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Chapter 200 - Fen's Sickness

They went to room six, the one the doctor had mentioned earlier- Song Huiping and Liu Xinwen were sitting beside the innermost bed, out of the three others that were occupied by patients.

Kang Xiaobo didn’t stop to consider what Huiping would think of him as he charged straight at Lan Fen, sighing in relief after seeing that she was fine. The doctor had said so earlier, but he couldn’t quite relax until he made sure with his own eyes.

“Yin Yin, you’re here!” Xinwen greeted, a little color in her eyes as her gaze stopped at Lin Yi, who stood beside Tang Yin.

“Yeah. How is she, Wen Wen?” Tang Yin said, a little uncomfortable with that look in Xinwen’s eyes. She moved her body to put some distance between her and Lin Yi.

“Fen’s okay, but the doctor said her body’s a little too weak, and she needs to stay in the hospital for a while… They need a ten thousand kuai deposit……” Xinwen walked over to Tang Yin and lowered her voice. “But we both know the situation Fen’s family is in. You think we’ll be able to put together that money for her?”

“Um…… Well, I asked Lin Yi to pay for it first……” Tang Yin said, the discomfort rising as she considered what her words implied- this girl had enough suspicions about her and Lin Yi as it was, saying something like that only cemented those suspicions! Why else would Lin Yi pay ten thousand rmb, if not for her sake?

“Lin Yi?” As expected, Xinwen turned her eyes to Lin Yi. “Yin Yin… The two of you……”

“It’s not what you think okay…… I’ve talked things over with him, I’ll tell you about it later so maybe we should focus on Fen now..?” Tang Yin explained with a whisper.

“Oh……” Xinwen wasn’t quite trusting of Tang Yin’s words anymore- from what she could see, the girl was in love already. Hadn’t she learned from what Fen had been through yet?

As things stood, Tang Yin was dangerously close to falling to Lin Yi’s clutches- Xinwen had to watch out for that.

Xiaobo, on the other hand, charged right to Fen’s bed without so much as a thought, freezing as he got there- he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He did want to put his hand on her forehead, but didn’t dare do so.

“Hi, what’s your name?” Huiping asked. She’d never seen Xiaobo before until today, and was curious at the level of passion towards Fen her savior was displaying.

“Hi aunty, I’m Kang Xiaobo.” Xiaobo introduced, a little embarrassed. “I’m… in the same school as Tang Yin and Liu Xinwen.”

“Oh…… Well, I really need to thank you for what you did today! If it weren’t for you……” Huiping’s eyes teared up as she recalled the situation they were in moments ago. “Poor child……”

“It’s okay, aunty… See? Fen’s fine now, right……” Xiaobo said, panicking a little as Huiping’s tears streamed down her cheeks. “Everything’s in the past now, cheer up aunty……”

“Haa…… You’re right, it’s all over.” Huiping nodded as she stood up. “Young man, you and the girls look after Fen first, I’ll go prepare the deposit money- they asked for ten thousand……”

“Aunty, it’s fine… It’s been paid already……” Xiaobo said, handing the receipt to Huiping.

“Ah?” Huiping blinked as she received the receipt, not quite catching on. The words six thousand rmb and one thousand dollars were written on it.

Huiping would be pretty dumb to not see that something was wrong- not only had Kang Xiaobo saved her daughter, going to all the trouble to come to the hospital and even sort out the deposit… She’d never believe Xiaobo if he told her it was out of kindness.

“Son, you……” Huiping’s hands were trembling a little as she looked at the amount written on the receipt. “This money……”

Xiaobo was feeling a bit embarrassed under Huiping’s stare. “Aunty, my boss paid for it first……”

“Your boss?” Huiping didn’t know what was going on anymore.

“Aunty Song, the medical fees have been paid by my classmate Lin Yi.” Xiaobo explained. “Him!”

Lin Yi had no choice but to speak up at that point. “Hi aunty.”

Huiping was getting pretty confused- she had wondered if Xiaobo was interested in her daughter, but apparently it wasn’t him who paid for the fees. Who was this Lin Yi?

“Young man…… You……” Huiping looked at Lin Yi, confused. She hadn’t paid attention to the kid earlier, since he never spoke- but why would someone unrelated to them pay for the medical fees?

“Uh… Aunty, I’m a close friend of Tang Yin.” Lin Yi was feeling playful, and decided to say that suggestively.

“Ah… Oh……” Huiping, naturally, misunderstood the relationship between the two! After all, why would Lin Yi pay for the medical fees of Tang Yin’s friend if they were normal friends?

Tang Yin, on the other hand, noticed the suggestiveness in Lin Yi’s voice- she glared at him, a little displeased. Didn’t they already talk this over?!! This guy was too much!!

Things were confusing enough as it was, however, and Tang Yin’s explanation would only worsen the situation. She could only ignore the statement.

A soft moan came from Fen, and everyone shifted their focus to the girl. Huiping went to her daughter immediately. “Fen, are you up?”

“Mom? Where am I?” Fen asked as she looked around the room.

“Fen? You’re awake? Don’t you remember, you wanted to commit suicide earlier!” Huiping said as she put Fen’s hand in hers.

“Suicide? Why would I do that?” Fen said, her mouth open in confusion.

“You don’t remember? That’s… good……” Huiping said. “Fen, you were daydreaming again, dreaming about that bastard! You wanted to jump off the third floor from our house!!”

“Ah!!” Fen exclaimed with a startle- she was trying to commit suicide? Why couldn’t she remember anything? “Then did I jump?”

“Yes you did!! If this boy hadn’t caught you then……” Huiping’s voice went hoarse at the last words.

Fen seemed to be aware of her condition- she wasn’t doubting her mother’s words. She turned her head slowly to look at Xiaobo… her eyes clouded over as she saw his face.

Huiping seemed to have sensed something- she was about to stop her, but it was too late. Fen had started mumbling. “Zhaoming, is that you? You came to see me?”

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