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Chapter 164 - Who's Naive And Stupid?

“Sit.” The fat-bellied man said after one look at Lin Yi, evidently thinking of himself as superior to Lin Yi.

This man was none other than Li Cihua, and Lin Yi’s first impression of him was how dominant the man was. He had an air of pride and confidence about him, an aura of superiority- it was an image very effective on the masses.

It was known as the Conqueror’s Aura, and anyone with a weaker aura would probably be very cautious when standing before a man like Li Cihua.

Yet Lin Yi had seen his share of conqueror’s aura, and there weren’t too many still living… The hostile entities towards him were basically all in the afterlife now.

Lin Yi decided to ignore Cihua as he walked around the office. He turned his head to the skinny man. “Is this supposed to be your secretary?”

(there’s like a sexual connotation the word he uses for secretary)

“......” Cihua’s eyes widened as he refrained from cursing- this Lin Yi wasn’t following the conventional script! What was he doing, bouncing all over the place? He was like that in the phone call, too.

Cihua had originally planned to persuade and force Lin Yi into aiding them after he had seated himself, if possible- he’d off him otherwise.

Yet Lin Yi didn’t even bother with that, instead blurting out a ridiculous question to piss him off. Was something wrong with his eyes?

He cleared his throat. “I see you don’t have very good eyes, Mister Lin. He’s my secretary, a male secretary.”

“Ooh. So Cihua Bro’s into that stuff, huh?” Lin Yi nodded, as if understanding something. “I say, fatty- you’re not planning to do anything to me, are you? I don’t swing that way……”

“Fuck!!” Cihua couldn’t take it anymore- he was even thinking that Lin Yi understood his situation well, adding a ‘Bro’ to his name and everything… He was just feeling pleased with himself when Lin Yi blurted something outrageous! ‘Into that stuff’?!!

Lin Yi calling him a fatty crossed the final line, and a curse escaped his lips.

“I’m joking, haha. Don’t get angry.” Lin Yi smiled as he seated himself on Cihua’s sofa, cutting the bullshit. After all, his earlier words served the purpose of pissing him off, and testing where his bottom line was at. The discussion would be more advantageous for Lin Yi if Cihua wasn’t in his best mental state, and it’d be easier for Cihua to expose his intentions by accident.

“......” Cihua frowned. “Mister Lin, let’s just speak our minds with each other, now that we’re at this point already.”

“Yes, let’s.” Lin Yi said. Pissing Cihua off was also to prevent him from spewing any bullshit at him, after all, by showing him that Lin Yi himself was even more capable at bullshiting than he was.

“Excellent!” Cihua said. “Let’s get to the point- that robbery case from before: you were the one who ruined it, yes?”

“I wasn’t even needed for that.” Lin Yi answered, nonchalant. “They were pretty trash at their job- what, were they your men?”

Lin Yi wasn’t expecting Cihua to nod in agreement. “Indeed, I hadn’t taken your presence into consideration, Mister Lin. It was a mistake on my part to send them.”

“Oh? So you’re telling me that the mastermind behind the bank robbery.. Is you?” Lin Yi didn’t understand why Cihua was admitting to the crime just like that.

“I’m but one of the profiteers.” Cihua explained. “I’m sure you’d want to leave the details alone… After all, the more you know, the faster you die.”

“Hah.. Is that a threat?” Lin Yi said, completely uncaring as he received the threat. “Aren’t you scared I’ll report you to the police?”

“Hahaha!” Cihua looked at Lin Yi like he was an idiot. “Naturally, yes. Why would I be telling you all this if I were?”

“Is that so?” Lin Yi said, looking at the fat man.

“Don’t believe me? You’re welcome to try.” Cihua said with a wave of his hand. “Proof! Evidence! You have no evidence, and I won’t ever be leaving behind any evidence! I must say, Lin Yi- you’re naive and quite stupid. People at our level are exempt from commonplace laws, you know why? Because there’s no proof! The only people that’ll ever get in trouble are the pawns! You think the police have no idea what’s going on here? You think they don’t know what I’m doing? They know alright, they know better than you do!! But they can’t touch me, do you know why that is? Because the characters backing me up are way above what they’re capable of dealing with- they need solid evidence before they could even start touching me!!”

“So you’re saying the same goes for me if I kill you right now without leaving any evidence for the police?” Lin Yi asked.

“It’s an amusing example, but let me provide an answer for you- if you do kill me while being smart enough to erase all traces of evidence or clues, then yes- as long as you have Chu Pengzhan standing behind you. No one would dare do anything to you.” Cihua explained. “This is how it works here in the upper class, this is the rule we all fight under, and no one would actively disrupt that rule.”

“Ah, I understand.” Lin Yi nodded while cursing internally. Fuck, how’re you smiling so happily? I can kill you as easily as pulling a doll apart! Yet Lin Yi wasn’t about to do anything to the man- there was someone powerful backing him up, after all, and there’d be dire consequences.

Lin Yi was considering the bigger picture- he couldn’t do anything that reckless yet, not until Chu Pengzhan launched a full scale war on them. It wasn’t too big a deal to punish an important character on the other side of the war, beating him up a little… Killing him, however, was way too premature.

“I’m glad you understand the concept. I’ll stop bullshitting then!” Cihua continued. “They say that dire times forge wise men- I’m sure that’s the position you’re in, Mister Lin. It’s no difficult task to have you killed, rest assured… While you have value for Chu Pengzhan’s protection alive, the same can’t be said for when you’re dead. How far do you think Chu Pengzhan would go for a bodyguard, or even his daughter?? He’d probably want you dead himself if he ever found out about your relationship with his Chu Mengyao.”

Lin Yi blinked at the spit Cihua was spitting at him- what the hell was he saying? Was his mind so perverted that he just assumed that Lin Yi had some sort of dirty relationship with Chu Mengyao….? Did he even look like that kind of person?

Lin Yi looked at the Li Cihua who thought himself to be in full control, and couldn’t help but feel sorry for his stupidity. He pitied him.

After all, the ones who thought they knew everything when they didn’t were the dumbest ones of all.

“What are you trying to say?” Lin Yi didn’t bother denying the man’s accusations, deciding to just let him continue misunderstanding what was going on between him and Mengyao. That was even better, actually- he’d have a reason to lay his hands on him next time, giving him a one liner like ‘you mess with my woman, I mess with your family’.

“Cooperate with us.” Cihua said confidently.

“Cooperate with you?” Lin Yi was a little taken aback- what was this guy saying?

"Vote for me." Marcy said confidently

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