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Chapter 312 - Yao Yao the Tattletale

Lin Yi nodded his head, satisfied. He tossed the door to the side. “Hold on for now with the whole Jin Gubang thing- I’ll get your son back within one week. Don’t try anything, I’d rather not do anything to you and your son……”

Lin Yi stopped there.

“Don’t worry- as long as my son’s fine, I’ll cooperate!”” Guangbo had thought things through- it’d be best if Lin Yi could bring his son back. He would have neither money or shares, but he’d be able to live a peaceful life with his son… Without gambling or drugs, his son might actually turn a new leaf for once.

“I hope you’ll keep that promise.” Lin Yi looked deeply in to Guangbo’s eyes- they were clear and awake. “I’ll fulfill my end of the bargain. Give me details on your son- send it to my number: 152xxxx1234……”

“I’ll send it to you in just a moment! Um… Is Huang……” Guangbo asked carefully.

“He’ll live. An early phase golden class like him should be alright after half a month in the hospital.” Lin Yi waved a hand dismissively.

Guangbo felt a chill down his spine- Lin Yi’s assessment of Huang was fast and accurate… Just what sort of level was he on? Although, the stronger Lin Yi was the happier Guangbo would be- it only increased the chances of his son returning home safely, after all.

Lin Yi walked out the room and out the villa from the front door, no longer sneaking around. He got in his Beetle and disappeared from sight.

Beetle? Guangbo paused, his eyes on the licence plate as the car drove away. He remembered that it was Chen Yushu’s… That best friend of Mengyao’s.

So he really was Mengyao’s bodyguard? Guangbo found that hard to believe- why would someone this powerful be serving as bodyguard for Chu Mengyao? Even Chu Pengzhan’s Li Fu wasn’t this strong, was he?

Guangbo shook his head- he decided that he’d stop pondering over Lin Yi’s identity. There wasn’t any meaning to that anymore; he only needed to follow his instructions at this point.

He gave the nanny’s room a call, telling her to get Huang back into his room. The guy should be fine if Lin Yi said he was.

Huang had already woken by the time he was brought to his room. He struggled to open his eyes. “Mister Xie, sorry… I couldn’t protect you……”

“Don’t say anything- the enemy was too strong. Are you alright? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Huang had tried his best- the fault didn’t lie with him. He just wasn’t as strong as Lin Yi was.

“No need for that… I just have to rest for a bit……” Huang shook his head. “He’s gotta be at least a late phase golden class…… Mister Xie, are you hurt?”

“No……” Guangbo smiled bitterly. Late phase golden class..? That was two levels higher than Huang- Huang never stood a chance in the first place…

Lin Yi drove back to the villa to see Pengzhan’s car still parked there. Only Uncle Fu was in the Bentley.

“Where’s Uncle Chu?” Lin Yi asked after parking his car.

“In the villa. Mister Chu wanted you to go to him directly after you got back.” Uncle Fu nodded to LIn Yi.

He entered the villa to say Pengzhan talking to Mengyao- Yushu was watching TV on her own.

Mengyao was a little upset at Lin Yi coming back this late again. “Daddy, look! Lin Yi’s always coming back late like this! You hired him to be a twenty-four hour follower, so where are his work ethics?!”

Mengyao eyed Lin Yi gleefully, pleased that her dad was here to catch him red-handed. No more messing around with girls for him!!

Much to Mengyao’s surprise, her father spoke up before Lin Yi could explain himself, his tone solemn. “Yao Yao, Yi was doing something for me! Also, he’s only responsible for taking care of your studies in the day- he’s not required to be with you at night, it’s just something he does because he’s responsible for your safety. Work ethics? He has his own things to attend to, too.”

“Daddy…….” Mengyao wasn’t expecting to get a scolding- it was supposed to be Lin Yi! Upset, she glared at Lin Yi unhappily. This bastard… when had he won over her father like that?

She might very well have thought that Lin Yi was a son raised in secrecy if it weren’t for her father’s loyalty to her mother, and the fact that her mother had only had one child!

“Alright, Yi, come talk with me for a bit… Yes, let’s talk in your room.” Pengzhan hadn’t the energy to use on his daughter for now- the company was in a mess already. He’d only put on a smile and talked about Mengyao’s school life with her so she wouldn’t worry… Lin Yi’s return was a higher priority here.

“Alright, Uncle Chu.” Lin Yi nodded and headed to his room with Pengzhan.

Pengzhan spoke up right after the door was closed, clearly in a rush. “Well? What did Xie Guangbo say?”

“He won’t be meddling with Jin Gubang these couple of days- but I’ll have to go overseas to solve the problem at the root.” Lin Yi explained. 

“Overseas? What’s happened?” Pengzhan was quite pleased at the news- Jin Gubang on his own was a threat he could contain by himself.

“Xie Guangbo’s son owes the mafia huge debts. One hundred million USD.” Lin Yi explained briefly. “Xie Guangbo’s supporting Jin Gubang because he’s promised to use the company’s funds to pay off his son’s debts!”

“So that was why!!” Pengzhan said. “Then, you’re going overseas to…”

“To get his son back. My end of the deal.” Lin Yi said casually. “Don’t worry, Uncle Chu- it’s less than twenty hours away. Two days should be enough for the job.”

“Two days is all you need?” Pengzhan paused- Lin Yi’s efficiency and speed sure were extreme. He nodded. “I’ll leave that to you then. Be careful…”

“But the few days I’m gone will be a bit of trouble for Uncle Fu- I’m worried that Xie Guangbo might go back on his words. There’s no guarantee here, and Jin Gubang himself might go for something extreme in his panic.” Lin Yi said. “I’d have offed them directly if it wouldn’t cause you trouble.”

“It’s no problem. I’ll have Li Fu look after Yao Yao the two days you’re away.” Pengzhan nodded. “But do make sure that you prioritize your life- don’t overstep your boundaries if things get out of hand. I could always just let Jin Gubang have the company, and at most I’ll just start over!”

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