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Chapter 244 - Why'd You Come Here For?

“Half my lover..?” Lin Yi was speechless- what the hell was that?

“Yeah. Lover in name, but not actual lovers!” Jingyi explained with a nod. “You’ll be my boyfriend officially in front of my friends!”

Lin Yi finally realized that he’d been had… It was a huge scam!! It didn’t get any worse than this- not only did he have to steal stuff for this Sun Jingyi, he had to act as her boyfriend for free!

It was a huge loss, but he was the one who set the terms… He had only himself to blame.

So this was what his gut had been trying to tell him- this was what’s up!

“You… You win…..” Lin Yi didn’t want to go back on his word- he wasn’t that shameless a man. “But did their boss really do all this just to get you to be his lover?”

“You can go ask him if you don’t believe me- everyone in the business knows about his interest in me.” Jingyi said.

“Isn’t that Wu Chentian chasing you? Why can’t you go to him for help?” Lin Yi asked, remembering that that Wu Chentian person was supposed to be pretty good. Stealing a document shouldn’t be too difficult for him.

“I don’t wanna involve myself with him too much- I don’t have any feelings for him.” Jingyi said, shaking her head. “You’re not thinking of going back on your word, are you?”

“No. Tell me where the document is and I’ll get it to you.” Lin Yi said, not dwelling on the Wu Chentian topic any longer- Jingyi didn’t seem very willing to talk about him.

“It’s at his place. We move tonight.” Jingyi said.

“Alright, tonight then.” Lin Yi didn’t mind. “That half lover compensation- I’ll pass on that.”

“You can’t!!” Jingyi rejected immediately, shaking her head. “I’ve warned you so many times before, remember? You accepted half the demand so surely, didn’t you!You can’t just ‘pass on that’!”

“So I’m not allowed to say no to the reward?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“No, absolutely not!” Jingyi said. “You help me out, and I repay you for it! It’s only natural!!”

“Alright then……” Lin Yi complied helplessly- this girl wasn’t holding back one bit, and he’d promised her already…

They were still talking when a bunch of gangsters ran over, Scarface included. “Guang Bro, there he is! That’s the kid stopping me from collecting protection money, he even attacked me!”

This Scarface person had quite the imagination- he’d twisted the story from ‘him messing with a girl’ into ‘the kid stopping him from collecting money’ to get his boss to show up.

The stall owner paled at the scene before turning to warn Lin Yi and Jingyi. “Young man, quickly! Run! Scar Bro’s called his boss out, they’re here for you!”

“Ah.. I’m haven’t finished eating yet. Let them come if they want.” Lin Yi said, not a care in the world as he nibbled on his spicy meat skewer.

The stall owner only sighed- he’d done his part to warn him, but there wasn’t much he could do if the guy didn’t want to listen. He only hoped that Guang Bro wouldn’t cause any trouble for him.

“Hey, they have a lot of people there. You sure you can handle it?” Jingyi admired Lin Yi’s strength, but the numbers were quite concerning…

“Do they?” Lin Yi put down the bamboo stick and raised his head- joyed when he saw who it was- it was someone he knew! And he was looking pretty cocky, too.

“Who’s causing trouble in the northern district? This is my territory!” Scarface’s boss called out as he walked over to the stall.

“Aaah.. we meet again!” Lin Yi smiled faintly as he looked at ‘Guang Bro’. “Shouldn’t you be resting your bones and tendons? Why’d you come out for, you wanna get disabled or something?”

Guang Bro froze upon sighting Lin Yi! He was, naturally, Zou Rouguang, the gangster head in he northern district! He wasn’t expecting to meet the guy from the hospital here and now!

His trauma from that day remained fresh in his memory- this kid was a violent monster, merciless when he tortured people! He still remembered vividly how he twisted his hands around for fun!

Ruoguang wasn’t looking too good at that moment- he had a lot of manpower with him, but it was manpower he didn’t dare unleash on Lin Yi! He wasn’t very brave, and he knew what fate awaited him should his men lose against Lin Yi.

The guy would probably twist his legs this time!

“Haha… It’s you, bro…….” Ruoguang used the ‘haha’ tactic for now- he didn’t want to cross Lin Yi yet, but his reputation was at stake here. The best course of action was to act if he was close with Lin Yi. “What’s a man like you doing here, it’s been so long! Scarface, this bro here wouldn’t just mess with you for nothing- tell me honestly, what actually happened?”

Ruoguang, naturally, understood that Scarface had been exaggerating things… Scarface’s followers weren’t that loyal, either, and Ruoguang had heard a thing or two about what had actually taken place.

Standing up for Scarface despite that, on the other hand, was due to the fact that he was still one of his men- it was only natural to stand up for him.

On top of that, Ruoguang was still very pent up from getting beat up by Lin Yi without daring to hit back- he had wanted to blow off some steam… Who’d have known that he’d meet that exact Lin Yi here again? His luck was way too shitty.

Scarface froze as well upon hearing his boss’ change in tone- he understood immediately that things weren’t that simple anymore- After all, he’d have to have some wits to be able to climb up to his position today!

Guang Bro was here to stand up for him, but his friendly attitude towards Lin Yi gave Scarface a really bad feeling. Was this person really so monstrous that even his boss had to respect him?

“I’m sorry, Guang Bro… I messed up… I was talking to this… big bro’s woman…….” Scarface said honestly- this was no time to be pulling shit.

Ruoguang sent a slap across Scarface’s cheek. “That’s for what you’ve done. Well? Aren’t you gonna apologize?”

“I’m sorry!!” Scarface apologized to Lin Yi and Jingyi crisply.

“Alright, stop with that acting- I don’t have time to be watching your performance.” Lin Yi said impatiently with a wave of his hand. “How much for the meal, boss?”

“Aah…..” The stall owner wasn’t daft- even Zou Ruoguang didn’t dare cross Lin Yi!! Where did he come off taking Lin Yi’s money?! “No need for that, brother… This one’s on me, it’s free…..”

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