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Chapter 160 -  Person I've Been Waiting For

“May I have the honor of buying you beautiful ladies a drink?”

Mengyao was busy being troubled when a voice sounded next to her. She turned to see a very exquisite man looking at her.

A man had to be perfect to be called exquisite, flawless, and that didn’t just mean smooth skin and pretty hair. This person had a good figure, nice proportions, and a handsome face- this was a man who gave of a ‘clean’, fresh feel, a man of high taste.

A casual suit, with the buttons naturally unbuttoned… It was a classy handsome, a refreshing presence…

This type of man would be what was known as a ‘lady killer’, but Mengyao had no interest in him whatsoever. She was busy trying to figure her emotions out when another dude popped up, to add onto the gigolo in front of her causing her tons of problems! She turned to point at the pretty boy. “Can’t you see we’ve a man sitting here already?”

Mengyao wanted the two to fight each other, but the pretty boy simply stood up and left without a single word after one look at the exquisite man, as if terrified of him.

“Ah……” Mengyao was speechless- what kind of man was that? Where were his guts? Why did he even sign up for gigolo work in the first place?

“Haha.. He’s freed the spot up, miss.” The exquisite man said with a faint smile before seating himself in the pretty boy’s spot. He raised the red wine in his hand. “A toast?”

Mengyao was no idiot- the pretty boy’s reaction towards this man made it clear that this was no ordinary person.

She turned to Yushu only to see her looking back- they had the same thought in mind: this wasn’t someone they should be involving themselves with. It was their first time in a bar, and they didn’t want to be causing any trouble that’d make its way to Chu Pengzhan’s ears- they didn’t want a scolding from him.

“I’m sorry- we’re driving.” Mengyao said coldly, hoping he’d get the hint and leave.

“Ah? I couldn’t tell.” The exquisite man replied, as if he couldn’t care less about Mengyao’s displeasure. “That man earlier- he’s an escort here, is he not?”

Mengyao only hmphed to herself, frustrated at Yushu’s silence- this girl, always going crazy at her back home and never uttering a word when they encountered real danger outside!

“I’m guessing you ladies are thrill-seekers?” The exquisite man said, losing the gentlemanly facade he had on earlier. “Let’s get to the point- you two want to buy thrill, so why not come with me? I’m sure I’ll be a satisfactory service.”

“What did you say?” Mengyao blushed- what was this guy yapping about, she was still a freaking virgin!! Thrill-seekers, my ass! She faced the other way, thinking that it was a huge mistake to have come to the bar in the first place....

“Drop the act already…” The exquisite man said as he reached his hand towards Mengyao’s shoulder.

Mengyao was starting to panic at that point, hastily getting away from the hand as Yushu watched with equal panic. She turned her head in Lin Yi’s direction. Eh? Where is he?

The exquisite man’s hand was stopped in midair with a smack.

“Yeah.. Drop the act. Who sent you? Why don’t you call him out?” Lin Yi said coldly, his hand gripping the man’s arm solidly.

The exquisite man looked exquisite, but he was far from a mere pretty boy- quite the contrary, he was a powerful character indeed, an elite among Cihua’s men, a murderer with blood on his hands. It was an aura Lin Yi sensed clearly, something that’d go over a regular person’s head.

It was also why he stopped the man right after he reached his hand out- who knew what he was planning on doing to Mengyao?

The exquisite man froze- he’d always kept Lin Yi in his sight from the corner of his eye the whole time he spoke to Mengyao, and the guy showed no signs of intervening at all... It was why he reached his hand out without much concern, but he’d never expected Lin Yi to appear behind him the next instant, his arm in his grasp…

The man was a master himself, on a caliber high enough to truly appreciate the speed Lin Yi had displayed… The simple fact that Lin Yi had gotten behind him without him noticing was terrifying enough to send a bead of sweat down his forehead.

This man was fast, and it was the exquisite man’s only description of Lin Yi. He himself was at the early phase of the golden stage, and just that made him far more powerful than a regular person, putting him on the same level as regular special ops… Yet this person with his hand on his arm- the man knew well that Lin Yi was above his own level.

Lin Yi should be in the middle phase of the golden stage, if his guess was accurate. Naturally, this was but a mere conjecture on the exquisite man’s part.

It didn’t look like it, but Lin Yi had his awareness and alert heightened since the very start.

He’d noticed a black Buick tailing them after they’d gotten out of the villa- it was high-level tailing, but it was far from good enough to escape Lin Yi’s eyes. Skill of that caliber was considerably adequate in urban areas, but it’d get them nowhere in the battlefields with just that class of ability.

Naturally, Lin Yi couldn’t be bothered to deal with the Buick before it attempted anything.

It seemed that the Buick had been waiting at the corner of the street, understandable because of the twenty four hour security cameras the villa was equipped with.

The Buick had only went a full circle around the bar after Yushu parked in front of the Solid Cloud, before leaving without pause.

It was something that added to Lin Yi’s suspicions- considering their goal of tailing Mengyao, these people would’ve at least stopped near the bar for spying, even if they hadn’t planned on entering the bar itself.

Yet they did no such thing, and Lin Yi wasn’t about to think that they just tailed someone out of boredom only to leave halfway. There had to be accomplices in the bar, meaning there was no need for the Buick to continue tailing anymore.

It made it too coincidental- they had people in the exact bar Mengyao and Yushu had chosen!

It was why Lin Yi was on alert the whole time, certain that the enemy wouldn’t let a chance this perfect slip out of their hands.

The exquisite man’s behavior proved all his suspicions, as expected- this was the person he’d been waiting for: the enemy.

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