the second floor had been sealed off. It was evidently a storage area.

Lin Yi walked down the basement and saw rows of iron bars forming prison cells. Some of them had people sitting in there alone, and some were empty- almost everyone kept their heads sulkily lowered even when Lin Yi walked by.

They were probably captives pulled here with a variety of reasons, just waiting for their family and friends to bail them out.

Although, it was quite an arrogant move on the Bluewater’s part- just how bad was the public order here for them to just blatantly kidnap people like this?

“Xie Jinbiao?” Lin Yi didn’t feel like looking through these captives one by one.

“Here, here!!” A man stood up inside his cell and walked to the edge, waving at Lin Yi excitedly.

Lin Yi nodded and walked over quickly. The other prisoners seemed to have gotten used to this kind of thing- none of them even raised their heads.

The people who’d been paid the bail for would have their name called out and released- they wouldn’t be able to persuade the Bluewater operative to get them out anyway, so why bother?

“You’re Xie Jinbiao?” Lin Yi looked at Jinbiao, finding him very different from the picture Guangbo had given him. He looked healthy and strong in that picture, but was the very image of sickness as he stood in front of Lin Yi. He was so skinny Lin Yi had mild trouble telling him apart from a monkey.

“Yes, I’m Xie Jinbiao! Did my dad pay the money?” Jinbiao looked pretty excited- he thought he was as good as dead!

He had a good idea of the condition his family was in, and wasn’t expecting his father to be able to prepare an amount that high… As rich as they were, even his father would have a really hard time borrowing money to cover the sum. He’d pretty much given up hope.

Lin Yi used a metal wire to pick the lock. He opened the door and let Jinbiao out. “Follow me.”

Jinbiao walked behind Lin Yi carefully and excitedly- he was so excited he didn’t even catch the lockpicking Lin Yi just did.

He walked out the building with Lin Yi, who wasn’t saying anything. “Where’s my dad? Can I leave now?”

“Put this on and stop talking- just follow me!” Lin Yi put the the dead man’s baseball cap on Jinbiao’s head. “Stop asking questions if you wanna live.”

“Ah? You… You are..?” Jinbiao realized that something was wrong when Lin Yi gave him the hat.

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