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Chapter 292 - Guan Xin Taken Hostage

Haha…… Lin Yi chuckled internally- it was true: good thing he didn’t choose the room they were in, since Lin Yi would’ve killed him without hesitation with Tang Yin in immediate danger.

“Should we go check it out, boss?” Xiaobo was a little curious- this wasn’t a chance you’d get every day.

“Sure.” Lin Yi didn’t mind. He turned to Tang Yin. “You going?”

“Um……” Tang Yin was both afraid and curious at the same time.

“You guys are still going out there?” Xinwen wasn’t expecting this- she’d ran back to warn them not to go out, too!

“The police are right there, we should be fine right?” Xiaobo said as he walked towards the door.

He opened it to see the hallway packed with people, some of them patients and some of them staff of the hospital. The police had isolated their part of the hallway to stop the onlookers from getting too close as well.

Lingshan was being filled in by Wangli as they made their way to the scene.

“The nurse taken hostage was Guan Xin, twenty years old, just graduated. She was having Liu Bojia’s medicine changed when Huang Guanya made his move on Liu Bojia, taking Guan Xin hostage as she was there……” Wangli reported.

“What? Guan Xin?” Lin Yi had just exited the room- the duo were right in front of him when Wangli mentioned Guan Xin’s name,

“Lin Yi? Why’re you here??” Lingshan paused from seeing Lin Yi as well.

Lin Yi’s worry for Guan Xin did affect Tang Yin a bit, but she didn’t say anything about it- after all, she herself felt her heart tighten upon hearing that it was Guan Xin who had been taken hostage. She was still a bit hostile towards her, but the undeniable truth here was that the two had become friends already after their time with each other- at the end of the day, Guan Xin getting into trouble like this still worried her.

Lin Yi didn’t answer the question- he looked to Wangli instead. “Liu Bro, you said Guan Xin was the hostage?”

“Why, you know her?” Wangli was pretty familiar with Lin Yi at this point- he’d driven him back home with that shark the other day, after all.

“Yeah, a friend of mine.” Lin Yi nodded. “I’ll go over for a look?”

Lingshan frowned, but didn’t say anything- Lin Yi was good, at least good enough to be a bodyguard. There might be some chance of turning this around if he knew the hostage.

Guanya knew who she was, after all, and he’d be on full alert if it were Lingshan who entered the scene. Yet there wasn’t anyone stronger than her in the team other than Huaijun!

Having Lin Yi deal with Guanya might actually be the optimal choice here.

Although, Lingshan didn’t want Lin Yi to help out- there was the concern that he wasn’t capable enough, and the fact that having the bastard help her once more would only make her susceptible to more weird requests in the future……

“Don’t give me that crap.” Guanya said as he looked at the expert in front of him. “Get me five hundred thousand in cash and a helicopter with a full tank- I’ll kill this girl if you don’t!!”

Guanya licked his lips as a violent look flashed across his eyes- the blade he held against Guan Xin’s neck was gripped tight and already digging into her flesh a little……

The expert, on the other hand, was sweating- this man had absolutely no intention of hearing him out, and kept on describing how he’d twirled a three-year-old kid to death in a washing machine instead……

“Fine, I promise you!” Lingshan’s voice sounded. “But you need to make sure the hostage is safe!”

Lingshan didn’t have any other choice- she had to make sure the hostage was safe! Her responsibility for any damage to the girl would be huge as the captain of the criminal police… She was currently a substitute captain, but she might as well not think about getting promoted if things went south here today. She might even get demoted!

“Stay away!!” Guanya’s eye flared upon seeing Lingshan- he was a little afraid of this woman; he wouldn’t be able to take her on at all, and letting her get any closer would put him in a very dangerous spot!

“Alright, I’ll stay away.” Lingshan frowned- she’d planned on closing the distance unnoticed so as to lunge at him when she got close enough, but Guanya seemed smart enough to understand Lingshan’s capabilities. He wasn’t taking any chances with her.

“Have your men put their guns down and back off.” Guanya ordered.

“Alright, all of you put your guns down……” Lingshan waved to the men behind her.

Their priority here was the hostage’s safety- they couldn’t shoot unless they had a clear shot to instantly eliminate Guanya.

“Get me some food, I’m hungry!” Guanya said. “Don’t even think about poisoning the food, I’ll have this girl test it first! You make a call and have the hospital canteen send food to me right now!”

“Alright!!” Lingshan nodded as her head plotted- she’d been delighted to hear Guanya ask for food, since she’d be able to poison it, but the guy was smart, even telling her to have the canteen deliver the food… It’d be incredibly difficult to have anything done to the food in that window of time.

“Don’t mind me, shoot him! He’s stabbed the patient, he’ll be in danger if we don’t treat him!!” Guan Xin called out suddenly.

Lingshan only remembered then that there was still a Liu Bojia in the room! Her face paled- she’d been so preoccupied with Guanya that she’d forgotten!

“Fuck! You damn bitch, you wanna die?? I’m gonna rape you and cut your flesh to pieces!!” Guanya wasn’t expecting this nurse to actually go against him! He pressed the knife against Guan Xin’s neck, and blood seeped out……

“Calm down!! Did you forget about your terms??” Lingshan called out.

It really was a good chance for her men to headshot Guanya earlier, but Lingshan didn’t dare risk that! She couldn’t take any chances!

“Hmph, don’t bother threatening me!!” Guanya’s lips curled in disdain.

It was at that moment that the food from the canteen arrived- the young employee with the tray froze upon seeing the scene, and turned to run after the shock…...


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