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Chapter 216 - You Get It, Right?

Lin Yi and Xiaobo walked into Fen’s room- there were seven other people with her, making the place more packed than the emergency room, especially with the visiting friends and family. The air there wasn’t very good either.

Xiaobo frowned at the situation- this certainly wasn’t the type of environment Fen should be recovering in. How would she ever get better with a noisy, crowded, room like this?

He remembered the situation Fen’s family was in, and sighed faintly. His own family wasn’t too well-off, either… He’d really have helped them financially for Fen to get a better room otherwise.

Lin Yi, as usual, noticed the expression on Xiaobo’s face. He patted his shoulder with a smile. “The deposit I gave should be enough to get her a better room.”

Lin Yi had no problem at all using Wu Chentian’s money- he wasn’t even using it for himself, anyway. It might very well be for his bro’s future wife.

“But, boss…… That money…..” Xiaobo said hesitantly. After all, the money was meant to be lent to Fen’s family. The guy wouldn’t get anything in return for spending this much on the girl.

“Haha, just think of it as being used on you- you don’t have to return it.” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

“Thanks……” Xiaobo nodded, not rejecting the offer. Lin Yi was being serious, he knew that- there was no reason to be shy about it. He’d chosen the right guy to call boss.

Xiaobo walked over to Fen’s bed with quick steps- the girl was awake, and her face wasn’t as pale anymore. Both Tang Yin and Liu Xinwen were talking with her while Song Huiping peeled an apple for Fen.

“Aunty Song…” Xiaobo said, a little embarrassed. He wasn’t very close with the family… Following them back to the hospital after saving Fen yesterday made sense, but coming again the second day…

“Oh? Xiaobo’s here!” Huiping said, evidently quite fond of Xiaobo as she stood up smiling. She handed the peeled apple to him. “Here, an apple?”

“No thank you- give it to Fen, aunty. She needs to nutrition.” Xiaobo said.

Fen couldn’t help but blush upon seeing Xiaobo- Tang Yin and Xinwen had told her about yesterday’s events, about how she had mistaken Xiaobo for Kang Zhaoming yesterday.

“Thank you, Kang Xiaobo. For saving me yesterday.” Fen said, a little shy as she sat up, her face a bit red and her voice pleasant.

“Ah, don’t worry about it… Heh heh……” Xiaobo said, waving his hands, a little worked up- it was his first time seeing Fen in her normal state.

“And also, sorry for what I did yesterday… I thought you were him……” Fen didn’t want to be talking about this, but it was something she still had to apologize for.

A conscious Fen knew well that Zhaoming wouldn’t be coming back for her again… It was just that she slipped into her fantasies once in a while.

“It’s fine… haha.” Xiaobo said, waving his hands in front of him once more. “As long as you’re okay! Ah, that’s right- I talked to my boss- we’re getting you a better hospital room!”

“Ah?” Fen’s paused as she remembered what Tang Yin had said to her, about how Xiaobo might have feelings for her. She didn’t think much of it- she was a disabled person, both mentally and physically… Kang Xiaobo was a young, healthy boy, why would he ever fall for her? What Xiaobo was saying right now, however, confirmed Tang Yin’s suspicions. Why would the guy come back the second day, even get her a better hospital room, if it weren’t for that?

Huiping could tell what Xiaobo was thinking, too, and was a bit confused. Her daughter, while not as pretty as Tang Yin, may have been a nice flower in the slums, but…

What did Xiaobo see in her daughter right now? Huiping couldn’t quite wrap her head around this- there wasn’t much her house had to offer, either, and with the state Fen was in……

“Ah, it’s a gesture from my boss, don’t worry about it- his family’s pretty rich, so it’s not too much to them.” Xiaobo said, pinning the credit to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi was pretty speechless- his family, rich? The girls he was living with had rich families, but…

“Fen, you’re best friends with Tang Yin, and Tang Yin and Lin Yi… you know, heh heh.” Xiaobo said with a warm smile.

Lin Yi really wanted to kick this shit into a wall- what the hell was he doing, using his boss to hit on girls?! He was pulling Tang Yin and him into the whole thing!

As expected, Tang Yin shot an unpleasant glare at Xiaobo… She couldn’t really say anything there, however- Xiaobo had good intentions, he was offering to change Fen’s hospital room.

Tang Yin knew too that it wasn’t a good environment for Fen to heal in- wouldn’t denying Xiaobo’s words mean that Fen would have to continue staying here?

She thought about it: Lin Yi was a rich young master, this sort of money didn’t matter to him. As for that little comment… She had nothing going on with Lin Yi! The guy was just using their relationship to hit on Fen. Tang Yin felt better after with that in mind.

Fen turned to look at Tang Yin, confused. She wasn’t saying anything… She turned to Xinwen, who then nodded faintly to her. Tang Yin was in a relationship?!

With this ‘boss’ of Kang Xiaobo’s?

There were other patients present, however, and her mother was here, too.. It wouldn’t be very appropriate for her to ask for details, and she decided to just believe what Xiaobo had said.

“Don’t worry, Aunty Song- my boss is paying. Let’s get Fen a better room!” Xiaobo said passionately as he went for a doctor.

Lin Yi understood Xiaobo’s psychology here- it was the first girl he had fallen for, and it was only natural that he’d want to make an impression. As for that comment he made… Lin Yi only laughed it off.

He gestured to Tang Yin, telling her to come over. Tang Yin raised her head, confused as she pointed to herself, as if to confirm if Lin Yi was asking for her.

Lin Yi nodded, and she got up to walk over unwillingly. “What is it?’

“Xiaobo’s trying to chase Fen, and he needs a reason to get close to her, so he used us……” Lin Yi explained. “You get it, right?”

“Oh.” Tang Yin nodded a little unhappily, but didn’t give any retort to that. “As long as you know it’s not real.”

“Ah, I know.” Lin Yi smiled. “Let’s go, help Xiaobo out with the room change. Maybe also tell me what Fen thinks of him..?”

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