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Chapter 22 - Come With Us If You Have Balls

“That guy you kicked is in our class too! They’re after you, so look out!”

Lin Yi only smiled at the note.

He didn’t think Yu Shu warned him out of kindness- she was someone who wanted nothing but trouble. Chances were, the girl wanted him to continue fighting Zhong Pin Liang’s group. Zhong Pin Liang probably annoyed Yu Shu as well.

The Chemistry teacher was around fifty. He had a very solid knowledge base, and his lecture somehow managed to interest Lin Yi, even when he’d learned everything beforehand.

First period ended, and Pin Liang called Nai Pao outside. Surprisingly, they didn’t come for trouble yet, but it didn’t matter to Lin Yi.

“Nai Pao, what’s the matter with you?” Zhong Pin Liang was pissed off. “Didn’t I tell you to put him in his place? What were you doing back there!”

“Master Zhong, the thing is I did put my leg out to trip him, but the guy planted his foot on me! Fuck it hurts!” Zhang Nai Pao whined, the pain written all over his face. “It still does!”

“Think he found out?” Zhong Pin Liang knew how strong a kick from Lin Yi was, and he understood that it must be quite painful for Zhang Nai Pao.

“Shouldn’t be the case, he didn’t even look down.”

Zhang Nai Pao was still unsure about the whole thing.

“Fuck, the farmer got us again. We’ll get him in the washroom later, I want him to know what piss tastes like!”

Zhong Pin Liang’s words seethed with rage. He’d been named one of the Big Four soon after enrolling in the school- getting humiliated like this was a first for him.

“Yeah, and shit, too!” Gao Xiao Fu added.

The discussion was heating up when a guy in black showed up. “Liang… What the hell are you three doing there? Having a meeting?”

“Ah, brother Ming-!”

Pin Liang raised his head to see one of the Big Four - Zou Ruo Ming.

The misdeeds committed by this guy were above the things Pin Liang did. He’d heard that Ruo Ming even dragged a female classmate out into the woods to have his way with her, back when he was a ninth grader.

Ruo Ming greeted him with a nod, pleased by the honorific Pin Liang addressed him. His house wasn’t as powerful as Zhong Pin Liang’s, after all.

His merciless attitude was what earned him the good life at this school. That, and the fact that he had an older brother involved with a gang outside.

“Need my help?” Ruo Ming offered.

“Nah, it’s a new farmer guy who just transferred, I’ll show him who’s boss around here.” Naturally, Pin Liang didn’t want to lose face in front of Zou Ruo Ming.

“The fuck? Are you guys serious, bunched up in a meeting for some farmer guy?” Ruo Ming lost interest immediately. Here he was thinking that something fun had come up.

These days he had his eyes on a younger girl from class nine, one of those classy types that looked at you coldly. Perhaps he should force himself on her?

She was a younger girl to Zou Ruo Ming for one reason: he was currently in ‘thirteenth grade’, a class for those who didn’t get accepted into college.

Ruo Ming could, of course, use his parents’ money to get into college anytime he wanted. He only chose to stay behind in high school of his own volition.

He was famous here. People respected him out of fear, and he lived his life carefree and happy. His family’s influence wasn’t infinite, and it couldn’t help him overseas. His current attitude would instantly get him killed out there- College and high school were two different worlds.

Thus, Zou Ruo Ming told his dad that he’d like to continue studying for one more year, to prepare for the final examinations.

Naturally, Mister Zou was pleased to hear that Ruo Ming wanted to study, completely oblivious of what his son was really doing at school.

Lin Yi spent the next two periods in peace. Meng Yao acted like she didn’t know him at all, not looking at him even once. Yu Shu, however, was always glancing at him playfully.

It wasn’t a cute, shy kind of playful- Lin Yi wasn’t about to assume that the girl had a crush on him. She was probably waiting for him to clash with Zhong Pin Liang again.

After third period was a short break, where students did exercises out in the field. Lin Yi was just about to follow his classmates there when three people headed towards him.

It was Zhong Pin Liang, Zhang Nai Pao, and Gao Xiao Fu. He was seated at the very back, so the three were headed for him, without doubt.

Lin Yi expected them to come sooner or later.

“Yes! Yao Yao, look! Zhong Pin Liang’s going at Shield Guy!”

Yu Shu was eyeing both parties the whole time, and her patience finally paid off. She was nothing but excited.

She wanted someone to teach Zhong Pin Liang a lesson long ago, but his background was a little overwhelming. Now that Lin Yi was here…

“Oh? That’s nice, let’s hope Zhong Pin Liang teaches him a lesson!” Meng Yao was clearly still pissed at Lin Yi.

“Seriously, Yao Yao? You’re siding with Zhong Pin Liang now...?” Yu Shu stared at her friend. “Don’t tell me you’ve been in love with him all this time?”

“In love with him my ass, I just hate Lin Yi more!” Meng Yao answered with a hmph. “Who cares about them, let’s go already!”

“Wait, come on! I wanted to see who’d win!” Yu Shu grabbed onto her table as Meng Yao pulled at her.

“Fine, I’ll have my revenge by seeing that idiot get beat up!”

Meng Yao may have said that, but somewhere in her heart she didn’t want Lin Yi to be the one losing.

In a more thorough comparison, she concluded that Zhong Pin Liang was way more irritating. Lin Yi was a pest, but he hadn’t dropped to Zhong Pin Liang’s level yet.

With that, the two hid in front of the classroom doors, holding hands as they observed the confrontation.

“Know why we’re here?” Zhong Pin Liang asked as he stood in front of Lin Yi, trying to intimidate him.

Lin Yi looked at him and responded with a dull voice, as if it wasn’t a big deal at all. “Yeah, ‘cause I kicked your ass into a faceplant yesterday.”

“What the fuck? How are you so cocky then?! You think you’re hot stuff, don’t you!”

Nai Pao reached for Lin Yi’s collar when Lin Yi stopped him.

“Your leg okay?”

Lin Yi flicked the hand away as he taunted Nai Pao.

Zhang Nai Pao’s face reddened instantly- he was still feeling humiliated over what happened!

So Lin Yi did do it on purpose!

“You little shit, come with us if you have balls, we’ll settle this in the bathroom. There’s students and teachers here… You probably don’t want them watching us too, yeah?”

Zhong Pin Liang was getting more and more pissed off by the second. Was this guy for real?

Didn’t he understand the situation he was in?

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