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Chapter 323 - Arriving At The Small City

Lin Yi strolled around on the streets aimlessly- it’d be fine if he remembered the way back.

He stopped at an ATM and took out a couple thousand euros before continuing his stroll.

Car repair factory… Lin Yi frowned- the northern district was a lot bigger than he’d anticipated. There were a ton of establishments like nightclubs and KTVs around… It seemed that there were more of them the closer one got to the HQ.

Lin Yi didn’t think that these were all proper establishments- he saw a couple of girls trying to seduce him in quite slutty clothing.

He didn’t know if that sort of business was legal here, but he didn’t care. He sighed and made a huge decision.

He walked up and stopped a man with a blue baseball cap- he had a scar on his face.

The guy was obviously bad news, and that baseball cap proved it. Although, he was evidently not part of the upper echelon of the mafia, since he had no bodyguards and loitered around on the streets alone.

“Kid, you know who I am? You wanna die?” The scarface didn’t think someone would have the guts to stop him like that- he was speaking in the local tongue.

“Hey, bro, chill……” Lin Yi pretended to look around carefully before whispering. “I’m from overseas- I heard that the Bluewater mafia have cheap cars for sale, I’m thinking of buying one to play with, you got a channel for me, brother? Don’t worry, there’s benefits included!”

“Oh? You wanna buy a car?” The scarface sized Lin Yi up- Lin Yi was obviously not from around here, and from his age and the way he was dressed he didn’t look like a spy either. He wasn’t raising his voice anymore.

The Bluewater mafia did have a large stockpile of stolen cars- it was one of their income sources, these cars. They’d change the engine number and the licence plate before shipping them off to a lawless place for sale.

As a lower echelon Bluewater member, one received commission if they brought tourists with them to buy stolen cars, drugs, or to the casino. It was basically these underlings’ main income.

The scarface was now interested in Lin Yi’s business. “What car are you looking for? What price range?”

He didn’t ask what Lin Yi was buying the car for- there was no point to that. It was something of a trade secret- the buyer wouldn’t ask where the car was from, and the seller wouldn’t ask what the car was for.

After all, it was a one time business, a one time transaction.

“Anything, as long as it’s cheap.” Lin Yi wouldn’t act tough for no reason and buy an expensive stolen car- this was something he’d throw away after using it. It was Uncle Fu’s credit card he was using here, and he didn’t want to cause trouble. Who knew if this person before him was the greedy type that’d get ideas when he saw how much money Lin Yi had on him?

He wasn’t afraid of him, but his priority here was to get Xie Jinbiao back to China. These Waterblues had nothing to do with him.

The scarface wasn’t disappointed at that price range, since the more luxurious cars had been shipped off to other countries already. There weren’t many good cars left.

It was nice enough for someone like him to get this sort of business every month, after all. “They’re all cheap, there’s ones for a couple hundred euros and ones for a couple thousand euros. We take USD too.”

“I’ll take a look then.” Lin Yi said.

“Follow me!” The scarface nodded, leading the way.

Lin Yi kept a reasonable distance as he followed behind him- they’ve been walking for about ten minutes when they reached the door to the car factory.

A tint of a smile formed on Lin Yi’s lips- his gamble had been spot on. The stolen cars were all stocked in the car repair factory by the mafia, and this one should be their headquarters.

“York, who’s that?” A sentry with a blue hat asked upon seeing the duo.

“A buyer!” York greeted him with a smile before walking in, Lin Yi behind him.

None of them found Lin Yi to be a threat in the middle of Waterblue territory- they let him in without even searching him.

Lin Yi shook his head internally- the security was too relaxed here. 

Although, the Waterblue were absolute tyrants in Blue Town- they could wipe out any conflict in another place without difficulty, let alone settle an attack in their own territory.

York led Lin Yi to a big yard at the back- there were almost a hundred cars parked chaotically in there, some of them familiar models and some of them not. They all looked a bit aged.

“Here we are. Go try whichever one you like, it’s fine.” York’s attitude was pretty good- he was getting paid a high commission for this business if it worked out, after all. He’d have a nice allowance to use this month.

“This one, then!” Lin Yi pointed at a low-key Santana Sedan.

“That one, huh. How’s five hundred euros sound?” York said after taking a look.

“That’s a bit expensive. I’m a sincere buyer here.” Lin Yi shook his head.

“It’s not- it’s a solid price. It’s ten years old, but it’s a really good drive still.” York said.

“How bout four hundred?” Lin Yi said after looking at the car’s model- it looked old, a ’90s car? Ten years… More like eighteen years.

“A bit higher? Four fifty?” York tested. Lin Yi’s haggling was pretty reasonable- that was more or less the standard price, and Lin Yi did seem to be quite genuine.

“Let’s just do four hundred- the car’s gotta be older than ten years. I’m just buying it for a quick drive, might even throw it away a few days later.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright then, four hundred it is!” York nodded, satisfied. “Pay up and I’ll hand you the car!”

“I still need to stay in the city for a few days… There won’t be any problems with this car, right?” Lin Yi asked.

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