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Chapter 255 - Requesting Backup

“Boss, I think Fen still hasn’t let that Kang Zhaoming bastard go yet.” Xiaobo’s fists were clenched as he spoke- he looked very furious.

“Hm? What do you mean?” Lin Yi blinked. How was Fen still thinking about that person after what he’d done to her? What the hell?

“Man, boss… You don’t know, but Fen looks weird when I bring up Zhaoming with her…” Xiaobo sighed. “I’m guessing that she’s trying to forget Kang Zhaoming, but can’t. He was her first man, so it’s normal for her to have a strong impression of him, but why doesn’t she see what kind of a disgusting person that Kang Zhaoming is?”

“She knows.” Lin Yi said. “But it’s just as you said- it’s hard for her to forget. I think you should let her meet Kang Zhaoming one more time; she might be able to move on after that. Best way to go about it is let her see just how cruel Kang Zhaoming could be.”

“But boss, wouldn’t that be too much for Fen? She’s just recovered…” Xiaobo said, worried.

“Maybe, maybe not. But as long as you have me it’s fine.” Lin Yi said. “She’ll never walk out of that trauma if she doesn’t confront it.”

“You’re right!” Xiaobo nodded. “Boss, I wouldn’t have to worry about Fen’s sickness acting up again with you here! But where do I find Kang Zhaoming? My second grandpa’s moved to the capital a long time ago.”

“There’s gotta be a way, right?” Lin Yi said faintly. “Xiaobo, you need to be more confident and stop thinking of yourself as Kang Zhaoming’s replacement. That way Fen might start to gradually accept you. If you just rely on you looking like your cousin to get with Fen, then that’s gonna be pretty sad!”

“Don’t worry, boss! I won’t embarrass you! Leave Fen to me!” Xiaobo announced.

“You’ve decided? To be with Fen?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes! Boss, I’m sure of it this time!” Xiaobo nodded his head solemnly. “Last night I spent the night with Fen……”

“Ah? For real?” Lin Yi’s eyes were wide open- he wasn’t expecting his follower to be even stronger than he was! All he’d done was hold Tang Yin’s hand and touch Yushu’s boobs so far, but Xiaobo’s at that stage already…….

“Wait, boss, it’s not like that… I was just accompanying her……” Xiaobo sweated. “Nothing happened between us.”

“.......” Lin Yi was speechless. “And then?”

“We chatted a lot, and I know what’s on her mind now……” Xiaobo said. “Boss, you’re right- she can’t move on. She knows it’s impossible at this point, but she just won’t move on unless Kang Zhaoming says it to her face!”

“Since we’re talking about him, you know that this would ruin your relationship with your cousin, right? You sure that’s fine?” Lin Yi asked.

“I don’t think of him as my cousin anymore- look at what he’s done. Kang Zhaoming’s an animal.” Xiaobo said with a cold laugh. “I’d go beat him up if it weren’t for my second grandfather’s sake.”

“You can beat him up, but not now, at least. You’re not there yet.” Lin Yi reminded.

“I know……” Xiaobo sighed. “Guy’s the young master of the Kang house, while I’m some poor relative of Miracle Doctor Kang.”

Zhang Naipao hadn’t come to school today, and only Zhong Pinliang knew where he had went. Even Gao Xiaofu was left out on this.

He’d only gotten a long-term sick leave from the school, and told his family ambiguously that Zhong Pinliang had something big he needed him to do… With that out of the way, he went up Springstar Mountain under the escort of some of Zhong Fabai’s men…

Pinliang glared at Lin Yi with toxicity. You keep showing off… We’ll see how you die when Zhang Naipao comes back from that mountain!!

Pinliang felt more at ease at that thought. Lin Yi was a dead man walking anyway- let him enjoy the time he had left all he wanted! With that, a shred of pity started showing on Pinliang’s gaze.

“Mengyao, you have time this Saturday? My dad gave me three 3D movie tickets, wanna go?” Fabai had told him to get with Mengyao as soon as possible- it’d be bad for the Zhong family if his uncle Jin Gubang planned something else and didn’t need their cooperation anymore.

“I told you not to call me Mengyao, do you not have ears?” Mengyao was pretty disgusted by how familiar with her Pinliang was acting.

Pinliang seemed oblivious to what Mengyao was thinking of him as he pulled over his chair, lining it up with Mengyao’s to sit beside her. “Heh heh, then I’ll call you Yao Yao?”

“Why don’t you go die?” Mengyao frowned. “What do you want?”

“I wanna go watch a movie with you this Saturday! It’s The Son of Heaven in 3D, an international film!” Pinliang said as he pulled three movie tickets out.

“No time, I’ve got stuff to do Saturday.” Mengyao rejected directly- she was going bungee jumping with Yushu, after all, and even if she were to go watch a movie she’d most definitely not watch it with Zhong Pinliang! The guy was even more irritating than Lin Yi!

Hm? Mengyao paused at the thought- hadn’t she thought of Lin Yi as more irritating than Pinliang a while ago? When had she reversed their rankings? Mengyao shook her head, not sure what was going on.

“We could go on Sunday……” Pinliang continued.

Mengyao couldn’t take this anymore. She nudged Yushu who sat beside her, hinting her to get Lin Yi.

Yushu chuckled as she sent Lin Yi a text. “Yao Yao’s in trouble, requesting backup!”

Lin Yi wasn’t sure how to react to this text, but he stood up and started walking towards Zhong PInliang anyway. He did promise Mengyao yesterday that he’d take care of Pinliang whenever the guy was being annoying, after all.

“Where are you going, boss?” Xiaobo asked, curious- why did Lin Yi stand up all of a sudden?

“Washroom. Wanna come?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yeah, wait up!” Xiaobo stood up as well, and saw Pinliang blocking their way. Heh, Zhong Pinliang’s screwed!

Lin Yi walked towards Pinliang with quick steps, and Yushu started laughing- the idiot was still harassing Yao Yao!

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