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Chapter 158 - Why Can't We?

“Jingyi, I’m in a taxi right now and I forgot my wallet, you gotta save me, I’m in front of the hotel……” Chentian said with one breath, afraid that Jingyi would hang up on him again.

Hah?? Jingyi was but overjoyed at the news, also finding it amusing that Chentian thought he’d left it at home- your wallet’s in Lin Yi’s pocket!

But wasn’t Lin Yi’s wallet in Chentian’s pocket? Why couldn’t he pay with the money in there? Jingyi pretended to be pissed off at Chentian with that thought. “Wu Chentian, you better cut the crap and stop your circus act- you took Lin Yi’s wallet, didn’t you? Why would you not have money for the fare?”

“That money…… Well, I used that to tip the door holder……” Chentian said. He groaned internally at how he’d thrown all that money away.

“You think I’d believe that?” Jingyi was in quite a pleasant mood at the moment. Showing off, huh? Messing with people? “I’m quite busy, so goodbye!”

With that, Jingyi hung up on Chentian relentlessly before turning her phone off, pleased that Chentian was in trouble.

“Jingyi? Jingyi……” Chentian called as Jingyi hung up.

He dialed the number again, but he only got to her voicemail…… Chentian was starting to get desperate at that point.

“Well, bro… You heard it- my friend doesn’t believe me……” Chentian said with a bitter face.

“Stop acting- I don’t even know if you were really calling anyone. Tipping the door holder? Yeah, keep lying.” The driver said, his face full of disdain. “I’ve seen my share of freeloaders like you- maybe you wanna pay the police station a visit?”

“Nonono…… Bro, wait a sec, alright? Lemme think of something else!” Chentian said as he shook his hands. It’d be too humiliating for the heir of the Wu House to get sent to the police station for something like this!

The only person he knew in Songshan was Sun Jingyi… He suddenly remembered his aunt and uncle looking for doctors for their father- yet that route wasn’t available as well, since he hadn’t gotten their numbers yet. He’d be screwed if he called home for something so trivial.

Chentian didn’t have a lot of options left. “Bro, look at this- Iphone 4, bought it for four to five thousand kuai. Let’s use this for the fare, alright?”

“Iphone 4?” The driver took a look at the phone in Chentian’s hand. “Is this thing the real one? A fake one’s around two to three hundred, and a second hand one’s probably around a couple tens!”

“Bro, it’s real- look yourself!” Chentian said as he handed the phone to the driver.

The driver stared at it for a while before nodding. “I’ll believe you I guess… Alright… you can leave.”

Chentian endured the humiliation as he got off the car- he’d never fallen this far his entire life! It was all because of that Lin Yi- that dude had hell to pay…… Fuck!

Some people attributed the cause of their misfortune to others for no reason at all, and Chentian was one of those people. As far as he was concerned, his situation with Jingyi wouldn’t have been this bad if it weren’t for that Lin Yi, and he’d never even forget his wallet in the first place…… Hm? Wait… Chentian remembered paying for the fare for the taxi to the bar- could he had left it there?

Mengyao wasn’t very pleased with Lin Yi flirting with an adult woman at first, but things started making sense soon after Wu Chentian appeared.

So the woman wanted to use Lin Yi as a shield! Mengyao’s sigh of relief also left her with a different kind of displeasure- why did that woman deserve to use her shield for shielding purposes? What was with that?

But Mengyao wasn’t in a position to be interrupting, especially with that immersed look on Yushu’s face… She hadn’t much of a choice other than watch Lin Yi’s performance.

The guy even took a thousand kuai for payment!! What a money-grubber he was!

“Shield Bro’s really, really good, Yao Yao!” Yushu said-she’d captured more details in her observation than Mengyao did. “That wallet he’s holding, it’s the suit guy’s wallet!”

“......” Mengyao wasn’t sure what to say. “Nice observation, Yushu- we’ll report him to the police after we get home! We’ll have them confiscate his illegal possessions.”

“Hehe, yeah!” Yushu nodded in agreement.

“I’ll leave it to you then.” Mengyao said, giving the mission to Yushu directly since she was so excited about it.

“Ah?” Yushu paused. “I say, Yao Yao…… We haven’t even ordered anything yet. Maybe we should get something to drink?”

Yushu was employing her ‘subject change’ specialty once more.

“Okay……” Mengyao, naturally, knew Yushu’s intention. The part about reporting Lin Yi wasn’t a serious statement anyway- that bit of money wasn’t enough to interest Mengyao in the first place- she was just pissed at Lin Yi.

The guy hadn’t forgotten to earn some quick cash during her nighttime bodyguard duty.

Yushu raised her hand for the waiter, and ordered a couple of weird alcohol drinks she didn’t know much about- it was their first time, after all.

The waiter wrote the orders down with a slight hesitation, evidently realizing that it was Mengyao and Yushu’s first time from the stuff they were ordering.

“Is there anything else?” Yushu asked, curious. Was it a pay up front establishment?

“Do you two ladies need someone to chat with you?” The waiter offered testingly- there were quite a number of women looking for drinking companions, after all.



Yushu and Mengyao’s contradictory words stopped the waiter.

“Yao Yao, you……” Yushu wasn’t quite understanding what Mengyao was thinking, calling someone over to chat with them like that… Wouldn’t he be one of those escorts or gigolos she’d heard about?

“Get us someone handsome!” Mengyao ordered.

“I understand. Please wait a moment.” The waiter nodded before backing off respectfully. So the two innocent-looking ones actually are here for that stuff… Guess I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…..

There was that hot woman from earlier too, and now these two young girls…… The waiter couldn’t help but curse himself for not being handsome enough- he’d have been able to fulfil that companion role otherwise.

“Yao Yao, what’re you doing!” Yushu asked, panicking after the waiter left. “Yao Yao, you’re not thinking of trying that special service, are you!! We can’t… We’re still young you know… Wh… What if blood comes out……”

“Shu!!” Mengyao hit Yushu on her head- she couldn’t believe the ridiculous stuff this girl was spouting. “What’re you even saying? Lin Yi got himself a woman, so why can’t we get ourselves a man?”

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