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Chapter 251 - Let an Accident Happen to Her

“We’re running out of time. You give Zhang Yuchu a call- tell him that it doesn’t matter what he does as long as he causes trouble. Best way to go about this is let something happen to the Chu Mengyao girl, so that Chu Pengzhan stops focusing on the company! I only need some time to have authority over the company, along with the support of the shareholders!” Jin Gubang said to Jin Maosheng after some thought.

“Understood, dad! I’ll contact Zhang Yuchu right now.” Maosheng nodded.

“Be careful of that Lin Yi- the bastard’s messed our plans up twice already.” Gubang warned.

“We’ll need to think up a flawless plan this time…” Maosheng was thinking how he’d get Mengyao into an accident- he was someone more evil and ruthless than his father, after all… He liked to solve problems with accidents.

Dropping the chandelier on Pengzhan in the parking lot was one such example of the accidents he’d caused- he’d also killed off the electrician who helped him with another accident.

Jin Maosheng was a violent man- he’d never agreed to kidnapping Mengyao in the first place. As far as he was concerned, killing the girl off would destroy Chu Pengzhan instantly, and troubling himself over company affairs would be the last thing on his mind. The Jins would then swoop in and steal away the chairman seat amidst the chaos.

Maosheng dialed in Yuchu’s number as he walked out his father’s office. As much as he preferred to be dealing with Li Cihua directly instead of Yuchu, who was just his underling, Maosheng understood that he wasn’t at that level yet.

House Jin still wasn’t powerful enough to be in the same world as the person behind Li Cihua- what they were doing here, after all, was just so that the Jins could have control over Pengzhan Industries and pave the path for Master Bin’s company- that person wouldn’t have involved himself at all if it weren’t for that.

The price for Jin control over Pengzhan Industries was the extraction of real estate from the company- all for the sake of Master Bin, the bastard son of that person.

Pengzhan Industries was involved with trading, real estate, general merchandise, hotels, entertainment, clothing lines… Taking real estate out of that combination would damage the company, but it was a meager price to pay for the chairman's seat at the top of Pengzhan Industries.

Maosheng was the son of a large shareholder of Pengzhan Industries- to think that someone like him amounted to nothing in the eyes of that person sent melancholy down his spine… Was that house really that monstrously powerful?

“Mister Jin, what’s the matter?” Yuchu was currently flaming over the father and son of House Jin- the failure of the robbery was completely due to Gubang’s lack of investigation, the fact that he hadn’t looked into the person protecting Mengyao… That was the cause for their loss! And now they were blaming his men??

It infuriated Zhang Yuchu- he was, at the end of the day, Cihua Bro’s man. He wasn’t just someone Jin Gubang could scold as he pleased.

Yuchu’s voice started pissing Maosheng off as well- it wasn’t as if they weren’t giving anything in exchange! Cutting the real estate company out from Pengzhan Industries was massive- that was three to four hundred million kuai right there!!

“Mister Zhang, I hope you understand that we’re in a partnership here- there’s no subordination involved in the slightest! This job gets done and both Master Bin and I get what we want.” Maosheng was a formidable man himself- he was harsher than even his father. The usurpation this time around was due to him, as well. “Yet I don’t lose anything should things go downhill- it’ll be the same, us Jins would remain shareholders in Pengzhan Industries. But do you think Master Bin would just let things slide on your part?”

“........” Yuchu froze- why hadn’t he considered this before? He’d been so hung up on the Jins pinning the failure on him that he he’d forgotten- the consequences for failure would be as bad as the rewards for success would be good!

Yuchu broke into a cold sweat with that in mind. “Jin Bro, what’re you saying? We’re both after mutual benefit at the end of the day, aren’t we! Don’t say stuff like that! Rest assured- I’ll give it my best!”

Maosheng smiled coldly at the response- the guy would’ve kept dragging things if he didn’t scare him a bit. “Haha, of course, of course. That old fox Chu Pengzhan’s on alert now because of what happened- he’s constantly pulling back company rights! My father’s being really passive about it, too!”

“Then… What do we do?” Yuchu asked. He wasn’t even part of the guy’s company, what was he telling him this for?

“Should some kind of accident befall Chu Pengzhan’s daughter… he’d probably pull his focus away from company affairs.” Maosheng said faintly. “Storms gather without warning, don’t they, Yuchu?”

Yuchu paused at the words- Maosheng intended to shed blood. Yet Yuchu himself wasn’t one to cower away from such things; none of Cihua Bro’s men were.

“Don’t worry, Jin Bro. I know what to do- it won’t be long before you hear the bad news.” Yuchu agreed directly- offing a person, after all, was easier than kidnapping them.

“Alright then- I’ll make sure to check the news.” Maosheng said before hanging the phone up. That’s more like it.

Naturally, Yuchu phoned Li Cihua first.

“Cihua Bro, it’s me, little Yuchu!” Yuchu said after the call connected.

“Ah, little Yuchu. Why’re you calling at this hour? Don’t you know I’m sleeping?” Cihua was a man who slept during the day- it was something his followers all knew. He only kept his phone on in case the boss backing him up called.

“Cihua Bro, Jin Maosheng called- he wants me to kill that Chu Mengyao girl…….” Yuchu explained.

“Ah. I’ll leave it to you- remember not to have any direct confrontations, that girl has a master with her. Just causing an accident should be enough.” Cihua said casually, evidently not thinking much of one human life. “Also, Master Bin’s coming soon. Wrap things up as soon as you can- the real estate company of Pengzhan Industries is the welcoming gift for him!!”

“Understood, Cihua Bro! I’ll get to it right now!” With Cihua’s approval, Yuchu was clear to go all out- from what he could see, it didn’t matter how good that Lin Yi was, he wouldn’t be able to protect Chu Mengyao if he played dirty and in the shadows.

He’d been so careful before, too, trying to keep the girl alive… Things changed after that phone call with Maosheng, and it was time for her to have a clean death.

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