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Chapter 166 - Generous Gift

Lin Yi, naturally, wasn’t expecting Cihua to just let him go- the jade on his neck started signalling him soon after he drove out.

Lin Yi smiled faintly- as expected, a black SUV started following him a while later. It had just entered his field of vision, quite some distance away, too- but Lin Yi had received a warning from the jade beforehand, and was absolutely certain that the vehicle was hostile.

While it wasn’t impossible for him to have determined the nature of the follower, he’d still have to have spent a certain amount of time for that. This golden finger of his, however, saved him that precious time. It wasn’t too useful in the cities, but a mere one second earlier or later in detecting the enemy in a warzone made all the difference between life and death.

Having confirmed that the SUV was indeed tailing him, Lin Yi decided to change routes- he wasn’t too familiar with the city’s layout, but he started driving away from the villa’s direction. He’d been on this route before: the slums Tang Yin lived in was just ahead, and there was a forest past the slums and in the city outskirts. He’d passed the place on the train he’d come in the very first day, and locations Lin Yi had been through oftentimes had a stronger impression on him.

“Long Bro, that kid’s changed his route! You think he’s spotted us?” Li Yao asked.

“So what if he did?” Zhang Long said, evidently not thinking much of the situation. “Doesn’t matter if he’s seen us or not; he needs to die, and killing him is a piece of cake!”

Zhang Long had observed Lin Yi from the shadows earlier, and felt that he was too far weaker than him- he couldn’t help but find Cihua’s orders a waste of personnel and ability.

From what he’d seen, even Li Yao was enough to off Lin Yi, let alone him! Wasn’t CIhua clearly doubting his abilities? Or was he overestimating Lin Yi’s instead?

Zhang Long was irritated and pissed off to the point that he wasn’t even interested in fighting Lin Yi anymore- he believed himself to be on a caliber far higher than Lin Yi was, and decided that he’d let Li Yao handle the job, if possible. It simply wasn’t worth his time.

Li Yao didn’t see Zhang Long’s words as a boast, or anything of the sort- after all, Zhang Long’s strength was there for all to see; the guy was two phases ahead of him in the golden class, and that meant a world of difference, even if they were in the same category.

“Should we report this to Cihua Bro, then?” Li Yao asked.

Cihua Bro himself didn’t know kung fu, but he was a man the boss saw value in. As such, both Li Yao and Zhang Long were required to obey him.

Yet Zhang Long was on a level so high that Cihua wasn’t too much of a figure to him anymore- he’d follow through with his commands all the same, but the disdain towards him was there.

“No need. Cihua Bro only told us to kill him- he didn’t say anything about the method or location.” Zhang Long said.

“Alright, we’ll follow him then.” Li Yao nodded.

Lin Yi increased the speed of the car as he went past the slums and out of the city, finding the yellow Beetle quite nice to drive in- at the least, it was better than the SUV in terms of speed.

“Fuck, that Beetle’s pretty fast. Shouldn’t have gotten in this damn SUV!” Li Yao complained, not expecting Lin Yi to change routes to the outskirts. After all, speed wouldn’t have made too much of a difference in the city.

“Is he trying to shake us off?” Zhang Long frowned.

“Dunno, but we’re at a disadvantage in this terrain. It won’t be easy to catch up to him.” Li Yao said.

“Hm?” Zhang Long was about to say something when he saw the Beetle parked at the side of the road- Lin Yi was walking towards them right in the middle of their path. “The fuck is he doing?”

“Ha, he’s telling us he’s spotted us- maybe he wants to talk with us?” Li Yao guessed.

“Fuck.” Zhang Long nodded, thinking that it had to be the only explanation- what sort of idiot would stop a car from the middle of the road like that?

“So do we stop the car and talk to him, Long Bro?” Li Yao asked.

“Stop the car? Stop my ass!” Zhang Long said with a cold laugh. “The kid wants to die, why would we deny him that?”

“Long Bro… Are you saying….?” Li Yao asked, stunned and uncertain.

“We’re ramming him.” Zhang Long hmphed, a mocking smile forming on his lips. “Peak early phase, golden class master- killed in a car accident! Hahaha, what a fucking tragedy!”

“Ahh…… Heh...heh……” Li Yao grinned, understanding Zhang Long’s intentions- what an evil idea! A practitioner, after all, would gladly die in battle than from something out of place like a car crash!! Even falling to some evil scheme would’ve been preferable for a practitioner!

It shouldn’t be a difficult thing for Li Yao and Zhang Long to take Lin Yi down with their combined abilities, but Zhang Long was planning on killing Lin Yi without even getting out of the car, ramming him dead instead!

Lin Yi would absolutely be crying if he ever learned of what Zhang Long was planning!

“Damn, you’re baad, Long Bro!” Li Yao said with a smile as he prepared to speed up.

“Don’t speed up!” Zhang Long stopped with a wave of his hand.

“How do we ram him down if we don’t speed up?” Li Yao paused.

“You gotta act like you’re slowing down, and then speed up suddenly twenty meters away from him! Ram him down when he isn’t prepared!” Zhang Long explained. “Don’t underestimate him now- he’s still an early phase golden class, a master. Lemme ask you this: how confident are you of dodging a car ramming at you from this distance?”

“At least eighty percent if I knew what the car was gonna do.” Li Yao nodded deeply. “It’d be pretty troublesome if I didn’t though… You’re so much more cautious than I am, Long Bro!”

“Exactly, you need to trick him if you wanna kill him like this.” Zhang Long said. “Hah, hilarious- a golden class, dead in a car crash!! Man..”

“Yeah, it’s really pretty funny isn’t it!” Li Yao said. “The cops won’t be suspecting anyone of anything, too; they’ll think it was an accident…”

The SUV started slowing down as it neared Lin Yi, its signal lights flashing as if the car were about to stop…

A faint smile formed on Lin Yi’s lips as he watched the nearing car silently.

He’d warned Cihua, but the guy hadn’t listened… He had only himself to blame for the generous gift he was about to send him...

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Your support shall be appreciated

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