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Chapter 214 - Midnight Plot

Zhong Fabai hadn’t seemed to pay much attention to Heibao after he’d gotten arrested… He hired a lawyer for him, but that was it.

Logically thinking, Fabai’s connections in Songshan should have been enough to to influence the whole thing, but Fabai never even tried! Lingshan could only presume that he’d given up on Heibao in fear that the incident would get linked back to his son.

Naturally, Lingshan wasn’t aware of the agreement Fabai had brokered with Heibao- Heibao would never go back to House Zhong for blood.

“Oh? Is that so?” Fabai said faintly. “Captain Song, I’m not too familiar with Heibao- he’s just the captain of a security detail I had. I only got him a lawyer out of courtesy and dignity; he no longer has any connection with the company…”

Lingshan was a bit irritated at what Fabai was saying- the guy was cutting himself clean with Heibao! How would he know if Heibao thought the same? He could very well intend to go back for revenge!

“Chairman Zhong, what I’m trying to tell you is that Heibao might seek you out for revenge.” Lingshan said faintly as she suppressed her irritation.

“Revenge? Why would he want revenge? I give him a salary every month, plus bonuses!” Fabai said with a chuckle. “Captain Song, you’re overthinking things. But I do appreciate the gesture- I’ll watch out for him.”

“I’m sure you know why he’d want that- I’ll stop there.” Lingshan said with a cold chuckle herself. “Better assign a bodyguard to your son 24/7, too. Contact me if you need the police to help.”

Lingshan hated the man, but she was a police officer- she had to prioritize the citizens’ safety.

“Ah, I will. Don’t worry.” Fabai said. “I’ll contact you right away if news about Heibao comes up.”

He hung the phone up and turned back to his son, a serious look on his face. “Pinliang, how did you know about Heibao?”

The police had just confirmed Pinliang’s claim- his son was currently a good source of information.

“Dad, I’ve met Heibao Bro! He just came by!” PInliang said.

“He came? What for? He didn’t threaten you, did he?” Fabai’s expression turned ugly at the words- Heibao coming to his son for revenge was still a possibility, despite what Fabai had said to Lingshan earlier.

“Don’t worry, dad, Heibao Bro isn’t that kind of person!” Pinliang said. “He’d never do that to me, he said I’m not the one to blame! He’s after Lin Yi, not me!”

“Oh? Did he tell you that?” Fabai paused. “Pinliang, tell me- what’s going on?”

“Here’s the thing, dad…” Pinliang started explaining. “I was watching a movie in my room earlier when someone jumped up on the windowsill!”

“Jumped up on the windowsill- what’re you talking about? He just jumped up ten meters to the second floor…?” Fabai asked as he stared in disbelief.

“Well I’m not too sure there- but he said something about being part of a sect when he was younger, and there was this technique that powered you up at the cost of five years of your life, something about giving you golden class peak late phase strength for a month……” Pinliang said.

“What?! Golden class peak late phase?” Pinliang hadn’t a clue what the division classes were, but the same couldn’t be said for someone who lived a life like Zhong Fabai’s…

He had a friend, a master who’d just gotten to the early phase of the golden class- he’d told him that Fabai should only ask for his help when he really needed it…

Yet even he trampled on all the fighters in the city! What sort of monster would a late phase golden fighter be? Heibao reaching that level, even if for just a month, was a feat enough on its own!

“Yeah, he said so himself.” Pinliang nodded. “So dad, he’s pretty strong now?”

“Yes! Insanely strong!! What else did he tell you?” Fabai sighed, relieved that he’d talked things over with Heibao before anything else- the guy would’ve most likely been after the Zhongs first thing after breaking out otherwise!

“He said he’s gonna go after Lin Yi first, and then he said he needs money to leave the city. I promised him!” Fabai said. “Dad, I told him we could give him a million kuai, you wouldn’t blame me for not asking you first, would you?”

“You did wonderful, son!” Fabai said. “A million isn’t much to us, there’s no problem there- even two million’s fine! As for that thing with Lin Yi… keep out of it……”

“But dad, I really hate that Lin Yi too! You don’t know what he did! I was sitting beside Chu Mengyao, talking to her when he felt like I was blocking his way! He sent me to the ground with a kick- it still hurts!” Pinliang said passionately. “This kid’s a big obstacle in my path to Mengyao, dad! He needs to be removed.”

“Oh? If that’s the case… Don’t involve yourself in public, just give Heibao some pointers in the dark.” Fabai nodded. “You’re not a kid anymore, Pinliang- from what I’ve seen, you’ve gotten good at handling things. Do what you feel is right, I’ll try not to interfere.”

“Thank you, dad!” Pinliang nodded. “Ah, right, I just gave Zhang Naipao that seven hundred thousand…”

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