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Chapter 245 - Too Much Trouble

“Do I look like the same kind of person he is?” Lin Yi was a bit displeased as he pointed at Scarface- he always paid for his meals, except when someone else was buying!

“Of course not, of course not…….” The stall owner’s face tensed up, not expecting for his ass-kissing to yield the opposite effect- this bit of money was nothing to the guy, he didn’t need him to be treating him at all! “Alright, let me see…….”

He weighed the skewer sticks quickly- there were around a hundred of them. “Around a hundred of them… It’s fifty kuai.”

“Pay up.” Lin Yi said as he looked at Jingyi.

Jingyi blinked- Lin Yi looked as if he were about to pay, too..?

The stall owner, on the other hand, didn’t know what to say- so it wasn’t him paying for this meal? He didn’t have to let his friend pay… the stall owner even offered to treat them...

Jinyi took her wallet out and handed the stall owner a fifty kuai bill, giving Lin Yi a glare before walking away with him.

Scarface wasn’t too respectful or admiring towards Lin Yi- this dude was living off of his woman, so why did he think he was hot stuff? What the hell…

Yet this was a man even Zou Ruoming dared not cross, and Scarface no longer had any intention of doing so, either.

Ruoming turned to Scarface after Lin Yi had left, his expression darkening. “Look at what you’ve done! Fuck, almost got sent back to the hospital again!”

“What’s wrong…..” Scarface was taken aback by how wary of Lin Yi his boss was- he looked like he was scared of him! “Guang Bro, is this kid that good?”

“Good? Who do you think did this to my hands?” Ruoming said as he waved his bandaged-up hands in front of Scarface. “He was the one who twisted them out of shape! The man’s insane, you shouldn’t even think about pissing him off! And don’t even get me started on his skills- he’s a fucking monster, numbers don’t matter against him!”

“Ah!! He’s that scary?” Scarface froze- was Lin Yi one of those legendary Wulin masters he’d heard about?

“Stop embarrassing yourself and get going!” Ruoguang said, a little frustrated. “Open your eyes next time, make sure you see who you’re dealing with. Avoid people like him, they’re lunatics!”

“Yes, Guang Bro!” Scarface was quite troubled too- how was he supposed to know that the kid would be this powerful? Why would he ever go piss him off for if he’d known?

He should never have tried to hit on that girl in the first place… it was all because of his perverted urges.

Jingyi eyed Lin Yi with a glare again after getting in the car. “You weren’t not the one paying, so why’d you reject the boss’ offer for me?”

“Small stall owners like that don’t earn a lot.” Lin Yi explained. “Fifty kuai? That’s about the production cost right there.”

“Hm?” Jingyi paused- she hadn’t thought about it too much earlier, but Lin Yi was right. After all, who’d live a life working under the sun like that if they had money? Jingyi found herself to be reevaluating Lin Yi.

Lin Yi had actually thought of Tang Yin and her family- he didn’t want to take advantage of the stall owner like that.

As for the whole protection money thing with Scarface… That wasn’t something he should interfere with. Everyone had their own lives to live, and Lin Yi couldn’t possibly meddle in all of them.

“Where are you going, dear?” Jingyi asked with a gentle gaze as she backed the car out of the parking spot.

“Dear?” Lin Yi froze. “Who’re you talking to?”

“You. You’re my lover now- half lovers, but still lovers! Of course I’m allowed to call you that.” Jinyi said with a soft smile on her face. “What’s wrong? Is being with an older woman making you shy?”

“........” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say to that- this girl seemed pretty open-minded, but that shouldn’t be it… She wouldn't have rejected that chairman otherwise. But why him? Did he have a gullible face or something? Was he an easy target to bully? Or did she think he wouldn’t do anything to her?

“I’m telling you, you’re playing with fire here! Someday I might start taking this seriously and fall for you!” Lin Yi warned.

“That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? Big sis here’s looking forward to that, we might start liking each other if this goes on!” Jingyi said with a grin, as if Lin Yi’s words haven’t affected her in the slightest.

“Bring me back to that place you picked me up from earlier.” Lin Yi rolled his eyes and ignored her.

“Songshan’s First School?” Jingyi found it odd. “Why’re you going back there?”

“Why’re you asking so many questions?” Lin Yi frowned. “Maybe I shouldn’t help you tonight?”

“Pfft, we’re lovers already! You’ve taken the reward, so don’t think you can be using threats like that.” Jingyi said with a shrug.

“Come get me at the same place tonight! I finish this job for you and we’re done with each other!” Lin Yi didn’t want to be spending too much time with this girl- she was pretty, and had that mature air about her that neither Tang Yin, Mengyao, nor Yushu had… But Lin Yi’s gut was telling him that this woman was simply too much trouble! It’d bring an endless stream of trouble if he associated with her!

Today he had to be some Grand Thief for her… What if tomorrow she asked him to be an assassin? It might very well be possible- Lin Yi could deduce just from looking at Wu Chentian that Sun Jingyi didn’t come from a simple family.

She wouldn’t be that closely connected with the Wu House otherwise. He didn’t know why she wasn’t using her family’s influence to settle the matter, but princesses like her only caused trouble- Lin Yi didn’t want to be serving as her professional trouble-dealer at all.

“Hey, what?! How could you! You’re not gonna take responsibility??” Jingyi looked at Lin Yi resentfully.

“Lovers but not married, so we can break up whenever.” Lin Yi said faintly. “I’m just telling you this now- you won’t be my lover after I’ve dumped you.”

“........” Jingyi stared at Lin Yi in disbelief- a beauty like her, right in front of him… Yet did he feel nothing..? There were plenty of people lining up for the chance to chase her!! Even if they weren’t a real couple, it’d be a pretty honorable and pleasant experience to go along with this love affair with her! It’d get people envious, too.

“You’re really not interested in me?” Jingyi couldn’t hold the question in.

“I am.” Lin Yi answered crisply.

“Huh?” Jingyi was certain that Lin Yi would respond with a ‘no’, but his answer threw her off- she was both surprised and curious. “And you’re still dumping me?”

“You’re too much trouble. You wanted me to thieve for you today, who knows what else you have waiting for me. I don’t have that much time.” It was impossible for Lin Yi to not have any interest in Jingyi- of course he’d have interest in pretty ladies. Like Mengyao, for example, or Yushu… Hm. There was that important aspect when looking at a girl- the level of troublesomeness she had. Girls like Song Lingshan, for instance… would be best left alone for now.

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