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Chapter 232 - First Time Seeing Her Like This

Lin Yi sighed- he’d missed the opportunity.

Although, there wasn’t any regret at all- Stuff like this was best when it was consensual, after all.

Doing it with a drugged and half-conscious partner took the meaning out of the whole thing. Lin Yi could tell himself all he wanted that it was Tang Yin who’d jumped on him, but he’d just be fooling himself.

Pulling his phone out, Lin Yi dialed up Song Lingshan’s number.

Lingshan picked up not long after. “Hello, LIn Yi? What do you need, I’m in the middle of a meeting…”

“Meeting? This late?” Lin Yi blinked. He’d planned to have her come take Heibao back- there wasn’t much Lin Yi could at this point.

“It’s ‘cause of that Heibao! The man’s really dangerous, leaving him running rampant in society will have massive repercussions! He’s like a tumor we need to remove as soon as possible.” Lingshan said. “Ah, right- what did you need? I’ll get back to the meeting first if it’s nothing important.”

“Oh. Well you don’t need to go back anymore- disperse the meeting.” Lin Yi said.

“What? What do you mean? What’re you talking about, Lin Yi?” Lingshan asked after a pause, not quite sure what Lin Yi was talking about.

“Heibao’s here. I’ll get him to you.” Lin Yi said.

“Heibao? There? You’ve spotted him? You haven’t confronted him, have you?? Wait there and keep an eye on him, I’ll dispatch a team over right away!” Linshan warned, glad that Heibao had been found.

“No need to rush, I pretty much disabled him. He’s in the back of my car.” Lin Yi said.

“Disabled?” Lingshan asked a little doubtfully. “Isn’t he a golden class end phase peak? How is he disabled?”

It wasn’t an impossibility- Lingshan acknowledged Lin Yi’s strength. After all, the guy had been hired as a bodyguard for Chu Mengyao- he had to be pretty skilled. Yet just being pretty skilled wasn’t quite enough to be dealing with a golden class end phase peak…

“I dunno. Maybe he got weaker.” Lin Yi said, not intending to say too much to Lingshan- he still wanted to keep a low profile.

“Got weaker?” Lingshan opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. Lin Yi had a point- Heibao had raised his skills all the way up to end phase peak in one go; it was pretty feasible for him to have lost the power-up and dropped to his initial skill level. “Where are you? I’ll go there right now.”

“Lemme see…… I’m near Little Song’s convenience store, in an alley nearby.” Lin Yi said after looking around.

“Little Song’s convenience store?” Lingshan frowned, evidently not very familiar with small store brands like that.

A coworker spoke up. “Little Song’s convenience store- I know the place, it’s right below my third aunty’s home…”

With that, Lingshan turned back to Lin Yi. “Alright, you wait there then. I’ll be right there.”

“Come alone, and hurry up! I still have other stuff to do.” Lin Yi said before hanging the phone up. He turned around and met with Tang Yin’s eyes, staring right at him! What the! Since when..? “Uh… You’re awake?”

“Yeah……” Tang Yin said, a bit embarrassed as she avoided Lin Yi’s gaze, lowering her head. She’d been pretty conscious earlier on, and had been directly watching as Lin Yi removed the stuff inside her body, only napping a bit from the fatigue.

She only watched as Lin Yi spoke on the phone after waking up, waiting for him to finish without interrupting. She wasn’t expecting him to turn his head in her direction right after hanging up, and she couldn’t help but panic, her face red as she remembered what had just taken place.

Ruoming’s pills were newly developed- they made anyone who took the pills have a strong, lustful longing, but they didn’t take the consciousness away from them.

As a result, Tang Yin remembered every detail of what she’d said and done to both herself and Lin Yi. Just thinking about it was too much for her, and she couldn’t look Lin Yi in the eyes anymore. She wanted to crawl into a hole.

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled. “How do you feel? Does it still hurt anywhere?”

It didn’t seem like Lin Yi had any intentions of laughing at her, or even bringing up what had happened… He was actually being quite considerate and caring. With that in mind, Tang Yin calmed down a little and nodded in response.

“Thanks……” Tang Yin said softly, not sure how else to express her current emotions. She was shy, grateful, and a little troubled.

Lin Yi didn’t even want her after she’d thrown herself on the guy… What the hell?

Wasn’t the guy after her? Why’d he let an opportunity like that just slip away?

Could he really be different from people like Zou Ruoming, who only lusted after her body?

Or was her appeal not strong enough for him?

“Don’t mention it.” Lin Yi smiled. “Wait for a bit, okay? I’ll get you home later.”

“Kay……” Tang Yin responded, not asking what they were waiting for- from what she’d heard from the call, Lin Yi should be waiting for someone.

With that, the car fell into silence. Neither Lin Yi or Tang Yin spoke.

“Lin Yi……” Tang Yin curled her lips as she mustered her courage to clear her confusion. “Why’d you… stop me earlier…?”

“Hm?” Lin Yi blinked. ‘Why’d he stop her?’ Was Tang Yin actually asking him this? Could she perhaps have wanted him to accept her affections?

“I… I mean, I thought you liked me? If you hadn’t stopped me we’d… we’d be in that kind of relationship already, and I’d be your girlfriend……” Tang Yin explained as she fumbled her words together.

“Ah……” Lin Yi reached his hand out and put it on Tang Yin’s head. “You’re messing up the order.”

Tang Yin tensed up as Lin Yi reached his hand out, but didn’t move away when he started touching her head. “Whaa..?”

“We need to be a couple first before we do that kind of stuff, right?” Lin Yi said with a smile. “I have principles you know.”

“Oh……” Tang Yin nodded softly before touching Lin Yi’s hand. “Come on, stop patting me, I’m gonna blame you if I stop getting taller…”

A surge of emotions flared up as Tang Yin spoke- had she misunderstood Lin Yi for all this time?

“Ha…” Lin Yi smiled- this was his first time seeing Tang Yin like this… It was a commemorable day.

“You’re tall enough already- no one’s gonna want you if you get any taller.” Lin Yi teased.

“I’d… still have you right?” Tang Yin didn’t know where those daring words came from, but she lowered her head even further. She couldn’t look at Lin Yi anymore.

Lin Yi pulled his hand back as he wondered if this counted as Tang Yin accepting him. He rubbed at his temple, a little grateful towards that disabled shit at the back of the car...



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