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Chapter 305 - Taking Advantage

The whole room went silent.

Even Xuemin looked at Lin Yi with a stunned look on his face! With proper maintenance, it was true that Elder Liu still had ten to eight years of life in him- yet that was assuming that the illness was held at bay all the while! That there’d be no acting up!

A man at Zhenhu’s age would be pretty burned out after another eight or ten years- even an absolute medical genius wouldn’t be able to change that fate.

Why would it be a waste of time and effort? Because dying of old age was a natural process- it’d be natural for Zhenhu to die eight or ten years later, that was but a natural phenomenon.

“Hahahaha!! The young man’s right- I’d be buried ten or eight years later, it’s natural, true. But if you were able to let this old man live out those few years without pain, then it’d be deeply appreciated!” Zhenhu no longer feared death at his age. Lin Yi was right.

Zhenhu understood the current situation well. His daughter-in-law had pissed Lin Yi off from the very start, and now her nephew had pissed Lin Yi off as well. Why would he bother traeting him after that?

“I see. I guess I could do something about it, just because you asked me to. But I’m charging you!” Old Zhenhu was the only person Lin Yi had good feelings for.

At the end of the day, the old man knew to pay gratitude to those who had helped him. He even invited Lin Yi to visit the capital one day- the man had made a good impression on him. But Lin Yi would still be a bit irritated if he’d just agreed to treat him like this, hence the ‘charging’ part.

“A fee is no problem at all!” Tianyi nodded quickly- it was only natural to pay for treatment. “Please tell me, little miracle doctor- how much will you charge?”

“Ten million a year.” Lin Yi said.

“It’ll take a year to cure him? Ten million… I understand. It’s no problem!” Tianyi nodded after some hesitation. It was a big sum, but nothing compared to his father’s well-being.

“Is your head okay?” Lin Yi frowned. “I said ten million a year, not ten million in total!”

“Ah?” Tianyi paused, a little angry. He could feel that Lin Yi was just taking advantage of the situation, but there was no helping it. They’d pissed Lin Yi off right from the get-go, and asking Lin Yi to go easier on them now was next to impossible. He had to hide his displeasure as well- piss the guy off again and it wouldn’t matter how much money they had anymore- Lin Yi wouldn’t bother. “Then, how much in total?

“Didn’t I just tell you? He has ten or eight years left, can’t you calculate that yourself?” Lin Yi looked at Tianyi with disdain.

“Then… Eighty million, is it?” Tianyi was a bit taken aback. Now that was a big sum.

“Eighty million?” Lin Yi was a bit amused. “Sure, if you want your old man’s sickness to act up after eight years then eighty million it is.”

“I……” Tianyi smiled bitterly after hearing the words- so the guy was asking him for one hundred million! Couldn’t he have just said so from the start? Now it looked like he didn’t want to spend that much money on his father! He couldn’t just think that his dad had eight years left, and pay in accordance with that… He’d be a real shitty son if his dad died after LIn Yi’s eight years of care.

Xuemin was seeing the picture at that point- he was just talking to Lin Yi about their lack of funding, and here they were with a huge gold mine. Lin Yi sure was taking advantage of the situation.

He supposed that the Lius had only themselves to blame for angering Lin Yi. Xuemin hadn’t spoken up at all the whole time, and thus continued to stay silent.

“Elder Guan……” Tianyi was feeling quite helpless- ten million was something he could pull out right away, but a hundred million? It was something he had to plan and arrange for, and wasn’t that too much? He hoped that Xuemin would speak up for him a little.

“Mister Liu, you’ve overestimated me.” Xuemin shook his head. “My relationship with Lin Yi is that of a friend and mentor- I have no say in his affairs.”

“Friend and mentor? Then you’re half his mentor, Elder Guan… If you were to say something…” Tianyi was feeling helpless indeed. “To tell the truth, while us Lius are a big family, one hundred million isn’t something we can just take out with ease… It’ll be difficult…”

“Would a student ever ask something of his teacher?” Xuemin smiled bitterly.

“Hm..?” Tianyi blinked, not quite understanding what Xuemin meant.

“I consider Yi half my mentor.” Xuemin wasn’t embarrassed one bit with that statement- he was an honorable man, and repsected Lin Yi’s medical prowess with high regard. He only spoke what was on his mind concerning the matter, not seeing any reason to hide anything.

“What?!!’ Tianyi stared at Lin Yi in complete disbelief!! Guan Xuemin called Lin Yi his teacher!! How was this possible..?!

Yet Tianyi was an experienced man. He understood right away after giving it some thought- true, why would Xuemin’s student be able to treat his father when even Xuemin himself couldn’t? The only possible explanation was that Lin Yi was more able in the medical field than Xuemin was!!

Xuemin made a wave with his hand. “I only introduced Yi to you, that’s as far as my role goes. It is up to you whether you want his treatment, but rest assured- even if you don’t hand out this hundred million, I’ll try my best to ask Yi to help……”

“One hundred million, it’s fine!!” All hesitation had been swept away after realizing the relationship between Lin Yi and Xuemin. One hundred million was a difficult number to procure, but it was doable if he sold some of his assets. The main thing was that the core figure of House Liu would remain healthy and alive. With his father around, house Liu would retain its strength.

“Alright, call me after you have the money prepared.” Lin Yi nodded crisply, ending things there. “You’ll be able to find me through Grandpa Guan. I’ll be going then, it’s getting late.”

“Alright, Miracle Doctor Lin. Would you like me to give you a ride?” Tianyi was giving his all at that point- he’d accepted that it’d take a hundred million to cure his father, that it was absolutely worth it. Unlike the other high houses, the Lius were what they were today solely because of Liu Zhenhu’s connections and name.

Tianyi offering to give Lin Yi a ride was actually becaus he wanted to know where the guy lived- the hundred million was no longer the concern anymore. He was afraid that Lin Yi might change his mind.

“No need, I’m driving myself.” LIn Yi waved his hand faintly. “Grandpa Guan, I’m going then. Tell Guan Xin that I’ll drop by two days later.”

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