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Chapter 189 - Just Thrash Them

“B-Bro… Do you n-need anything……” Biaogan stuttered as his face paled.

Both the skinny man and barbeque woman evidently knew who Lin Yi was, as well- everyone knew Master Lin, the tyrant from whom Ruoming had ran away from!!

Lin Yi was an infamous character at this point, and Biaogan’s eyes widened as he recognized Kang Xiaobo- it was the guy who’d talked to him earlier today!

The kid was a follower of Lin Yi?! A sudden thought surfaced as Biaogan understood the gravity of the situation- Lin Yi had slapped Ruoming for Tang Yin in the first place!!

Tang Yin was none other than the daughter of Mrs. Tang, and they were bullying them! Lin Yi was here to stand up for them, and Biaogan’s face whitened further as he considered the possibility… How could he have missed a detail like that?

They’d bullied the Tangs on the premise that they had no man to look after them, but here he was- Lin Yi was the man, a monster!

“You want the recipe, right?” Lin Yi had compassion for the street vendors- after all, they worked their asses off every day for not that much at all- but it didn’t justify their bullying. Mrs. Tang was working her ass off, too, and their jealousy and behavior infuriated Lin Yi.

“Ah…...No… Not anymore… I was just joking……” Biaogan wasn’t even interested in the recipe at this point- from what he could see, rich young masters like these could beat him up all they wanted, and this was a man who could beat Zou Ruoming up all he wanted! How was a man like him supposed to stand against a power level like this?

“I was the one who gave them the recipe- I can give you one if you want.” Lin Yi said as het let go of Biaogan, who slipped and fell on his butt.

“No, no… I really don’t want it……” Biaogan said quickly- he was trying to survive here, who cared about a recipe anymore?

“So what’re you guys all standing here for, if that’s the case?” Lin Yi smiled coldly as he scanned his eyes across the vendors watching them.

Lin Yi wasn’t very angry with these people- Zhang Biaogan was a veteran here, after all, a boss of some sort, and they were kinda obliged to support him. Lin Yi decided to let them go with a little scare, in case they thought they could push the Tangs around all they wanted.

The vendors who fell under Lin Yi’s gaze shuddered as they got back to their stands- this wasn’t a scene they should be involved in.

“You two, don’t leave.” Lin Yi said, pointing at the barbeque woman and the skinny man who were making a retreat with the crowd.

“It’s… It’s not us… It was Zhang Biaogan’s idea……” The barbeque woman said, her fire from earlier extinguished. It was a world where the strong preyed on the weak, after all- they were no longer the predators here.

“Yeah, it was Zhang Biaogan’s idea… We were just pulled along……” The skinny man said.

“So you do whatever he wants you to? Will you do whatever I want you to, then?” Lin Yi responded with a question.

“Uh……” The barbeque woman wasn’t quite sure what Lin Yi was getting at, but followed along regardless. “Bro, what do you want us to do……”

“The two of you- don’t sell barbeque starting from tomorrow- switch to something else. Is that good?” Lin Yi said as he looked at them.

“Um……” Both the woman and men looked at each other, evidently not brave enough to say no to Lin Yi- who knew what the guy would do to them if they did that?

“Xiaobo?” Lin Yi turned to Xiaobo, not paying attention to the two anymore.

“I’m here, boss- you called?” Xiaobo said excitedly as he ran over- the guy was too good, so good!!! He was just a follower, but just being by Lin Yi’s side as he took care of everything made his blood boil.

“Go thrash his stand.” Lin Yi said, pointing at Biaogan’s stand.

“Alrighty!!” Xiaobo nodded before making his way to Biaogan’s stand, sending a foot down and flipping the whole stand as everyone watched… the coal, skewers, coin box, alcohol… Everything went tumbling down on the ground…

Still unsatisfied, Xiaobo stepped on the skewer equipment even more, bending the shape of the metal… The thing was unusable now.

Biaogan made sure to keep his mouth closed as he watched silently, his heart bleeding… It was still just a stand, at the end of the day- he’d be lucky if nothing was done to his body… He shuddered as he remembered what Zou Ruoming did to him- what did this Lin Yi have planned for him..?

“That’s enough.” Lin Yi said with a wave at Xiaobo, signalling for him to come back. He then turned to look at Biaogan. “It’s your turn next time. Nice spot you have here- give it to the Tangs tomorrow, you okay with that?”

“Y...Yes……” Biaogan nodded- there was nothing more he could say… The guy had made it clear- it’d be him next time instead of his stand… They’d probably beat him into agreeing if he dared say ‘no’ to their faces…

“Nice, you’re pretty obedient. You can have the Tang’s old spot then- sell something else starting from tomorrow.” Lin Yi said. “Sound good?”

“Y...Yeah…… I’ll sell something else… I will…….” Biaogan nodded- his barbeque stand was destroyed anyway, and it was pretty good that he had a second chance… He wouldn’t do barbeque again even if Lin Yi told him to, too… What if he stole Mrs. Tang’s customers, summoning Lin Yi back to mess him up? He didn’t think he could take something like this anymore.

“Xiaobo, you come patrol and take a look tomorrow and see if they deliver on their promise. Just thrash them if they don’t.” Lin Yi ordered.

“Understood, boss, leave it to me! It’s my specialty!” Xiaobo said with a nod, chuckling as he looked at the barbeque woman and skinny man…

They weren’t about to disobey Lin Yi anytime soon… It was either that, or get beat up- the two couldn’t help but regret listening to Biaogan in the first place, who’d said they could split the profits three-way after getting them… They couldn’t even do barbeque anymore, what good woulda recipe do?

Lin Yi, naturally, didn’t really mean for Xiaobo to be patrolling the street- it was just a threat to keep them in check. He didn't have that much time on his hands. As for Biaogan… the guy deserved it, and Lin Yi had no pity for him whatsoever.

He only hoped that he’d remember this lesson well.

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