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Chapter 159 - Confused Miss

“Ugh……” Yushu took some time to think about it- it seemed to make sense. She also confirmed her suspicions of Mengyao getting jealous for Shield Bro; why would she even think up something like this to get back at him, if that weren’t the case?

But would it even work on Lin Yi?

It wasn’t long before the waiter returned with a pretty boy, the type with smooth skin and beautiful hair. As far as the waiter could tell, these two girls weren’t into the tough, manly type, probably preferring the korean drama model boys instead.

“Excuse me, ladies- will this be satisfactory?” The waiter said, keeping his voice down.

“......” Mengyao wasn’t sure what to say- how was a guy of this level even supposed to have any effect on Lin Yi? He wasn’t even as good looking as Lin Yi, too! What was with this place, bringing out an escort with a face like that, weren’t they ashamed of themselves? It was no surprise then that the aunty from earlier preferred Lin Yi over the male companions they had to offer.

“If it suits your tastes, then here’s the price range……” The waiter said as he showed Mengyao a menu.

“I get it, I get it, alright?” Mengyao said, troubled. She pointed a finger at the pretty boy. “You, sit over there……”

She then glanced at Lin Yi, who was playing with his glass of red wine as if nothing was happening.

The pretty boy, on the other hand, was overjoyed as he looked at Mengyao and Yushu sitting in front of him. These were top-tier beauties!! He believed today to be an especially lucky day, and was filled to the brim with excitement.

“You two must still be in school, I’m guessing?” The pretty boy decided to initiate a conversation, thinking that Mengyao was too shy to start herself.

“Shut up, will it kill you to sit there with your mouth closed?” Mengyao was quite displeased at Lin Yi’s attitude- was he not at all concerned that she’d gotten herself an escort?

Where were his reactions….?

Mengyao was confused…… It was true that she was the Miss, and Lin Yi was but her follower, responsible only for taking care of her and her studies with the additional bodyguard/shield detail… He didn’t have any right to meddle with her private life, and she had no right to do so to his……

So why was she did she care so much about what his thoughts were in the first place? What was she even trying to achieve, calling a gigolo over to her table? To piss Lin Yi off?

Why would she want to do that? Who was he to her, and who was she to him? Would he be pissed, or even annoyed in the slightest because of this thing she was doing?

Was she out of her mind? Why did she do something this retarded in the first place?

Even if she went into bed with this pretty boy, would Lin Yi even do anything about it, other than maintaining a distance while watching over them? Mengyao was growing more and more frustrated as the thoughts plagued her head……

She was an idiot- so much of an idiot that it was laughable. Piss Lin Yi off? What for??

The pretty boy was troubled as well due to Mengyao’s hesitation- he thought that he’d hit the jackpot tonight, that he was so blessed to be able to bring these two beauties home… He’d even pay instead of receiving payment for women of this caliber- they were absolute gems!!

He hadn’t even gotten into the first step of his fantasies when Mengyao’s sharp snap startled him with a jump, forcing him to just sit there quietly.

He wanted to bring these two girls to a room that instant, but he wasn’t allowed to do that- after all, he was still just an escort in name, a mere pretty boy for them to talk with.

The other wolves in the bar had only hearts pained with regret- they’d have approached them from the start if they had known the girls were after thrills!

Meanwhile, Lin Yi watched as Mengyao and Yushu got themselves the escort, not sure what the hell they were thinking… Couldn’t they have asked for him if they wanted that stuff? It’d be nice to earn some extra buck, too, especially after seeing how easy it was to get a thousand from just bullshiting with Jingyi for a bit, even getting himself a super thick wallet! It was certainly a profession brimming with potential.

In a private room behind the bar counter was a man, quiet and silent as he observed the area around both Mengyao and Lin Yi’s tables.

“Chu Mengyao asked for that gigolo?” The man asked in disbelief as he looked at the bar manager Su Jiaonang.

“Yes, Cihua Bro!” Su Jiaonang said with a careful nod.

“Never expected the Miss to be interested in that kind of thing. So that’s why she got herself a full time bodyguard……” This man was Li Cihua, famous throughout Songshan, a character who walked both roads of order and crime…

But the most observant of people understood his true nature as a mere spokesperson, a representative… The true superpower was the person who supported him from the shadows. After all, Cihua had no background to speak of, and was even someone who’d served a prison sentence before… It was an extremely difficult task to prosper in Songshan with an identity like that.

He’d have had police monitoring all the stuff he did if it weren’t for the person backing him up.

“The Miss doesn’t seem to like the pretty boy very much?” Cihua said faintly as he observed Mengyao’s dismissive attitude towards the pretty boy. “You see that other guy at the other table? That’s Miss Chu’s bodyguard, a lot better-looking than the pretty boy with her.”

“Should I get them another one?” Jiaonang asked carefully.

“No need- they’re probably just after something different for a change……” Cihua said as some dirty thoughts crossed his mind. It seemed that this Miss Chu was quite the horny girl, feeding a man at home and bringing him out with her when she was outside for stuff like this… What a tragic life that man must lead.

What was his name again? Hm… Lin Yi, right? Looks like I’ll have to talk to him a bit, don’t want him fucking my shit up……

“What do we do now, Cihua Bro?” Jiaonang said, not very sure of Cihua’s current intents. He didn’t know much about what was going on, deciding that he’d simply follow orders instead.

“Go cause some trouble for Miss Chu, we’ll test how good that Lin Yi is. I’ll make an entrance afterwards.” Cihua said after some thought.

“Alright.” Jiaonang said, evidently quite familiar with that side of the business. He nodded to Cihua before taking his leave.

Mengyao, on the other hand, was cursing at herself for being such an idiot. Did she have a loose wire in her head or something, ordering herself a gigolo, of all things?! Her father would’ve been very, very disappointed if he ever found out…… Uncle Fu, her classmates…… It was so shameful!!

The frustration simply got to her head when Lin Yi was having so much fun with that woman, and she only went with the flow when the waiter mentioned the service… There was nothing but regret on her mind right now.

Mengyao recovered from the confusion, and regained her composure as she thought about the situation logically- why would she be this mad over a follower, going as far as to piss him off for her own benefit? Could Shu possibly be right about…… her falling in love with Lin Yi?

N-No way, right? No way.

The guy was such an asshole, and a playboy on top of that! She’d be blind before ever coming close to liking a person like that……

But what if she weren’t blind? It was something that had yet to cross her mind.

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