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Chapter 321 - Meeting Wang Xinyan Again

Uncle Fu’s Bentley was in front of the villa already- Lin Yi parked in an empty space in the yard before going to Uncle Fu’s car. “Uncle Fu, wait for a second. I’ll go change.”

“Alright, go prepare what you need.” Uncle Fu nodded.

Lin Yi was currently in his uniform, not really something he should wear to the airport- it’d make him stand out too much. 

It wasn’t so in Songshan, but other cities didn’t have that, let alone overseas. His mission required for him to keep a low profile.

Lin Yi put on the casual clothes he’d bought that night in the market before putting on a pair of sunglasses. He took the blade out of his shoe and placed it in his drawer, since it wouldn’t get past the airport security anyway. He’ll just get another blade after landing.

He tossed even his phone onto his desk- he came out of the villa without bringing anything.

“You’re not taking anything with you?” Uncle Fu looked at Lin Yi oddly.

“What’s there to take? I’m just bringing someone back, that’s all.” Lin Yi shook his head.

Uncle Fu didn’t say anything to that- he handed Lin Yi a credit card and plane ticket. “The withdrawal limit’s one million dollars. The password’s the same as what I gave you last time.”

Lin Yi put them in his pocket without saying anything.

He was no stranger to planes, but it was the first time he was taking one as ‘Lin Yi’. He’d always used different identities when carrying out missions in the past.

It wasn’t long until he’d gotten to the airport, passed the security, and gotten on the plane. The ticket Uncle Fu got him was first class, not surprising considering who Chu Pengzhan was.

It was a transit flight- the plane would stop at Yanjing. Lin Yi closed his eyes and prepared to take a nap.

“Excuse me please, mister…” Lin Yi’s seat was by the walkway- it looked like he was sleeping with his head lowered.

He hadn’t fallen asleep. Lin Yi assumed that the passenger had a seat by the window, and he stood up to a face he found familiar. “Eh? It’s you?”

“?” Wang Xinyan looked at this man with a big pair of sunglasses on- he did look familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on who he was. “You are…?”

He took the sunglasses off after a slight pause. “What about now?”

“It’s you! Lin Yi!” Xinyan said, surprised. “Why… Why are you here?”

She realized how stupid her question was the next instant- he was on the plane to get to Yanjing, what else? 

“Ah, same reason you’re here for.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Got any luggage? I’ll help you put it up.”

“...Yeah.” Xinyan nodded after some hesitation. It’d be a bit troublesome for a girl to do it, and she was thinking of asking the staff for help when Lin Yi offered to. “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” Lin Yi opened the compartment with one hand and put the luggage bag in with the other.

Xinyan’s mouth was open with surprise- it wasn’t heavy, but Lin Yi had to be really strong to be able to get it up with one hand like that.

The two of them then sat down together.

“Thanks for what you did last time……” Xinyan had always wanted to thank Lin Yi- she’d have been in a lot of trouble otherwise.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Lin Yi shook his head. “Didn’t you help me out too, that time in the train?”

“Haha, that time?” Xinyan laughed. “I thought you got scammed, but turned out it was the scammers who were down on their luck! Ah, are you headed to Yanjing too?”

“Yeah, but it’s a transit flight.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Oh, I see……” Xinyan said, a little disappointed. She’d wanted to treat him to a meal to express her gratitude, but Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to go out the airport if it were a transit… The restaurants in there were all fast-food restaurants, not too appropriate for something like this.

“What about you? What’re you going to Yanjing for?” Lin Yi asked.

“There’s… some family issues I have to sort out……” Xinyan looked a bit sad when she said that.

“Oh?” Lin Yi noticed that Xinyan wasn’t too keen on talking about it.

The two then fell into silence- Lin Yi could tell that Xinyan wasn’t someone who was good with people- she was a bit of an introvert. She wouldn’t have been listening to her MP3 by herself in the train if it weren’t so.

It was evident from that accident she was involved in, too- she wouldn’t have been taken advantage of by Wu Huiru if it weren’t for this aspect of her. Needless to say, Huiru wouldn’t have had as easy a time if it’d been a girl like Chen Yushu or that violent Liu Xinwen… Things would’ve turned out very differently for her.

“What’s your phone number-”

“What’s your phone number-”

The two spoke at the same time- they made eye contact, smiles on their faces. “Give me your phone- I’ll type my number in there.” Xinyan said, her face a bit red.

“I didn’t bring mine. I’ll give you my phone number, just send me a text later.” Lin Yi said. “152XXXX1234…”

“Okay.” Xinyan nodded and pulled her phone out to type in Lin Yi’s number. She sent a text over to his phone.

“Your house’s in Yanjing?” It was a long trip- if Xinyan wasn’t a good speaker then it was up to Lin Yi to make conversation.

“It’s my grandpa’s house……” Xinyan looked sad once more. “He passed away… I’m attending his funeral……”

“Ah?” Lin Yi blinked. “I’m sorry for your loss. But, why’re you alone?”

“My parents went back first- I was still going to school, and I had to take a leave and stuff.” Xinyan explained. “It’s nothing, really… I wasn’t too close with my grandpa in the first place, we haven’t met too many times. It’s just that my parents married against their parents’ wishes- their fathers were enemies……”

Lin Yi thought that this family sure was complicated- so that was why Xinyan looked that sad. Her mother might’ve stopped going back a lot after going against her own family like that, and that also meant that her husband’s father wouldn’t treat her too nicely now that his enemy’s daughter was married into his house…

“Well, we all have our family problems. Your situation isn’t actually that bad- I’m a tad bit unluckier than you are. I still don’t know who my parents are!” Lin Yi consoled.

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