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Chapter 301 - Xin Xin Being Unfair

“I was thinking that he wouldn’t come visit again if he tasted the food……” Guan Xin explained embarrassedly.

“Ah……” Lin Yi had pretty much guessed what Guan Xin’s goal was. Xuemin did talk about how great his granddaughter was quite a couple times… Lin Yi naturally understood what direction the grandpa was headed in.

He must’ve said something similar to Guan Xin as well, resulting in resistance from her… Yet her reaction wasn’t too out of place- any girl wouldn’t like the sound of a young man visiting her house to get to know her.

“You…” Xuemin was quite angry at this point- it was the first time his granddaughter had embarrassed him. “Lin Yi’s still our guest- how could you have done that? Fortunately for us the two of you have met already; imagine if it had been a stranger? He’d be running out from the poisoning!”

“I’m sorry grandpa……” Guan Xin realized that she’d went overboard this time as she lowered her head even further. She just wanted to make the young man leave as soon as possible, and hadn’t even put her grandfather into consideration.

“Haha, it’s okay, Grandpa Guan, forgive her.” Lin Yi smiled. “Actually, if I’m being honest, even I myself was a bit reluctant in visiting because of how you kept talking about your granddaughter… It’s normal for Guan Xin to have similar feelings.”

“Is that so? Could I really have worried too much?” Xuemin thought about it- it seemed that he’d been a bit pushy? He shook his head. “Alright, let’s just have Aunt Liu prepare some quick dishes!”

“I’ll go……” Guan Xin stood up embarrassedly.

It was a pity to that all that food had to go to waste, but it was no longer food anymore… 

Lin Yi then started talking about medicine, and it wasn’t long until Xuemin put the unpleasantry behind him, excited as he immersed himself in the conversation with Lin Yi.

He seemed to have completely forgotten about what Guan Xin had done when she returned from the kitchen, fresh plates of food in her hands. “Xin Xin, come pour grandpa some wine!”

“Okay……” Guan Xin looked at Lin Yi suspiciously- the guy sure seemed mysterious. He even knew medicine on top of his physical abilities? It was no easy feat to earn her grandfather’s respect, after all.

The dishes were very normal dishes- there was a plate of onion fried egg, fried mushrooms, silky tofu, and seasoned cucumbers, accompanied with a pot of sour and spicy egg soup.

They were normal as could be, but turned out with a beautiful aroma as a result of Guan Xin’s skill.

“Here, try it this time……” Guan Xin said to Lin Yi a little embarrassedly as she poured wine for her grandpa.

Lin Yi nodded and tried a piece of fried mushroom- an audible ‘eh’ came out from his lips. She’s actually at my level??

“How is it?” Guan Xin didn’t know the implications of that ‘eh’, worried as she looked at Lin Yi. She’d poured all of her strength into these dishes.

“I didn’t think that regular home-cooked food like this could taste this good!” Lin Yi’s praise reminded him of the praise his old man would give back home……

“Then… have as much as you want!” Guan Xin smiled, delighted. “Try the other dishes, too……”

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded continuously as he sampled the other dishes. “Now I know what you were talking about, Grandpa Guan- she really is an amazing cook.”

“That’s right!” Xuemin nodded. “How about it? You’ll have to pay us visits if you want more.”

“Of course.” Lin Yi nodded crisply.

Xuemin tasted the food as well, but a frown appeared on his face. “This is unfair, Xin Xin! You’ve never made me food this good before? So Lin Yi gets special treatment? You’ve upgraded the food from poison to gourmet that even grandpa hasn’t tried..?”

“Grandpa…..” Guan Xin was getting embarrassed.

“Haha, Yi, looks like I’ll have to rely on you to taste this kind of cooking next time!” Xuemin laughed.

“I’ll make sure to come often……” Lin Yi nodded. He actually had another purpose in mind, other than accepting Xuemin’s invitation- he wanted to discuss business plans with him. He’d have to come by pretty often if that turned out well.

Guan Xin was both happy and confused at that- she looked at Lin Yi, a little embarrassed as she realized what frequent visits meant. It seemed that she’d have a chance..? They’d most definitely get closer if Lin Yi visited often, but was that really okay..?

Guan Xin moved the plates and silverware back into the kitchen as Lin Yi went upstairs into the study with Xuemin.

Lin Yi put on a serious look after shutting the door. “Grandpa Guan, I actually have a really important thing to discuss with you today.”

“Oh? What is it?” Xuemin wasn’t expecting that- he was actually thinking of discussing Liu Zhenhu’s illness with LIn Yi.

Xuemin was the only one who could contain his heart problems, yet even he couldn’t procure a cure. 

But Lin Yi had come with something in mind- it was only natural that they talk about that first.

“Grandpa Guan, I’m actually thinking of starting a medicine company and sell Eastern medicine.” Lin Yi got straight to the point. “I want to borrow the name of Miracle Doctor Guan, Grandpa Guan.”

“Oh? Medicine company?” Xuemin wasn’t expecting this, but didn’t really mind Lin Yi looking to use his title. “There isn’t a shortage of medicine companies in the country- business wouldn’t be too successful even with my name without any special medicine…”

“Miracle Doctor Kang managed to make a top-tier medicine company with just his Golden Creation medicine- why can’t we?” Lin Yi smiled casually. “He has his Golden Creation, but we can have Youth Regainment, Blood Unclotation… You name it. There’s plenty of medicine in Wuxia novels, we can just reference those for names.”

“Oh?” Xuemin paused. “You have the recipe for Golden Creation?”

“I haven’t seen what Golden Creation actually is yet, but I have a similar recipe not inferior to his.” Lin Yi said.

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