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Chapter 288 - Connection

There wasn’t much Lin Yi could do about Pinliang’s drama queen tendences, though. Mengyao’s wish had been fulfilled anyway- Pinliang wouldn’t be writing any blood letters anytime soon.

“Boss, what’s up with Zhong Pinliang? Is he performing or something? Look at that finger, it’s like he’s shooting a blood sword out of it!” Xiaobo looked at Pinliang pitifully, wondering why the guy was so unlucky- all he wanted was to write a letter of blood.

“Ah, who knows. I heard that blood circulation speeds up when you get excited, so that’s probably what happened.” Lin Yi shrugged innocently.

Pinliang’s little letter of blood incident soon became known as a comedy, and everyone found the blood shooting out of Pinliang’s finger much more entertaining than the letter he was supposed to write.

“What kind of shitty idea is this?! I’m gonna die from blood loss before I write any fucking letter!” Pinliang was getting dizzy at that point.

“Liang Bro, it was just a small cut! It was on the finger, too! This shouldn’t be happening at all!” Xiaofu was feeling quite wronged. “Liang Bro, it’s not like we never bled before in fights, right? We’ve had more serious injuries, blood never spurt out like this!”

“That’s… true?” Pinliang thought about it after Xiaofu explained it to him- it was true, he did experience much more serious injuries before… Blood never came out like this… Yet now it was shooting out like a fountain!!

“Liang Bro, didn’t that Lin Yi come by just now? D’you think he had something to do with it?” Xiaofu asked suspiciously.

“Lin Yi …… He’s strong but he can’t just control my blood flow, right?” Pinliang shook his head in disbelief, not quite convinced that Lin Yi would be able to control blood. Would he still be human then?

“That’s true……” Xiaofu shook his head as well, finding his statement ridiculous. Was it his fear of Lin Yi that caused him to pin everything scary on him?

“Whatever, we need to get to the hospital! I’m gonna die if this keeps up!!” Pinliang shook his head as he tried to forget about Lin Yi- the guy was just here to fuck his life up, he’d always get unlucky whenever Lin Yi was around!

Pinlaing wouldn’t go as far as to think that Lin Yi had the ability to manipulate his blood, but he did think that Lin Yi coming over to look at him was the direct cause of this misfortune! He was just bad luck to him!!

“Eh? Liang Bro, the bleeding’s stopped……” Xiaofu said, surprised as he looked at Pinliang’s finger.

“Eh??” Pinliang paused to look at his dry finger as well. “It stopped?”

“I think so……” Xiaofu nodded.

“Seriously?” Pinliang raised his hand for a better look at hte finger, doubtful. It didn’t look like there was anything wrong with it anymore, and he just shook his head helplessly. “It really did stop. I don’t know what happened, maybe I’ve had too much protein, so my body’s just trying to get rid of all that excess blood?”

Pinliang couldn’t see any other possible explanation.

“Do we still go to the hospital then, Liang Bro?” Xiaofu asked.

“What the hell for? So that we’d get laughed at?” Pinliang shook his head. “Let’s go- we’re going back!”

Pinliang had recovered, but he news had spread throughout the school already- as humiliating as it was, Pinliang found that it didn’t matter when he stacked it up with all the other humiliations he’d experienced already.

Lin Yi and Xiaobo walked out the classroom during lunch break. “Boss, I’m going to the hospital with Xinwen to see Fen- we agreed that we’d do this every lunch to look after her. You wanna come?”

“Nah.” Lin Yi remembered his date with Tang Yin- it was the first time the girl had asked him out for lunch! Naturally, that meal at Mrs. Tang’s house didn’t really count.

“Oh…. Eh? Boss, Tang Yin’s going too??” Xiaobo asked after seeing Xinwen standing with Tang Yin at their meeting spot.

Lin Yi wasn’t expecting that as well. “Tang Yin, aren’t we having lunch together? Are you going to the hospital too?”

“I…… I made some red braised chicken wings for you guys to try…… Let’s eat them at the hospital together……” Tang Yin’s face was a little red as she spoke- she’d actually made the chicken wings specifically for Lin Yi, but thought that she shouldn’t hog good food for herself when Fen was hospitalized. She decided that she’d share the food with everyone else.

“Woah, for real? Boss brought some shark meat too!” Xiaobo blinked as he raised the container Lin Yi gave him.

“Shark meat?” Xinwen and Tang Yin wasn’t expecting that. “Where’d you get shark meat?”

“Oh, bought it yesterday. There’s shark fin too.” Lin Yi explained. “It was supposed to be in two portions, one for Xiaobo to bring to the hospital and the other for Tang Yin, but let’s just eat them together since we’re all going to the hospital.”

“Just this one is plenty.” Xiaobo waved the container in front of him. “Boss, why don’t you give your container to sis-in-law to bring home? The five of us can’t finish that much!”

“Sounds good. Here, Tang Yin- bring this home for uncle and aunty to try.” Lin Yi handed the container to Tang Yin casually.

Tang Yin was feeling a bit shy from what Xiaobo was calling her, but took over the container regardless, a little happy at the same time. She didn’t expect things to turn out like this, it was so coincidental that both Lin Yi and her had thought of preparing food for each other! Did this count as their hearts connecting..?

Young girls just falling into love usually liked fantasizing about stuff like this- Lin Yi’s casual gesture was plenty reason for Tang Yin to get happy and excited over. There was shark fin in there too… It was probably pretty expensive, and her parents most likely never had any before… It’d be nice to have them try some……

The four then stopped a taxi- Tang Yin and Xinwen, naturally, wouldn’t be willing to spend the money on a taxi, but Lin Yi’s insistence and explanation convinced them.

After all, it was two kuai per person for a ticket from the school to the hospital- taking a taxi would just cost ten kuai, and it’d just be a two kuai difference. Why take the bus, then?

Tang Yin and Xinwen blushed a little at that thought- it seemed that both of them had completely accustomed themselves to the life of the poor, failing to see even simple logic like that...


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