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Chapter 226 - Lin Yi the Boss

“Boss, look! Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming!” Xiaobo said as he pointed to the two people on the field.

“Yeah, I see that.” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes as he looked at the duo- he couldn’t hear them from this distance.

Something really was up- when had Pinliang gotten so close with Ruoming, rushing to see him first thing during break?

He recalled what Pinliang had told him- could it have something to do with Ruoming?

“Boss, I think it’s probably more likely that Zhong Pinliang was talking about Tang Yin……” Seeing Ruoming reminded Xiaobo of Tang Yin.

“Yeah. You go with Tang Yin to the hospital to visit Fen, I’ll see what Zhong Pinliang’s up to. Call me if anything comes up, and don’t leave Tang Yin’s side.” Lin Yi instructed after some thought.

“Don’t worry boss, I’ll keep sis-in-law safe!” Xiaobo assured as he put a fist to his chest.

(remember what I told you about chinese people calling their bro’s gf/wifes sis-in-law?)

The bell rang, and both Lin Yi and Xiaobo made their way back to class, followed by a rushed Pinliang after a while. He glanced at Lin Yi before getting back to his seat.

Pinliang never bothered Lin Yi for the rest of the morning, as if nothing had happened. It was lunch break when he finally walked over again. “Well, Lin Yi? Have you decided?”

“Where are we meeting?” Lin Yi said faintly, having decided that he’d go along.

“Tonight at Liangbai Hotel!” Pinliang said before adding some bonus info. “My family’s business.”

Liangbai was the combination of Pinliang and Fabai’s names- Fabai was too creative, however… The name sounded like some sort of toothpaste brand.

(liang means bright and bai means white)

“Sure.” Lin Yi nodded. “But you better remember not to pull any tricks- you’ll regret it, it’ll be something you can’t even imagine. You can go fantasize what’ll happen to you if you want…”

“Hahaha, come on!” Pinliang laughed dryly. “Lin Yi, I’m doing this out of kindness, okay! I’m really sincere, I’m trying to make peace with you here!”


“Look, Lin Yi, I know things haven’t started off on the right track between us, so let’s talk about this. You know what the deal is with Heibao Bro already, so let’s put that behind us!” Pinliang said, candid all of a sudden. “I hated you to the bone because you kicked me, and I wanted to teach you a lesson, but you beat me up! So I got Heibao Bro to deal with you, so as to let you know what happens when you mess with me!”

“But you beat Heibao Bro up too, and sent him to jail! It shocked me!!” Pinliang continued. “I’m no idiot- I hate you, but I’m no match for you! The people I get to deal with you aren’t a match for you too- obviously I wouldn’t dare to cross you anymore! Just like that thing you did to me two days ago, kicking me with a flip- did I say anything then? No! Of course not!”

Lin Yi was silent as he listened to Pinliang spitting at him, not buying it at all- the guy was evidently bullshitting, and his eyes were drifting. Lin Yi decided to continue watching his performance.

“So that’s why I had to do something after hearing about this! I might’ve exaggerated a bit earlier, I’m not really afraid of getting involved with the police or anything!” Pinliang explained. “Just from the Heibao Bro incident, you can tell what my dad’s capable of, right? Heibao Bro shouldered everything, and the cops couldn’t do anything to me without evidence! It’s the same thing this time around, even if the police suspected me of withholding information like this it’ll be the same if there’s no evidence!”

Lin Yi went along with Pinliang’s speech with a couple of nods.

“I only said that because I wanted to save face! I didn’t wanna look lame in front of you! But I’ll just lay it all out right now, okay, I’m afraid of you! I’m afraid that you’ll come beat me up afterwards, and I know I won’t be able to defend myself! I’m scared of you, that’s why I’m snitching! I want you to know I’ve nothing to do with this!” Pinliang finished. “Alright, there. You wouldn’t laugh at me for being a pussy, would you?”

Lin Yi had to admit- it was quite the performance, everything was sound. Yet Lin Yi didn’t buy it one bit- there wasn’t anything in the guy’s eyes but excitement, let alone fear.

“Ahhh, I see!” Lin Yi nodded. “I was wondering why you were so nice all of a sudden, so it’s because you’re scared? Alright then, I’ll come tonight.”

“Okay, Lin Yi. I’m your follower from now on! You need anything, just ask! I’ll be there whenever you call! I’ll give you the third spot of the Big Three, too!” Pinliang said. “As long as you don’t do anything to me anymore, I’ll do anything!”

“Oh, I have Kang Xiaobo as my follower, so I won’t need you at the moment.” Lin Yi said with a wave of his hand, telling Pinliang to leave.

“Yes sir, Lin Yi! Boss!” With that, Pinliang turned and walked away, the smile disappearing and a gleeful one forming in its place. Lin Yi… You better enjoy this while you can- you’re gonna be dead in a couple of hours…

Xiaobo turned around after Pinliang had left. “Boss, what do you think?”

“He’s acting.” Lin Yi said without thinking about it. “Did some donkey kick his head or something.”

“Yeah, something’s really up.” Xiaobo said with a nod.

Xiaobo went to Tang Yin’s class when school ended, as instructed. Lin Yi, on the other hand, was taking his time as he packed his stuff, Pinliang standing next to him all ready to go and a big smile on his face.

“Hold this for me.” Lin Yi said as he handed Pinliang his bag, since the guy wanted to play follower that much.

Pinliang paused for a second before filling his face up with a smile once more. “Yes sir, boss!”

“Lead the way.” Lin Yi said faintly before kicking at Pinliang’s leg casually. “Get a grip, you’re like a donkey.”

“Yes sir!!” Pinliang said through gritted teeth. Sure thing, boss!!! You better enjoy this while you can!

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